Nassir is stronghold central power Naathhoods since 1982, 1991, and 201

By Ruach Wal Yat

South SUDAN_Nasirg1_full_600April 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Salva Kiir and Uganda will never invade Nassir until they die. Nassir is central Nuer power that they have been defending themselves against enemy since 1982 during Nya nya 2 which leading by Gordon Koang Chuol Kulang.  General Gordon Koang chuol under my research record, also shown me he is heroe Nuer High General commander who defend territory from Naath Nuer against alternative elite. He is very smarter General to plan carry attack against enemy side. He is like Peter Gatdet Yaka following by other Nuer generals: Gatwech Dual, Tanginge, Khor chuol Giet, Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang, Chayuot Manyang, Koang chuol Ranleay Palak, and also other unknown names Generals heroes.

Again, Nassir also defends themselves during Nassir faction in 1991 which leading by Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.  Erupted violence also rising up again under regime administration Salva Kiir Mayardit and his opponent political elites and after result, massacre was attempted by Salva Kiir Mayardit the president of south Sudan to lost life of innocent Nuer but Nassir will also defend its own side faction as stronghold for rebel from today and onward. Nassir faction will be the main historical political elite which will bring change in south Sudan for democracy to all minorities group.

My research also shown me record about the history of Nassir during British colony, and it was also the place High commissionaires who established development process to conducted laws and typed books copies research and so on.

Now, it shown me Nassir was hesitating by Salva Kiir Mayardit during he was proposed south Sudanese States. He just left it behind and names and labels it as county. But Nassir needs to be city of Lajhor State to represent Eastern Nuer, and we are all exciting and proclaiming Nassir to be one among state in south Sudan. Nassir is old city and it has famous name known by everyone all over the world because it was school study researchers from anthropologies during British colony.

People had known the name of Naath Nuer which was stated and said that, “Naath Nuer Nassir”. My research had been showing me, Latjhor state will be release soon after Treaty IGAD following Bie- State the historical miracle from Prophet Ngundeng Bong. Bie- State city will be located to Waat from Lou Nuer the very massive heroes for all in south Sudan.  Because Ngundeng had been mentioned during his prophecies Waat will be city. Another state will be released soon too which is Liech State and city will be locating to Mayom County because they have massive statistic population beyond all Nuer and other southerners. Nassir will be historical struggling for power from Nuer from generation to generation until Naath will seize sovereigns from south Sudan.


Ruach Wal Yat

Gaaleek Master Nuer

Political Analysis and book research south Sudanese National identity.

Tennessee, North America

South Sudan Reinforces Troops As UN Declares to “Use Force” To Protect Civilians! !

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President Salva Kiir speak to the media in Juba (File/AFP)

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President Salva Kiir speak to the media in Juba (File/AFP)

April 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The government of South Sudan reinforced its loyal forces in Bor town on Friday, which came in less than 24 hours after the UN peacekeeping mission reinforced their forces in the town. Tobby Lanzer, the UN assistant secretary general in South Sudan, was “deeply saddened and frustrated” by “unproved  attack” which he believes is cowardice and abominable.

Mr. Lanzer has reaffirmed that “we will use force if at all necessary to protect people”, following the indiscriminate shooting by “well armed” assailants who guise as “peaceful demonstrators” to force their way into the UNMISS compound with intent to kill the unarmed Nuer population.

The latest official reports confirm that 146 IDPs were instantly killed while over 270 were wounded. Two UN peacekeepers were killed by the gunmen as they were outnumbered by the heavily armed “mob”.

The fading relationships between the government of South Sudan and the United Nations has been termed with suspicions and harassment. The government of South Sudan has accused the United Nations and the U.S of supporting the rebels and running ” a parallel government” in the country.

UNMISS has been accused of supplying the rebels with weapons, ammunition and vehicles, a report that the UN denies after investigations.

“The high level investigation team from New York has confirmed … there was no evidence of any intention of support by individuals of UNMISS to the opposition forces,” Hilde Johnson said. “We appreciate that the government, as a result of their own review, yesterday released the cargo, including arms and ammunition to UNMISS.” She continued.

