Juba Government Believes In a Military Solution To The Almost A Year Old Civil War

BY Comrade Peter Kleto,


South Sudanese soldiers gather for a briefing at the army general headquarters in Juba in the past(Photo: via Reuters)

South Sudanese soldiers gather for a briefing at the army general headquarters in Juba in the past(Photo: via Reuters)

November 28, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It has now become very clear to South Sudanese at large and to the whole world that the government of dictator Salva Kiir is seeking a military solution to the almost a year conflict. The Juba authoritarian regime is planning day and night to eliminate all democratic voices in the country so that it continues to massacre, harassed, intimidate innocent citizens, and corrupt public funds at will and without being accountable to anyone. I want to inform all fair minded and those with South Sudan in their hearts that in order for peace to rain in South Sudan, Dictator Salva Kiir must step aside in order for Democratic, Visionary and Charismatic leader comrade Dr. Riek Machar Teny to lead the country into prosperity.

It is very instructive to mention that on November 7th, 2014, Juba government and our Chairman Comrade Dr. Riek Machar agree on the existence of two separate armies in the pre-interim period and that the prime minister in the name of Comrade Dr. Riek Machar will be responsible for the implementation of the agreement among many responsibilities outline in the document. The parties were given sometime to consult with their constituencies and then report back to Addis Ababa to continue with the negotiation. The Juba government  on November 25th, 2014 surprise the IGAD, South Sudanese and the international community by coming up with a wild statement rejecting and annulling the November 7th 2014 agreement. The government of dictator Salva Kiir said it will only accept one army under one command and government cabinet minister  Elia Lomuro said there is no way one community can demand 50 or 70 percent of power while South Sudan have 64 tribes.

Where is or was Martin Elia Lomuro when one tribe was and still is ruling the country since 2005? Did Martin Lomuro question Salva why 90 percent of government seats are occupied by one community? Lomuro must know that SPLM In Opposition is a people’s movement for all South Sudanese and is a nationalistic movement fighting for the freedom of all unlike the rotten Juba government that is only fighting to feed the stomach of government officials like Martin Elia. The demand of 50 or 70 percent of power by SPLM In Opposition is even less compared to its public support from all tribes or communities both inside and outside the country. SPLM In Opposition commands more than 90 percent of Support of South Sudanese inside and outside the country and the less than 10 percent composed of opportunists in the government and their relatives or friends who are being bribed to go against public interest.

The government demand that only defected soldiers will be reintegrated and given the same rank they had before they defected will never be accepted by SPLM In Opposition. This is a non starter. The government have been recruiting thousands of civilians into the army in addition to the tribal army recruited and trained by Dictator Salva Kiir and yet the government is not talking about taking them out of the system. We must recalled that when CPA was signed between SPLM and National Congress Party, President Omar Al Bashir did not say only those who defected on 16th May, 1983 will only be accepted for reintegration. We would have still been fighting now if this condition was imposed on the people. This position of the government shows their lack of interest and commitment to peaceful resolution of the conflict.

It is also very imperative to inform the public that on November 27th, 2014, the government launch a series of attacks on our positions in Fangak country, in Uppernile, but were pushed back by our gallant forces. This is another violation of cessation of hostility agreement and a declaration of war. It is also important to point out that the government in Juba is only interested in causing rift within political parties, civil society group and among communities and so forth and this is quiet telling that the Juba regime lack vision and direction for the country. The efforts the government of Dictator Salva Kiir wasted on confusing and instigating violence among the 64 tribes or communities in the country would have been used to bring about peace and stability in the country. The plan to caused rift within the different leaderships, tribes or communities in the country have been witnessed by the political parties union in South Sudan under Dr. Lam Akol  and Civil society leaderships under Deng Athuai Mawiir.

Lastly and not the least, the government of dictator Salva Kiir imposed war on the people of South Sudan by eliminating democratic voices in the country and other leaders including Comrade Dr. Riek Machar had to run for his life. This follows by massacring of thousands of ethnic Nuer who have nothing to do with politics or with Dr. Riek Machar. They were killed simply because Dr. Riek Machar who wants to democratically compete for SPLM Chairmanship hails from Nuer ethnic group and it is hard fact that Dr. Riek Machar would win if he is to compete with Salva Kiir democratically and this is the main source of fear from Salva Kiir and his clique. In plain English,the government did this to scare all other minority tribes in the country from seeking leadership position by sending a message with those with leadership ambition that anyone who attempt to seek leadership would meet the same fate as Dr. Riek Machar. I now called upon all South Sudanese to join SPLM In Opposition in order to bring about change that the country need in order to move forward. South Sudan problem is not anything but extremely poor leadership under Salva Kiir.

Thank you.


Republic of South Sudan Oyee!

Freedom Fighters Oyee!

Democracy Oyee!

Federal system Oyee!

Comrade Peter Kleto

Deputy Chairman,


Greater Toronto Chapter.

I could be reached at peterkleto8@hotmail.com

Outcomes of Hypocrisy: Murders of Mayors and No Quorums Reached

Part I

By Abu Deng,


Woman Mayor of Yei late Honorable Cecilia Oba Tito, who was murdered in Juba with her office manger Mr. Lemi.(Photo: file)

Woman Mayor of Yei late Honorable Cecilia Oba Tito, who was murdered in Juba with her office manger Mr. Lemi.(Photo: file)

November 28, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — By now, most in the South have heard of the sad murder of the first Woman Mayor of Yei Honorable Cecilia Oba Tito, and her office manger Mr. Lemi. Their beaten bodies found in a house belonging to her under construction, according to a Press Conference by the Central Equatoria State. I provide some graphic words, some, to only highlight the brutal nature of these killings. See, 1.

I am not alone in this either Mr. President, be aware the Vatican has taken note as well that one of its most dedicated church-going Junubin was heinously murdered. You may need to stop by Rome, to ask the Holy Father for forgiveness. For, from all accounts this Daughter of South Sudan was a leader par excellence in her community and county, an advocate for women’s rights, and most notably a strong promoter for girl child education – gone!

Brutally gone at that.

Ms. Oba Tito Biography: See, 2

If we listen to reports from Vatican sources, her demise was possibly a result of an attack on the Church (which is circulating in Rome) or a more common occurrence in Juba – a land dispute with a high taking General/Senior Politician….We hope not, again, a murder over land – recall the 2008 incident where a high-ranking SPLA officer was shoot and killed at the General Headquarters by another soldier over a land dispute.

