South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir asks his country for “forgiveness”

President Salva Kiir whips during a funeral of one of his officials in Juba, South Sudan

December 15th, 2016(Nyamilepedia) – The embattled South Sudanese president Salva Kiir has called on his fellow country men to forgive him for all his wrong doings and any mistakes that he has committed as civil war rages on through the young nation with no end in sight. ”I’m asking you, the people of South Sudan to forgive me for any […]

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THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN PADANG COMMUNITY (EASTERN NILE) PRESS RELEASE, Tuesday, December 13, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- On Saturday, October 22nd 2016 Gen. Taban Deng Gai, the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan and Chairman of SPLM-IO called upon the two Governors of Eastern Nile and Fashoda states accompanied by a select group of Padang and Collo leaders. The […]

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South Sudan a Broken Nation: Witnessing painful disintegration in hands of unwise elders: A case of Aldo Ajou Deng

Aldo Ajou Deng-Akuey, a vocal member of the Jieng Council of Elders(Photo: file)

By Ayuen Akuot Atem de Mayen, Opinion Dec 01, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- As a proud Citizen in the identity of South Sudan sincerely I am deeply lament and upset by the sorrow and helpless watching and witnessing the dejected disintegration of South Sudan into autonomous region, ethnicity and tribal politic in the hands of irresponsible and imprudent regional elders engulfed in […]

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Members of Dinka Council of Elders meet with President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

By The Secretariate of The Jieng Council of Elders, Juba, South Sudan Sept 3, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- The Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) wishes to make its position known with respect to the UN Security Council Resolution 2304 authorizing the deployment of regional forces in the Republic of South Sudan. The Council clearly understands the frustration of the international community with the […]

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Dear Ambrose Riiny Thiik and The Jieng Council of Elders

Riiny Thiik the chairman of Dinka Council of leaders (Photo: Nyamilepedia)

To Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders-JCE. Through Ambrose Riing Thiik, Chairman of JCE-Juba. From Sam Simon Mayian Tut, Chairman BNFA-Maiwut. Dear Ambros Riiny June 16, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— At the outset, as nationalist, I would like to take this opportunity to write to you this piece of message hoping that it will find you in sound intellectual health so that you […]

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Intelleak: American Embassy In South Sudan Plans To Transfer Controversial Contract To Mou Ambrose Riiny Thiik!

South Sudan President, Salva Kiir, accepting the credentials of Ambassador Phee as the new U.S chief diplomat to SouthSudan in July 2015(Photo: US Embassy in South Sudan) .

June 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– After a controversial deal between the Jieng Council of Elders and the American Ambassador to South Sudan, Amb. Mary Catherine Molly Phee, was brought to light in April this year, the groups are believed to be working on a new plan to transfer the contract from Ambose Riiny Thiik, the Chairman of Jieng Council of Elders, […]

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Response Of The Jieng (Dinka) Padang Community On The Report Of HSBA-Small Arms Survey: The Conflict In Upper Nile State (Describing Events Through 8 March 2016)

 “The lives of countless men, women and children depend on the truth” — John Pilger   April 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The Padang Jieng (Dinka) Community has received your report of the “Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA)-Small Arms Survey for Sudan and South Sudan, describing events from March 8, 2016” with amazement.  In this report, HSBA has dishonestly incriminated Padang community […]

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Public Fear and Apprehension About Jieng Council of Elders, JCE

Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs in Bor UNMISS Protected Camp, South Sudan. [photo credit: Nyamilepedia]

By Deng Vanang, March 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Since its emergence from behind the deadly operation room immediately following infamous 15th December 2013 violence, JCE has been on receiving end of angry public: individuals, national and private based – institution. The rationale behind the wagging tongues of its sworn critics may not be necessarily as to why an ethnic institution like […]

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The Salient Reasons Behind Planned Eviction Of Chollo From Their Homeland

The Shilluk tribesmen in a ceremonial function in Collo Kingdom wearing traditional attire in 1960s(Photo: unidentified)

By Joseph O. Odhok, March 06, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Dinkanization or Jiengnization continues to overshadow the agenda of political life in South Sudan. We need not to state the obvious as Dinka hegemony of the State is a reality that is reflected in every aspect of life in the country. The representation in the country’s political and security institutions does not […]

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What Is Going On In Pibor And Many Other Parts Of Our Country Is Completely Unacceptable

David Yau Yau, the leader of COBRA and his forces, after signing an agreement with Salva Kiir government(Photo: file)

By Kutei Jnr, Feb 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- A sound of a bullet anywhere in South Sudan has never been a surprise and will never be silent as long as our country shall continue to be led not by Salva Kiir but rather, under the leadership of Dinka Council of Elders (JCE) whose members impose their evil acts on President Salva […]

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