Despite the cooperation shown by the United Nations, the bilateral relations have hardly normalized since December. Hilde Johnson reiterated on April 03 that the relationships between the UN body and Juba were far from normal.

“Although significantly improved, we have yet to see normal relations between the government and the United Nations,” she said. “We are also far from a sustainable solution for people seeking protection in the UN compounds.” Hilde Johnson continued.

A confidential report obtained by the Washington Post Company alleges that the South Sudanese army (SPLA) ordered forces to extort and harass vehicles bringing critical supplies to civilians under UN protection.

“On 21 February, South Sudanese police stopped employees from a UN aid agency that were transporting water to a camp for displaced people in the town of Bor,” reports Foreign Policy, adding that “the police were acting under instructions of the SPLA to not allow any truck delivering food or water to proceed to the protection sites unless cash was paid for each truck”.

These enforcements have been marked by violence, conducted by the SPLA forces loyal to the government. In some occasions, drivers were beaten or force not to deliver food or water.

“The driver and his assistant were instructed to offload the medical equipment and were beaten by SPLA soldiers when they refused to do so.” the cable leak report confirms

Other non-governmental organizations such as OCHA also reports an “increased levels of harassment and irregular fees and taxes,”

After several Anti-UN demonstrations in Juba, Wau and other major cities, organized by “civilians”, the bilateral relations have reached a point of zero tolerance, leading to the late unprovoked attacks on the UN base in Bor and Unity state by armed “peaceful demonstrators.”

However, the UN and her partners have responded strongly, condemning the massacre as a “war crime” and threatens to use force against any party that threatens the unarmed civilians under the protection of UN.

UN Base reinforcement

Mr Lanzer, the UN assistant secretary general in South Sudan, said that the UN had reinforced the base on Thursday to step up the security.

“We have further reinforced our base and we will send very clear signals to anybody who wishes to approach us with any intent of wrongdoing,” Mr. Lanzer warns.

“We’ve got clear rules of engagement and we will use force if at all necessary to protect people whose sole purpose for being inside our base is to stay alive.” Mr. Lanzer reiterated.

Mr. Lanzer’s call was well received by the United States, who promptly condemned the assault and further calls for the perpetrators to be held accountable.

“The United States strongly condemns the attack on the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) compound in Bor today by armed individuals that resulted in dozens of civilian casualties. We reiterate our call upon the Government of South Sudan to end the violence and to fulfill its primary responsibility to maintain law and order and provide full support for the UNMISS mission to protect civilians.” Marie Harf, Deputy Department SpokespersonOffice of the Spokesperson.

“This latest outrage against the people of South Sudan is an affront to the international community and violates fundamental principles of civilian protection. All parties should regard UNMISS sites as inviolable, and should afford protection to citizens sheltering at those locations. The United States will work with our international partners to establish who was responsible for – or complicit in – this horrific attack and seek to bring the perpetrators to justice. We reaffirm our steadfast support for UNMISS and applaud its personnel who, under tremendously challenging conditions, continue to try to protect civilians and facilitate humanitarian assistance across South Sudan . We urge those countries that have committed additional forces for UNMISS to work with the United Nations to accelerate their deployment.” said the Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations

The United Nations Secretary General Ban ki Moon said “Any attack on United Nations Peacekeepers is unacceptable and constitutes a war crime.”

The U.N. has a strict policy banning civilians from carrying weapons into its compounds or bases. In January, a South Sudanese government minister, Micheal Makuei Lueth, was barred entry to the UNMISS compound in Bor because his bodyguards were armed. Makuei responded aggressively demanding an apology from the UN, and continuing to believes that the IDPs are rebels and armed.

Juba Reinforcement

The government of South Sudan has reinforced their troops in Bor on Friday to strengthen their position. The SPLA forces in Bor town, however, did not make any attempt to intervene or stop the assailants advancing towards the UNMISS camp.