Why is a policy expert interested in a murder of a former state official, simple: public security of our streets and nation, particularly our nation’s Capital which we are being told week is so safe…leave those camps and be welcomed in Juba and elsewhere with open arm, says leaders. Not! For without security there is no development, no progress or prosperous future for the nation.

And without people like Ms. Tito, who co-founded a women’s center, participated in the peace talks in Naivasha with Dr. Garang and attained a master’s degree in public administration – our nation is doomed to fail. We need such energy, drive and focused leaders, so her loss is devastating to her hometown, county, state and this nation,

It is therefore all a lie People, Juba and many parts of South Sudan are far from safe! Even ask the United States Ambassador to South Sudan about that – he knows first hand of the perils in Juba, and even tried to keep it hidden so as not to embarrass the host country but I think even my American People realized it is time for truth. See, 3

South Sudanese soldier fires shots at US ambassador’s motorcade in Juba

Juba is dangerous and well as other places in the country and the only people to blame are in the current administration of our father, member of the SPLA High Council, our Joshua, Lt. General Salva Kiir Mayardit.

How can Press Secretary, Mr Ateny Wek Ateny (owner of the new The Juba Telegraph Newspaper) or our skilled Foreign Minister, the medical doctor (MD) Dr. Marial Benjamin say the country is safe, welcome! – when the brutal murder of one of our best occurs right in the nation’s capital.

Mr. President, your leadership and that of your ministers has destroyed the nation almost totally. Many within should resign at the first opportunity and allow newer competent leaders to replace those who have failed our beautiful nation of infinite potential and future regional/global leadership.

First, let us resolve/end the war….but soon afterwards, many, many must be let go, for whether it is legislation, security, economic development, public infrastructure or national image/respect….this current government receives an F, for failure to keep the promise to the martyrs and soldiers who died, or loss limbs and family for the freedom of this great Republic.

The Death of Our Children

Need I remind the SPLM Leadership, every day you delay Peace, dozens of small Junubin children die, possibly 100 a day in camps within the country I hear from Norwegians…can you live or even sleep with such loss, generations of this Blessed nation are being affected.

I cannot sleep myself from knowing this one fact. For I have children and think of the mothers and fathers weeping as they bury their child near one of the numerous camps spread across the nation.

Consequences of firing on an Ambassador’s Motorcade

Note to SPLA Spokesperson: so your explanation of this event is the SPLA guard hit the armoured car with bulletproof glass with the butt of his gun so that is where the damage came from???

Really, so when the United States Ambassador to South Sudan says there were “two big holes” in the glass, he is lying and your assume the US security services and military do not know the difference between a bullet hole and a rifle butt impact, again???

We’re not some of you trained in the US, UK security and military courses – should you not tell the SPLA Spokesman that is BS….and his making his country look ridiculous….actually stupid.

He should know there is even a special science for evaluating the firing of bullets called Ballistics. In case he missed that, here is a primer, see 4

Absolutely, ridiculous what some of the RSS officials in this current government are allowed to say, senseless glibberlish – And some of you around him, who are trained or educated sit silently as OUR Leaders makes a fool of the country – and more importantly the President of South Sudan, who has said he wants Peace, in his Al Jazeerza interview this month he said he didn’t know why people won’t come out the camps….well Mr. president if one of your Tiger Battalion Presidential SPLA soldiers/Guards will hop out of a car and fire live bullets at the American Ambassador’s motorcade and hop back in the car and drive off – what can happen to the rest of us without armoured cars, marine guard escorts and diplomatic security etc.?

We are dead, no doubt or taken to one of your secret prisons and tortured for getting in the way of a VIP’s motorcade. That includes Me, and I am an American of pioneer heritage. The possible outcome of such a run-in could be bad for you or me. Did anyone see the story on the recent release of ANOTHER Journalist, of Nuer descent, after three day of questioning and TORTURE. see 5,

According to the Sudan Tribune article:

An anonymous source who spoke to Sudan Tribune said the journalist’s arrest was a clear signal that the country’s security agency was targeting people based on ethnicity.

“It was very sad when wesee group of journalists are being targeted because they belong to certain tribe,” the source said.So I wonder who is Juba good for, not American Ambassadors or Journalists or Mayors/advocates of girl child education. Who then Mr. President, Hon. Foreign Minister, SPLA Spokesperon. Can I come to Juba, am I invited or considered persona non grata because I know the facts about how this country has been run and funds stolen, from the corrupt Ambassador (James Kur) formerly in Norway to the Chief Senior Justices (files available upon requests) with his close ties to the President.

Peace or War?

Current SPLM Leaders: Do you really want Peace or robots to obey commands and not have opinions. I would love Peace so a trade plan I devised nearly a decade ago can be implemented and fresh vegetables from Bor of Jongeli State could be served in London or Paris.

I actually wanted to come to present a paper on this approach of developing our economy where every state has a business/trade rep who helps develop their state economically, ultimately the country.

But, I am worried about my security, Remember the 25 year old Kenyan schoolteacher who was shot dead for not stopping from John Garang International School in May 2012, what a loss. How does the nation benefit from such barbarism, torture, murder and treacherous deadly VIP convoys.

The Juba government has to know that since this 19 October shooting at the U.S. Ambassador’s convoy, it is lucky to still be receiving US taxpayer’s money to prop up this obviously dysfunctional regime via aid, varied technical assistance and UN support which it could be cut off. Or worst – ?

Juba has to know South Sudan’s people are really loved, because in most other global contexts shooting at the American Ambassador’s convoy should garner a break in diplomatic relations, even tantamount to war or at least drone strikes…think about the insanity that is allowed in this country.

Don’t think I didn’t hear about the Chinese diplomat that was beaten up last year, diplomats know of this. Our security forces are ill-trained and security is at a low point and must be improved to encourage people to come out of camps in Juba, Malakal, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and now even from camps of our once arch enemy Sudan.

Given all the myriad of problems currently, it is best to seek Peace first with this lot of fools, incompetents and SOGs -‘Silent Observers in Government’ (my own creation for whose officials who know better, but keep their mouths shut while the country is destroyed from inside-out.

Many nations have spend a chunk of their GDP on South Sudan, in hope they were helping a friend on their feet. Yet, after 20 billion dollars spent in South Sudan between donors and oil revenue – what is here, nada. And now, War! Bullet holes in windows of an an American Ambassador’s motorcade.

What would you do if you saw that the Juba government has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars, on – not food, not roads, not schools, not health clinics – but weapons to continue fighting a war killing thousands, really!

