This is the Nuer Community Global logo

Oct 18, 2017 (Nyamilepedia): — Since the first commemoration of the Nuer Juba Genocide in December 2014, the Nuer community leadership has made several attempts to unite its global leaderships through Nuer Community Global Board but due to time and resources such proposal was not achieved within the expected time frame. The attempt to form a Nuer Community Global leadership was […]

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Group photo of Nuer Community chiefs, leaders and members in A.R of Egypt.

Oct 29, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) — After an adequate verification, the Nuer community Association in Arab Republic of Egypt found that only ten (10) people defected to Taban Deng Gai camp in Egypt. Therefore, the 30 names revealed in the media weren’t accurate and below is the final list of their names; 1) Nuor Makuei Nyang 2) Elizabeth Nyatot Chuol 3) Elizabeth […]

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Machar’s SPLM/A-IO Gains Ground in Upper Nile

Soldiers of SPLA in Opposition(Photo: file)

October 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The SPLM/A in Opposition under the leadership of South Sudan’s ousted First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, has cleared many areas, in Upper Nile, from the government’s forces in the past few days. SPLM/A-IO General, who chose to be anonymous because he is not authorized to speak on behalf of SPLA-IO spokesperson, says his forces are […]

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Eastern Jikany Community in Juba’s UNMISS Camp Condemn Taban Deng & Ezekiel Lol for hijacking the people’s movement

Eastern Jikany Community in Juba’s UNMISS Camp during a meeting on July 29th, 2016

August 04, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) — The Eastern Jikany Community is an amalgamation of Four Counties situated around eastern part of Upper Nile State; these counties are Nasir, Maiwut, Ulang and Longechuk. The community held a meeting on 29th of July 2016 in Juba-UNMISS IDP site after several consultative meetings at the ground in Upper Nile State. The meeting was attended […]

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Declaration Of Hunger And Food Crisis In Collo Kingdom

Hunger in conflict hit areas of South Sudan  (Phot/

To: Heads of UN Agencies and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and concerned International Partners. Subject: Declaration of hunger and food crisis in Collo Kingdom April 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Many people and concerned humanitarian organizations around the world might have heard about the serious hunger situation in different parts of South Sudan. Due to lack of transparency and being ashame of […]

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Release Of 5 Members Of ROSS And UN Staff In Malakal


RELIEF ORGANIZATION FOR SOUTH SUDAN (ROSS) National Headquarters – Pagak, South Sudan ‘Saving Lives’  Ref: ROSS/Pagak/03/021-4 Press statement by Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) REF THE RELEASE OF 5 MEMBERS OF ROSS AND UN STAFF IN MALAKAL Juba, South Sudan March 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- We, the leadership of the Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS), wish to inform my […]

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SPLM-IO Governor In State Tour

SPLM/SPLA in Opposition Military Governor Duer Tut Duer of Sobat State in State tour (Photo/Nyamilepedia).

March 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- SPLM/SPLA [IO] Military Governor Duer Tut Duer Makuach is in a tour of Federal State of Sobat under the rebel held territories; touring parts of southern Sobat, says Kech Nguoth Tiem, Sobat State Secretary for Information, Documentation and Orientation in SPLM/SPLA in opposition. Governor Duer has visited Yomding, Ulang, Doma and Abwong (Gelacial) Counties of Sobat […]

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Eastern Nile State Citizens In Diaspora Condemn The Violence Which Erupted In Malakal Last Month In The Watch Of UNMISS Representatives

PoC site in Malakal has been burned down by Government forces (Photo/Nyamilepedia)

By James Miaker, March 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– First and foremost, we the Eastern Nile State in Diaspora would like to inform the African Union, United Nations, UNMISS and civil societies around the globe that we strongly condemns the violence which has erupted on February 17th & 18th , 2016 in the UNMISS Camp in Malakal. The cause of the conflict […]

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Reasons Of My Unquestionable Firm Support Of FVP Dr Riek Machar Teny And Governor Duer Tut Duer

Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon leader of SPLM-IO [Photo extracted]

By Kech Nguoth Tiem, March 08, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- This is my response to a few individuals who attacked me in social media; challenged and blamed me for extreme support to SPLM-IO and ushered sense of uncertainty of my tremendous love and support to my boss Military Governor Lt General Duer Tut Duer and my unquestionable support to the leader of […]

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The Salient Reasons Behind Planned Eviction Of Chollo From Their Homeland

The Shilluk tribesmen in a ceremonial function in Collo Kingdom wearing traditional attire in 1960s(Photo: unidentified)

By Joseph O. Odhok, March 06, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Dinkanization or Jiengnization continues to overshadow the agenda of political life in South Sudan. We need not to state the obvious as Dinka hegemony of the State is a reality that is reflected in every aspect of life in the country. The representation in the country’s political and security institutions does not […]

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