Although the government is losing the oil rich states of Unity and Upper Nile to the insurgents, it is not clear what promoted Juba to quickly deploys more troops to the town of Bor.

Ateny Wek, the pres secretary , believes that the government troops are deployed to protect civilians, under the custody of the United Nation.

“The army has come in now. They have been ordered to protect UNMISS so there will be no attack from anybody,” Ateny Wek Ateny, President Salva Kiir’s spokesman, told Reuters news agency by phone.

Contrary, however, Ateny Wek and Makuei Lueth blame the attack on the victims’ negligence to celebrate rebels’ victories in a government controlled area.

“Those internally displaced people in Bor from the Nuer community were celebrating the capture of Bentiu by the rebels and this angered the local community,” Ateny justifies the cause of the attack.

The government has not condemned the attack, instead officials like Makuei Lueth reiterated that “we cannot continue to accommodate rebels inside UNMISS compounds”. This prompted the leader of the armed opposition, Dr. Riek Machar, to condemn the Juba government for the attack, accusing the government troops of dressing in civilian clothes in disguise.

“We condemn in the strongest terms the killing of innocent IDPs sheltered in Bor by the government forces dressed as civilians in disguise.” Machar said.

“We condemn in the strongest terms the killing of innocent IDPs sheltered in Bor by the government forces dressed as civilians in disguise.” – See more at:

Fighting has escalated to Mayom in Unity state, Tonj in Warrap state, Renk in Upper Nile state, Gadiang in Jonglei state and Torit in Eastern Eastern Equatoria within the last four days. These strategic towns have been under government control, however, they remain significant to control Juba and oil fields.

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Machar Breaks Silence On Fall of Bentiu

By Honeywell Dickens Okello

Lt. Gen, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the first vice president of South Sudan and the current leader of SPLMA/M-IO in a rebel control area (Photo: supplied)

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the first vice president of South Sudan and the current leader of SPLMA/M-IO in a rebel control area (Photo: supplied)

April 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — According to a statement released by Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, Military Spokesperson for SPLA/M in Opposition, the Gallant SPLA/M Forces under overall Command of Military Governor of Unity State, Maj. Gen. James Koang Chuol, totally annihilated government troops and completely destroyed their artillery and armory capabilities.

“In the battle for total control of Bentiu town and the surrounding villages on April 15, 2014, after two days of conducting searches on former defensive positions for government troops, bushes and retreat routes, the Gallant SPLA forces discovered that they had inflicted heavy losses on the enemy forces in terms of personnel and materials.”

He says 10 tanks and APCs were destroyed, four tanks were captured, two trucks mounted with 14.5 each with four barrels were also captured as well as BM 21 multi-rocket launcher with 40 barrels.

“Two Brigadier Generals and one Colonel were killed in action along with an estimated 1200 servicemen.”

He adds: “15 pro-government militias from SSLA/M faction under the command of Lt. Gen. Bapiny Monytuel were captured and would be treated in accordance with Geneva Conventions.”

Further, the statement indicates that a “Government Maj. Gen. Karlo Kuol whom Sector One Commander had arrested a day before the fall of Bentiu to our forces on suspicion that he was engineering an internal revolt was found abandoned in detention by fleeing government troops, released and voluntarily joined the resistance movement.”

The top military leadership of Sector One under overall command of Lt. Gen. Jok Riak, Maj. Gen. Yohanness Yoal Bath and the Government appointed Governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Nguen Monytuel, abandoned their forces and took a flight to Juba.

“The Political and Military Leadership of SPLA/M takes this golden opportunity and urges and appeals to innocent soldiers, officers and NCOs scattered and abandoned by their leadership to immediately report and surrender to the nearest SPLA/M in Opposition barracks.”

“The entire leadership assures surrendering servicemen that they would be received with open hands, minds and in good faith.”

“The SPLA/M leadership congratulates 4th Division under the command of Military Governor for Unity State, Maj. Gen. James Koang Chuol for a job well done.”

Machar explains that they “owe the success of our over 170 years struggle to the citizens of this country. We fought oppressors, invaders and emerged victorious”.