I think any hard working citizen in any other country would tell its government to cut aid and any support because that needy country is not appreciating the help.

So I guess many in the US Congress, internally, are rethinking their earlier views on a strategic and prosperous South Sudan as an ally in this shifting global political sphere, unfortunately. According to Museveni, even Khartoum was celebrating this war, our fight among Sons!

Who would not be upset inside/outside the country, given that everything was given to us on a silver patter and in the lap after 2005, no questions or requirements asked or set – yet we prefer to fight. See,  6.

I asked my wife: are Southerners too proud to give in, to apologize, to give a grand gesture? Cannot one leader be brave enough and say I will set my pride aside for the good of the nation AND end this war by any/all means, particularly if one is President. One can demand a force withdrawal back to bases and if anyone violates that order they face a court martial. Dr. Machar would then be forced to cease, one cannot fight if the other opponent refuses to fight. For the destruction of this war is incalculably.

Did you hear that the 10,000 dead figure of this war is inaccurate, most likely. A better estimate is 50,000, possibly double, 100,000 dead according to International Crisis Group. See 7.

Don’t believe it – well just wait for the photos around showing big dump trucks with bodies being hauled off from Juba. Or eye-witness reports of people watching out the window as the dump trucks go by.Everything I heard from reporters, aid workers on the scene and people who were there dodging death – tells me many, many thousands are probably dead AND only through projects like “Naming Those We Lost” will we get somewhat of a clue – we must do this hard work People understand, it is the just thing to do. We cannot ignore the death of so many without our national or individual conscious being affected or our dreams.

I dare say these two bullet holes in the diplomatic car window by an “Elite” SPLA Presidential Tiger Battalion Guard may signal the end of this old-fashioned, militaristic, misogynistic society and more importantly this currently mismanaged government.

Some rare advice for this government from AD to save a little pain, because it is coming have no doubt. A court martial for this Motorcade offender is demanded by international law. Thank goodness at least the offender was arrested according to SPLA Spokesman Philip Aguer, see 8.

But to ensure justice, he should be charged with reckless discharge of a firearm in the vicinity of a representative of a foreign government, 5 years in prison would probably be reasonable. And a dishonorable discharge from the SPLA….that might help your relations with the US, a little, though it is not looking good for thisSPLM-Juba government now.Why because such an act is a crime under international law and a violation of such is an act of terrorism essentially (intimidation of an internationally protected person) AND is a true signal of a truly out of control nation, SPLM-Juba…

If South Sudan was a party to it, that soldier should be up on charged under Article 2 of The Protection of Diplomats Convention (formally, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons, including Diplomatic Agents) if it was serious! Really, Juba has not signed, acceded to this while over 176 nations are a party to this globally respected treaty.

As I close this section on the hyperviolence of Juba, the nation’s capital, I will share a final piece of fact I gained from my female relatives in Juba. I was told virtually every woman in the country probably has been slapped by some man, for nothing, for perceived ignoring or disagreeing with a man, be he a policeman, security guard, general, family member or public official – every person knows a woman at least who has been slapped for no real reason I found out.

When I was leaving Juba during Post 9 July 2011 celebrations, I witnessed such a incident but didn’t realize it because it happened so fast. The security person slapped this young women for sitting on the side of the chair, which she there talking with her friends while waiting on the plane. He did it as she was explaining to him (I think her intellectual and sophisticated demeanor bothered him, maybe).

As I recall, she turned out to be with a major news network and so trouble came for him, in the form of then Information Minister himself appearing at the airport, Dr. Marial Benjamin as I recall..the guard lost his job I believe…BUT the horrible thing is to know many of my cousins and Aunties suffer from this national tragedy, in silence – it has irked me for years since I discovered this slapping our women phenomenon in South Sudan. PLEASE STOP MEN!!

Wow, yes, ask some woman relative about this disease of slapping, you will be shocked – do something about it!

Abu Deng, the author is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow in Public Policy & International Affairs BA, MPA, MAST, Engineer (IEEE). He can be reached at dengjoseph1@yahoo.com

South Sudan: Lessons Of Yesterday, Signals For The Future,

By Tor Madira Machier,


Tor Madira ...

Tor Madira …

November 28, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In all the ages of human history, the idea of eternal and everlasting peace has been the goal and content of utopias and philosophical systems. The practical results have been rather depressing but the spiritual energies that were devoted to this idea have nevertheless not been squandered and since without these energies, there would not be some of the moral principles that inspite of all these significant tensions masterminded by the government in Juba have remained alive.

A peace policy before it became too late in our life-time must apply itself to the host of problems in the sequence of realizability of their solutions. To achieve peace in South Sudan, peace effort must move on from simple stage to difficult one. The decision in favor of peace lobbying is not novelty in the history of peace efforts, but we must only make it to light in execution of plans to unite the South Sudanese people as a one society leaving behind their ethnic and regional dimensions.

Inspite of all their differences, they only have one objective; they must set up in South Sudan an enduring peace order. But they all share the fate of either setting up a South Sudanization policy in a bid to unite themselves for one nation or else the nation collapse within short period of time.

Beyond its capacity, the regional bloc, the IGAD has failed to convince the two warring sides to reach concensus. Interference of some of the IGAD member states just to take side in South Sudan’s internal conflict with which the government of South Sudan is supposed to be indicted for is the main feature of the IGAD’s failure that can help explains why peace talks in neighboring Ethiopia continue to remain deadlocked.

The idea of national solidarity could not be established. Ethnic antagonism which where and are being pursued by Salva Kiir-led government located in Juba are too strong to contain. Since the government in Juba is mainly dominated by tribal ideologist feeding on tribal agendas, the friction could not allow any space for national ( ethnic ) integration.

Too, the United Nations which was founded in San Francisco in 1945 as an optimistic scheme of western victorious powers over the East and over part of eastern Europe has also failed to subdue the situation in South Sudan. Since it is not a full-fledged or perfect representative organ of all the nations( Nations with the Right of Veto ), it is too far for the UN to pass a resolution as soon as it might be darely needed.

The rivaltry within the UN security council between the West and particularly the United States against the East and especially Russia and China who are among the 5+one countries enjoying the right to Veto has paralysed the council and thus making it vulnerable to execute its mission as the two plus one ( US, Russia and China ) powers compete for sidelining the world.

The UN is too important for us in South Sudan. It played a great role in protecting many innocent lives which would have perished in the country subsequently after Juba massacre executed by Salva Kiir and his malitia-men across the country.

But we must not be too sure to expect more from it in the way of a cure for the division for which we have been incited by a group of people calling themselves the government of the Republic of South Sudan and in a way for the establishment of general South Sudan peace policy.

The task of uniting our people is set for us and cannot in any case be solved by thousands ineffective resolutions in New York ( UN General Assembly ) or by biasing the peace talks in Ethiopia ( IGAD ) towards one man in Juba. As we have already feel the pain, the perniciousness of our division really does not need to be displayed any more. Power bloc established in Juba by Slava Kiir and his sympathizers to keep South Sudanese apart and against each other cannot last very long without lapsing into dreadfull danger of a conflict. That, is the lesson of history.

Here the time is against us to unite our people. A state of collapse with a simillar fate to that of former USSR is possibly expected. People are opting to fight for independence. Those not allied to Dr. Machar and instead against Kiir are considering the war of separation especially in Equatoria.

This state of affairs is to be prefered to balkanization with all its incalculable consequences. The collapse of the historic peacefull co-existence of the South Sudanese tribes without being replaced by a new order would not promise a healthy future.

No one would wish to assert that there are no longer any tribal conflict of interest against the establishment of Democracy in South Sudan. In our country such interests make the peacefull co-existence of our people more difficult to prevail leading us upto now to a considerable insecurity.

Since then, many national and not ethnic questions exist within the ethnic lines of the people of South Sudan that when needs revival leads to disaster. That too is the lesson of history.

Then; we cannot foresee the evolution of the coming decades. We do not know whether the present day ethnic hatred between the people of South Sudan be contained by the future governements in the era to come.

But one thing is certain; it would not be good or sustainable for security and for the consolidation of peace if future South Sudan governments had no other choice then to pursue national ends by national means. It is a commandment of a historical sense to solve the South Sudan problem of present day Republic of South Sudan within the frame-work of general South Sudanese tribe peace order and that the right to self-determination which may pave the way for separatists to achieve independence is the legitimate interest of the neighboring countries.

So, the primacy of our unity is in the interest of peace in South Sudan. The two principals Dr. Machar and president Salva Kiir must try their level best to speedup the negotiations so as to reach a.meaningfull deal.

In Bahir Dar, a little progress of the talks is to be noticed recently as what is termed as a compromise deal granted by the SPLM/A in Opposition is in place. But the intransigent attitude of the SPLM-Juba under kiir has less to do with peace ideology then might always be thought. It is the spirit of crude self-interest that identifies it self as threatened by Democratization of South Sudan.

But if the general interest of our people in an enduring peace order is what put its stamp on our future, then the east Africa and Africa it self as whole will not be able to ignore the fact that a quarterof the South Sudanese people is not pledge worth surrendering security and peace for.

So I deological ethnic interest and thinking interm of region will have to retreat behind these new realities ( Democracy and modernization) and it will be obvious how much the national intetest of every South Sudanese citizen regardless of where he/she come from require a organised peace policy.

Tor Madira Machier is a South Sudanese student pursuing Law Degree at the University Of Ain Shams in Cairo, Egypt. He can be reached at : tormadira2013@gmail.com or @TorMadira

Gen. Khamis’ Puts Hon. Makuei Lueth On a Spotlight!

Updated at 2:50pm, Nov 28, 2014(PST)

Makuei Lueth the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, and the government spokesman, accused of corruption and violation of constitution (Photo: file

Makuei Lueth the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, and the government spokesman, accused of corruption and violation of constitution (Photo: file

Nov 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Director General of South Sudan Radio and Television, Brig. Gen. Khamis Abdulatif Chuwal Lom, has swiftly responded to “unconstitutional” practices in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Khamis was prompted to respond by an order to report to Juba with immediate effect. The Director has fallen out with Minister Michael Makuei Lueth, who doubles as the government spokesman, over “unconstitutional” transfers to the Ministry’s Headquarters.

Khamis, who is in pain and regretting the continuous violation of the constitution in the Ministry, has fired at Hon. Makuei Lueth and the Ministry’s Undersecretary, Garang Deng Chol, who issued the order to RTO with immediate effect.

“First, I am very much regretful and painful of continuous surpassing and violation of administrative procedures and laws and constitution by the Administration of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting”  Khamis responded from Nairobi, Kenya.

The Undersecretary, Garang Deng, issued the warning over the radio and television on November 25th, 2014 which forced Mr. Khamis to respond the following day.

Khamis was given an official leave on 14 November to follow up on his daughter’s sickness in the neighboring Kenya, however, his office and the Radio station were threatened by the security forces at the  order of Mr. Makuei.

“You know very well that following the unconstitutional and illegitimate ministerial order on my transfer to the Ministry’s Headquarter without assignment, […], you granted me a leave to travel to Nairobi to attend to my daughter’s sickness” DG. Khamis said.

“It is his constitution and legal right to submit a recommendation to H.E. the President of the Republic to request for my relieve or transfer” DG. Khamis continues.

According to Khamis. the Minister was acting “unconstitutionally” since he was assigned to Radios and Television by the president.

Khamis cautions Hon. Makuei to stop using the security forces to silence him or radios and televisions, otherwise, “heads would roll.”

Khamis further warns Hon. Makuei to respect the Republican decrees, and stop acts of transgression, or else the President of the Republic may lose his kindness.

“But to issue orders annulling Republican Decree or altering its intend and by dispatching security forces to enter to Studios of Television at 11:00pm to cut the regular programs of transmission and force someone not on duty to read a ministerial order is a big transgression” DG. Khamis

“And had it not because of the kindness of H.E. the President of the Republic heads would have rolled.” the Brig. General said.

Director Khamis tells Undersecretary Garang and Hon. Makuei to respect the head of the government and the state, Salva Kiir, because he appointed all of them equally.

Brig.  Khamis reminds Hon. Makuei that he is not a junior official to be bullied or warned over the radio and other live programmings.

“Warnings and bullying over media organs are always used against junior officials and what [you] did is something new and surprise to me”. DG. Khamis.

Khamis justifies to the Undersecretary, Garang Deng Chol, that his [Garang] warnings must be unconstitutional since he works in a Ministry that rampantly violates constitution.

“The way things are being done in the Ministry of Information is not found anywhere in the world and you [Garang] yourself when I presented myself to the Ministry, you told me that decisions of the Minister were unconstitutional so what is so new in your warning to me” DG Khamis

Tribalism, Corruption and Violation of Constitution:

According to Brig. Khamis, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is a “one tribe and one state” and Hon. Makuei Lueth has done excessive damage so far. While Khamis is a Dinka from Agaar of Bhar el Ghazal region, Hon. Makuei is a Dinka Bor from Upper Nile region.

Khamis believes that Makuei has unconstitutionally removed and replaced many government officials that were appointed by the President, and he will never allow Makuei to do so under his watch.

“He refused a Presidential Degree appointing Justice Deng Biong as Undersecretary of Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, and instead he appointed someone who does not hold Bachelor of Law to his position by a Ministerial order. He did the same with Dr. Julia Aker Duany, the Undersecretary of Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs when he become the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and when he becomes the Minister of Information and Broadcasting he issued a ministerial order relieving Colonel David Nok Marial who was appointed as Adviser to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting vide a Republican Decree. He also relieved Mr. Mustafa Biong Majak from his position as Director General of Information in the Ministry of Information, a man who was appointed vide a Resolution of Council of Ministers, as well was Mr. Arob Bagat from the position of Director General of South Sudan Radio and Television who was also appointed vide a Resolution of Council of Ministers, and also Mr. Justin Aleer as Director General for Administration and Finance who is grade “4” without consent of the President. Mr. Aleer then continues not only to disburse budget of Radio and Television but also gives directives even to staff members who are senior to him.” DG Khamis.

Khamis believes that the Ministry is consumed by excessive corruption, and although he downplays talking about such sensitive matters, he warns that he possesses corruption documents that speak for themselves.

“I do not want to want to talk about excessive and corruption being practiced in the Ministry of Information. I shall talk at the right time because in my hands are number of documents that speaks for themselves” DG. Khamis.

SPLM/SPLA Chapter In Northern New England Declares Switched Allegiance To SPLM/SPLA in Opposition!

SPLM-SPLANov 27, 2014(Nyamielepedia) — We, the SPLM/SPLA Chapter in Northern New England with its headquarters in Portland, Maine, are hereby declaring our allegiance and loyalty to the SPLM/SPLA In Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

The SPLM Chapters in Portland, Maine, regrets having taking this long to denounce Salva Kiir’s illegitimacy and his brutal dictatorial regime. With thanks to SPLM-IO leadership for sending us one of her prominent elites, Dr. Wani Tombe, who sensitized the South Sudanese community here in Portland in mid April, we believe that our SPLM Charter would have been among the first SPLM Chapters to declare our opposition against the incompetence and hostile leadership of the incumbent South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardiit.

Among the reasons that we feel obligated to support the visionary and able leadership of DR. Riek Machar Teny is that Dr. Riek Machar, Lt. Gen. Alfred Lado Gore or Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka, did not choose to pick up arms to fight for power. They were forced to act in self defense to prevent genocides in South Sudan. We thanks Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka in particular for diverting the conflict from Ethnic conflict of Dictator Salva Kiir to military and political conflict. This was the first step to prevent genocide in South Sudan.

We believe that if Dr. Riek Machar and several military generals such as Maj. Gen Peter Gatdet of division 8 and Maj. Gen. James Koang Chuol Ranley of division 4 did not take up arms to stop this murderous president from killing the Nuer Ethnic group, Salva Kiir and his tribal militias could have continued killing the Nuer Ethnic group until the Nuer summit to his dictatorial rule or until he finish them. This is the philosophy of all dictators. They instill fear in the civil population by terrorizing one powerful ethnic group for them to rule the country through oppression.

President Salva Kirr deliberately massacred the Nuer people with intent to fully marginalize them and use them as example to other minor tribes and individuals who may attempt to challenge his leadership. This way, Salva Kiir could lead the country forever. Although Salva Kiir has achieved his main goal of massacring the Nuer using the foreign armies, UPDF, SPLM-North and JEM, we believe that Salva Kiir has failed the overall objective to rule the country for life.

It is for this reason that we are joining the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition to restore the country. We must work with the SPLM/SPLA-IO to prevent Salva Kiir from selling the country, from exterminating minority tribes and from marginalizing the few remnants, who will survive his brutal onslaughts. To achieve these, Salva Kiir must be disposed militarily or he must share executive powers with the SPLM/SPLA. The two armies must share power equally to prevent Salva Kiir from committing the same genocides he committed in December, 2013.

The reason as to why it took the SPLM/SPLA chapter in northern New England so long to announce our defection to the opposition forces is due to the fact that we have been focusing our limited time and resources toward working hard for the very same cause that has brought so much dismay to each and every one of us who have lost family members, friends, and colleagues, which at the end amounted to the death toll of approximately 25,000. As the old saying goes, we believe that actions really do speak louder than words. Hence,  here in northern New England, and specifically in the the state of Maine, we have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort toward helping our people back home, despite the fact that we have a relatively low number of residents and members.

Lastly, we would like to remind the SPLM Chapters all over the world that it is better late than never. Join the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition to restore the country before it is too late. Salva Kiir’s term has officially ended in December 2013 and he must be continuously reminded until he leaves the people of South Sudan alone to coexist and live a meaningful life. South Sudanese people do not deserve massacres, they deserve peaceful and beautiful lives.

The following are the members of the SPLM/SPLA chapter in Northern New England:

Chairman: James Deng Kuol Chuol

Vice Chairman: Dobol Hoth Luak

Chairman Advisory: Peter Ngany Machar

General Secretary:

Secretary of finance: Peter Nhial Mot

Secretary of information: Steven Lam

Youth Mobilizer: Wour Thok

Treasury: Peter Mok

Deputy Secretary of Finance: Rebecca Nyagone Wal

Member of delegates to the office of the chairman: RuachKuoth Thiwat Deng

Members of delegates to the office of the chairman advisor: David Mayoun

Coordinator of the region: John Dar Mechuol


“This article is for the glory of God and is dedicated to Sunil Thomas, who died on March 17, 2013. It is written in memory of Sunil. I had known Chacko Thomas, family since the earliest 1989 when I joined the Operation Mobilization Ships Ministry, when I boarded Logos II, in Amsterdam, Holland.”

By Stephen Tut Puol,

Nov 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It was with great sadness that they laid to rest the body of their 17 years old son, Sunil, at Beckenham Cemetry in London, England, “said Chacko Thomas Sunil’s father”. He had been fighting a cancer called Hodgkin’s lymphoma for over two years. We were thankful for each day he was alive, especially when we saw that we were fighting a losing battle. Sunil has successfully beaten his parents and his older sister to the finish line. He was promoted to glory on March 7th, 2003.

Literally, thousands of people all over the world prayed fervently for his healing. I do not know anyone else for whom so much prayers and even fasting has gone up in his name. Surely, the Lord would heal him? There were some “prophecies” and even “dreams” shared with his parents to that effect; but it was not what happened. They even wondered if they had failed the Lord to do his will in miraculous healing, through their sins or unbelief.

The main answer to prayer was that Sunil’s own faith and his parents remained strong to the end, even though it was severely challenged. Though the Lord refused to heal him he poured out his grace, which was more than sufficient for his parents, friends and relatives. God also richly made provision for many of Sunil’s wishes to be fulfilled. His cherished wish to see is grandmother in Singapore was arranged soon after the doctors in the Teenage Cancer Unit in London told his parents that there was nothing more to be done medically. He spent the next two months with her and took in the sights and tastes of Singapore in spites of being wheel chair bound. The events he enjoyed most were the two visits to the Night Safari Park, Christmas and New Year with their church, and the Chinese New Year celebrations in China Town in London.

Half-way through the visit they learned from the Singapore doctors that Sunil might not have more than four months left. Soon after that he insisted that he want to return to his home and friends in London. This was made possible through the generosity of many good friends and good Samaritans. One particular Christian family in London put themselves at his service. Among other things they drove him around the country, to the London Aquarium, the Marwell Animal Park and the Birds of Prey Sanctuary, fulfilling a longing he would have for four years.

Sunil parents had no plans for the day after the visit to the sanctuary they would have been out the whole day, around trip of 240 miles and were all tired. But just to give Sunil something to look forward to his father promised a ride in the car as he was leaving for the office at 7.00pm. When he returned home at 11.30pm he had already gotten his mother to arrange a visit to his school at 2.30pm 30 minutes before it closed. According to Chacko Thomas, he would not take time here to explain what a marvelous reception he had at the school from teachers and staff.

Little did they realise that this was going to be the final day of Sunil’s life. They knew that he was weak and his breathing was laboured. When they got home the hospice nurse was waiting for them and soon there was a visit from the local doctor. After examining Sunil she told them he was doing very poorly and advised them to send for his sister, Sheela, who was attending counseling’s course about two hours away. That night at 9.45pm 30 minutes after Sheela arrive Sunil entered the Lord’s presence as the family prayed together. The next few days were unbearable for Sunil family, relatives and friends. For Sunil parents, they could not control their tears, for they have never loved anyone more deeply than they loved Sunil, said his Dad Chacko Thomas.

Their hope for miraculous healing was shattered. Many had encouraged them to keep believing and praying for a miracle. Chacko Thomas said, he had seen many scripture portions during those many months which he thought were pointing towards God’s miraculous intervention. They were expecting a miracle till the last minute, even while seeing his condition worsen month by month, day by day and hour by hour.

“Nevertheless, they prepare their children for a long life”, implying not for death, wrote his mother in an account of her teenage son’s promotion to glory. A question that came often to Chacko Thomas mind was “how could he have better prepared his son for the death”. How does a father, who wants his seventeen years old son to outlive him, tell him that he may not recover and that he must be prepared to die? In his role as a father he tried to give Sunil hope and courage, though he will not take credit for the strength he showed in his death. But should they do not do more, especially as parents, pastors and fellow-believers?

He remembers their pastor in Singapore coming to him after a service saying that he had chosen a particular song with Sunil in mind. He assured him the whole service was appropriate for him. There was enough there to make us all look forward to meeting the Lord. God had other ways of preparing Sunil, too.

One thing Chacko did when the opportunity came was to preach in his local church. He chose to speak lovingly on 1Thessalonians 4:15-18 about “the Christian hope of resurrection”. He remembers a month later driving with Sunil and singing, “Heaven is a wonderful place, filled with glory and grace. He wants to see his Saviour’s face! Heaven is a wonderful place”.

However, he was afraid that most of his scripture readings with the family were to strengthen their faith for healing and living, rather than to prepare his son to die. He remembers an email from Ron Penny, who had lost one-week-old grand-daughter just weeks before. He wrote: “Don’t just look upward, look forward” imply that we should look forward to the hope before us, to be with Christ.

About three weeks before Sunil passed away Chacko was at his desk. Looking up, he saw on the bookshelf a book a friend had given him when Sunil was first diagnosed with cancer. It was entitled, “Will God Heal Me?” The book did not interest him at a time, then because the answer was obvious: God heals, which meant God will heal his son, God will hear him especially when he fast and persist in prayer. After all, he had seen so many answers to prayers. He had let the book remain there for two years. Now, however, he needed some hope. Lipping through its back pages, the title of a chapter called “I have come to help you die” caught his attention.

This chapter told the story of a young lady who had come to the end of her life. Reality was going the opposite direction of all prophecies and dreams and visions that various others had been given about her. Unlike his situation, visitors and prayers were diminishing as the once enthusiastic prayer supporters saw her condition deteriorating. Then a minister went to see her.

Have you come to pray for my healing?” asked the young lady with great expectation. Maybe the moment for the fulfillment of all predictions had come. “No”, answer the pastor. “I have come to help you die”. The minister then turned to the many scripture passenger’s that speak of the Christian’s hope of heaven, resurrection and eternal life. Thus scriptures verses, did prepare the young lady to meet the Lord, and soon afterwards she did.

Chacko Thomas had received several hundred emails and many phone calls and visits since the Lord took Sunil to Himself. Many spoke of the fond memories they have for Sunil. Though he died young, friends assured his parents that he had lived a full life and finished his mission. 400 people turned up for his funeral service because, as one later wrote, “he had touched their lives in some way”. His life did touch thousands of others around the world over 40 nations he visited while on OM Ships Ministry. This was clear from the emails which were being received by his parents. The nine people who paid tributes at the service also made that very clear. No wonder that about 30 students and 17 teachers and staff from his school were at the service. Three of his nurses and several of their parent’s non-Christians neighbours were all present and heard the gospel through the top OM leaders Peter Maiden and George Verwer.

Many wondered how such a young life could be wrenched away so prematurely. Peter Maiden in his words of welcome at the service of celebration for Sunil’s life said, “Christianity makes no great attempts to answer the philosophical issue of suffering. Instead, it offers to us the God of the Cross. In other words, God’s answer to our suffering is to share our pain; to suffer with us, and ultimately to take all our suffering upon Him and leave us free; as Sunil, is this Friday morning from all pain and all suffering; and he will be freed for all eternity. That’s the promise of God: not immunity from sufferings, not explanations for all our sufferings, but the invitation to come to Him with our pain knowing that he understands and saying to us: “In my son, Jesus, I have been there; I have been where you are; I fully understand, what it means to suffer”.

A prayer by ‘George Verwer’ ministered to many who question and even frustrated that God did not heal Sunil. He prayed, “Father’ we just want to have a tie of thanksgiving to you and I just thank you for the life of Sunil. I would have never done it this way God if I were, you but you know it best. I don’t like the way you operated living God if I am honest, but I worship you in mystery. I submit my own lostness and my own neediness and believe in your sovereignty and as it say in those last verses in Romans 11, we will never be your counselor, we will never fully understand your ways but we go forward by faith.

“Lord you have spoken today loud and clear. You have spoken through this family. So many families when they lose a young child like this, bitterness, anger, confusion and depression comes rolling in but Lord, we see your grace in Thomas family. Not that they won’t experience some of these things but we believe ultimately they have that victory in you sovereignty Lord Jesus. Although we greatly missed Sunil, we know that he is in a far better place and what our whole ministry is about to rescue the perishing and the dying. We thank you that you have saved Sunil and that he is with you for all eternity”.

Chacko cherish an email from Jonathan McRostie, an OM leader and a friend writing from his wheel-hair, to which he has been confined since a road accident on the mission field two decades ago. He wrote, “Recently I was at the funeral and memorial service of my own father in California. Obviously my circumstance is quite different than yours as my father was 98 and had completed a long life for the Lord; whereas your son Sunil was 17 and had a short life for the Lord, nevertheless they are both now in eternal life with the Lord. The eternal life with the Lord is a great blessing for both of them! When going through some books that my father had left, I found a quotation underlined by him from the book “My Daily Meditation” by John Henry Jowett. Jowett was a British preacher in the 19th and 20th centuries. On page 81 of that book he was commenting on Revelation 22:1- 6, here is the quotation that my dad underlined; in some of the last years of his life. “And yet I must die! Yes, but the old enemy shall be my friend. He will not be my master, but my servant. He shall just be the porter, to open the door into my Father’s house, into the home of unspeakable blessedness and glory. Death shall not hurt me. How I wish that Sunil had read these words.

Christians do not look forward to death, but look beyond death to life eternal in the presence of the Lord. The Christian’s death is compared to sleep, sleeping yet alive. The Lord has come to help us to die. There is sufficient help through the teachings in God’s word. The examples of the Lord, in his suffering death and resurrection are a big help. No one is more prepared to die than the ones who love him. Sunil’s last words were, “I love you, Jesus”. He told his mother a week before his death that he was not afraid to die, because he was going to Jesus. In spite of Chacko failure to prepare his son to die, the Lord had prepared him. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for he is with me. I have heard it said that, “God gives dying grace to the dying man”.

We are not alone in helping our loved ones to walk through that dark valley, but we have a role to play. It is not easy, but it is not impossible. Several said at the service for Sunil that it’s our wish, when it’s our time to go, we could go in the same spirit that Sunil did. On the front cover of the order of serviced were the words of our Lord Jesus, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they died liked everyone else, will live again. They are given eternal life for believing in me and will never perish. Do you believe this?” What a hope! And what a help!

Chacko was concerned for months how his wife and daughter take Sunil’s home going. He was relieved to hear his wife pray, “Thank you for giving Sunil to us. Thank you for taking care of him. Thank you so much for the love he has received from so many and we thank you lord that he is safe with you and that you have taken responsibility of him. I just want to thank you for today. In Jesus ‘name’ Amen.”She had found help to accept the Lord’s decision. Chacko daughter told him that “soon after Sunil had passed a way she looked down and saw his body and she felt someone saying, ‘Sunil is not there, he is alive’. The Lord has helped her too to accept the death of her brother; thank you Lord Jesus for helping us all to face death “Chacko”.


London, March 14th. The little church was packed to the doors, with many people standing: Next door neighbours, church friends, classmates and teachers, three nurses who had cared for him, Omers and former Omers; young and old, they came from nearby, from all over the United Kingdom and as far as Germany. They gathered to remember a 17 years old boy whose brief life had touched them all in a special way.

Sunil Thomas would have been surprise and pleased by the tributes. Younger students at the Langley Park School for Boys had asked their headmaster, if the flag could be flown at half mast that Friday and so it was. Sunil’s fellow sixth formers were not required to attend the service but they decided they wanted to be there. So did several of Sunil’s teachers, the head of the Board of Governors, the school’s Assistant headmaster and the headmaster himself, who asked if he could say a few words.

After reading a poem by Sunil that reflected the teenager’s great love of animals, he mentioned Sunil’s gift in the area of art, noting that his work was part of the travelling exhibition to other schools. “In his GCSE year, out of almost 200 students only one was awarded the highest prize;   and that was Sunil. Life was never easy for Sunil. He was diagnosed with dyspraxia, aspergers syndrome, epilepsy and hodgkins disease. But he brought out the best in us all pupils and staff just by knowing him”. The headmaster ended by announcing that a new addition Langley Park School would soon accommodate autistic students. They had decided to name the new building in Sunil’s honour: “The Sunil Centre”.

Representatives of OM India and OM Ships also spoke of Sunil’s impact on his world, the love and laughter that he gave to so many, his commitment to Jesus, his refusal ever to complain. Pastor Gabriel Yee commented, “Sunil was taken when he was only 17. But many of us in our 50’s and even 60’s are still struggling to love the way Sunil loved”.

Vera Zabramski, OM team member and “buddy” of Sunil added, “By the world’s standards he was disadvantaged but that didn’t stop him from enjoying life and he had an unshakable faith.

OM’s International Coordinator and Associate Coordinator, Peter Maiden and George Verwer, also shared. “Sunil has been a part of God’s plan to help change me to be more like Jesus,” said George, with emotion. “It’s not how long you live, it’s the quality of your life that better”.

Radha’s brother, who spoke on behalf of the family and the men from the small church that Sunil so much loved refused to allow professional funeral staff strangers to shoulder his casket and took the responsibility themselves. A large number went on from the memorial to accompany Chacko, Radha and Sheela to the committal service, at nearby Beckenham Cemetry; then they returned to OM office to share further remembrances of Sunil and marvel at the samples of his artwork on display.

Sunil’s love of eagles was very evident in those paintings. The day before the Lord took him, he had fulfilled a 4 years cherished dream to see the Stellar Sea eagles in a distant birds of prey centre. As he sat watching them in his wheel-chair, perhaps these words came to him, the words sung today at the celebration of his young life:

Hold me close, let your love surround me! Bring, me near, draw me to your side and as I wait, I will rise up like the eagle and I will soar with you, your spirit leads me on, in the power of your love. You are free at last, Sunil. Soar on until we meet again!

You can reach the author at stephentut@swissmail.org

Exclude Salva Kiir from power; or else the masses will continue to parish at his perilous mists.

By Mayian Tot,


South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardiit lecturing to media houses in April in Juba(photo: AFP PHOTO / CHARLES LOMODONG )

South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardiit lecturing to media houses in April in Juba(photo: AFP PHOTO / CHARLES LOMODONG )

Nov 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Since December 15th 2013, South Sudan have been at war with itself –and by far, it continue to be a battlefield’s graveyard’ –embroiled in a dangerous perilous, characterised by wholesale destruction, massacre and ethnic cleansing.

These abyss state of affairs are brought about by the tyrannical authoritarian dictator who wield absolute power and has since abuse these constitutional vested powers dangerously. Only to misrule, mismanage and plunged South Sudan into this bedevilling perilous.

Instead of upholding national interest, service delivery, good governance, promoting democratic values as the core foundations for nation-state building by allowing democratic spaces to exist so as to conducts free and fair leadership competitions within the SPLM, initiating reforms within the governmental institutions to fight these grand-scale corruption, widespread land grabbing and mitigate insecurity etc.

Rather, the tyrannical dictator descended the nation into bloodletting and brutal violent supported by Uganda’s forces, JEM, SPLA-N among other mercenaries and individuals militias as are the only means to prolong and maintain his authoritarian dictatorial grip on power and to retain an ethnic-dominated regime.

Salva Kiir, together with his regime’s collaborators and the so-called born-to-rule elites are using state machineries’ and brutal violence to maintained‘ an ethnic control regime of their [own] and a nation-state dominated by themselves and for their own benefits.

These ethnic elites control and dominate all nation-state’s vital institutions. They control the government and all the strategic military positions such as Minister for Defense, Minister for Interior, military’s intelligent, and Army chief of general Staff among others. These state’s powers of the said strategic military positions are used by the elites and their collaborators to institutionalise violence.

They brought foreign mercenaries’ and allied with local militia, thus engineered to exterminate the Nuer people and to subjugate, marginalise and dominate other ethnic groups by the barrel of guns.

Of gross human tragic, this tyrannical regime in Juba is a creator of brutal violent. It continue to survive on violent, and is maintained through the applications’ of vicious violent. Unleashing itself as a butchering machine –for South Sudanese to exterminate themselves.

Since December 15th to date, Innocents Nuer civilians, women, children, men and the aged’ became the first causality and the main victims to the ongoing conflict. Other ethnic groups are also dragged into the perilous  mists through their militia allegiances, monies, proxy and divide and rule tactics’.

Therefore, for [a] meaningful peace to be realise, this authoritarian and dictatorial regime in Juba must be destroy completely. Its machineries must be lay to waste and its system burn-down to ashes. Because its system constitute a curse to South Sudanese people. Since December 15th 2013, its policies continue to rest on wholesale destruction and brutal violent.

South Sudanese masses ought to understand that any peace proposal that allows Salva Kiir, the chief architect of the December 15th Nuer Massacres to leads the Transitional Government of National Unity is an open invitation to more death and destruction.

The current bedevilling conflict that continue to devastate many innocent lives is of his creation.

Before its onset in December 15th, Salva Kiir frustrated and curtailed all avenues for free leadership competitions, democratisation and meaningful reforms within the SPLM ruling party. Rather then allowing democratic values to take roots in the SPLM and indeed throughout the nation-state’s institutions. Instead, he opted for bloodletting and ethnic cleansing.

In 2013, Salva Kiir mobilised, recruited and trained a 15,000 private army of personal militia mainly from Greater Bahr el Ghazal. These militia forces he later armed and deployed to Juba under the guise of [Presidential Guards] and are, mainly responsible for December 15th door to door ethnic massacre in Juba.

Salva Kiir dictatorial reign continue to sow unimaginable sorrow, death and destruction to innocent people of South Sudan, and to bestow him with enormous executive powers to leads the IGAD propose Transitional Government of National Unity –South Sudan would continue be a tragic death graveyard.

Repeatedly as stated before, this dictatorial regime in Juba survive on violent and has made South Sudan territorial integrity into a regional graveyard. Uganda’s mercenary forces are brought to partake in the perilous mist as well as the Sudanese mercenaries such as JEM, SPLA-North etcetera.

South Sudan nation continue to stand at a dangerous cross-road facing many dangerous perilous ultimately because of incompetent leadership.

Diseases are threatening, hunger is looming and ruthless impunities are perpetrated. All these are but tragic realities. 2 million civilians have been displace as refugees to the neighbouring countries. While 96,708 civilians are currently being protected by UN peace keeping force in various UNMISS Camps and their general conditions are dire and appealing.

Justice, freedom and equality will never be attained and realise so long Salva Kiir remain in power. Only, these horrendous impunities will continue to persist. The root causes to the conflict will not be address. Wrongdoers and perpetrators to December 15th will never be brought to book and the issue of justice and accountability will never be touch.

Ostensibly, any IGAD proposal that seeks to put Salva Kiir at the driving seat to leads the Transitional Government of Nation Unity with all the powers conferred on him by the said proposal and in conjunction with the Transitional Constitution of this nation shall accelerate and fuel the cycle of violent and bloodletting.

Kiir must be excluded from wielding enormous executive powers. Reduce him to ceremonial president or else the masses will continue to perish at the perilous mists of his creations.

To make it plain then, any peace proposal that seeks to retain the current system in Juba is not acceptable and must be treated as such. Because, South Sudan, under the incompetent leadership of Salva Kiir is a complete bedevilling nightmare and a regional battlefield graveyard. It’s a nation of have and have not, and a nation with no development and instead, the state’s resources are plundered by state’s official ruthlessly, grand-scale corruption is at its peak, land grabbing is widespread, security sectors are repressive, parliament is rubber stamp and national army are used for lynching and to perpetuate massacre and ethnic cleansing.

With such incompetent leadership at the helm, peaceful coexistent will never prevail. Instead South Sudan will continue to be a war theatre, a regional proxy battlefield and a death ground.

Therefore, the struggle must continue to dismantle this tyrannical dictatorial regime and liberate the masses.

Mayian Tot is reachable via mayiant@yahoo.com