He notes in a social media message: “Any unplanned strategy to recolonise, invade this country by any other country will not be tolerated. They will suffer a similar fate.”

He dismisses all allegations that Greater Equatoria is not committed to the rebellion is way off the mark.

“With their assistance, we liberated Bentiu. Their representation too in the SPLM Opposition’s leadership is equally the same like the rest of the other states.”


Is there foreign policy principle justifying Uganda’s military intervention in South Sudan civil war and under whose authority could the exercise be carried out?

By Kuajien Lual Wechtuor


April 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — International law’s non-intervention doctrine has not only been a comprehensive but `the United Nations General Assembly describes the intervention as dictatorial interference in the political independence and territorial integrity of the sovereign state´ and has been an important principle especially for `liberal statesmen and moralist with commitment to universal human rights.`[1] The international law sanction and prohibit the intervention with the exception of the right to humanitarian intervention, the “responsibility to protect” but subject to and preceded with unanimous authorization. It’s morally believed that the intervention does not itself justify military intervention rather peaceful intervention following certain conditions followed. The responsibility to protect should exert political, economics and peace but military intervention as the last option. I argue that this foreign policy is building up a new exception which I call collusion intervention. A kind of partial or random agreement concluded orally by the two state presidents, which give only one country rights to interferes with political independence and territorial integrity of invited country, which is necessitated due to power consolidation and political greedy. This debate would develop itself into a kind of exception to nonintervention principle on further arguments, owing to the fact that, UN has not such illegal intervention been punished, neither condemned nor pushing for an end to Uganda’s illegal army deployment. Thus AU, if not UN might have wants indirectly creating new principle in exception of its own constitutive Act to save the future of its dictatorship member leaders, or otherwise, UN and AU are losing senses.(…)

Read the full article!


19th April 2014

Press Release

Nuer Warrior

Nuer Warrior(Source: Nunude)

April 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In the wake of current renewed scale of fighting in South Sudan after stalled Peace mediation process under auspice of IGAD in Addis Ababa between the government of South Sudan and SPLM in Opposition, Nuer community in Uganda are in deep sorrow and painfully mourn the senseless killing of civilians in UNMIS on 17th April 2014 in what appeared to be a well coordinated attack by Juba-sponsored militia youth recruited mainly from Bor community. We deem this cancerous act as a fulfillment of what Makuei Lueth -The Minister of information attempt to do in the early days of February 2013 but he was denied access to enter UNIMISS base.

In terms of human loss, that cowardice attack on civilians in Bor has resulted in death of one hundred and forty five people (145) mostly women and children and had also left two hundred and seventy three (273) seriously wounded and are currently undergoing deflated medical attention in the same UNIMISS premises. It is worth mentioning here that the victims and other survivors are part of unarmed civilian mostly from Nuer ethnic groups who sought refuge in UNIMISS base in Bor.

Under universal accepted rules of engagement, such deliberate attack on UN premises definitely constitute a gross violation of international laws in which United Nation Mission in South Sudan sought her mandate to protect civilians in conflict situations.

As a community, we condemn in strongest term possible the senseless killing of Nuer children and women by the government of South Sudan. This is a clear plan by the defaulted government to eliminate one ethnic community in South Sudan under helpless and silent watch of UN. While principles of international humanitarian law Geneva-convention of 1949 and other subsequent protocols that call for the protection of non-combatant; the Nuer community in Uganda questioned the principle of neutrality that UN had played by failing to act under their mandate i.e. chapter seven of UN Charter in light of ethnic massacre staged by Juba government.

Finally, we are strongly urging the warring parties in South Sudan to refrain from attacking civilians. In the same note, we are appealing to UN Security Council to increase number of UNIMISS forces in the country as a deterrence measure to a possible scale of genocide.

On behalf of Nuer community in Uganda,

signed by:

Samuel Gai Kuinit, Chairperson:

Tel: +256-789974514

Kuajien Chamjoak, Secretary General


Opinion: Dinka-Bor are thwarted of losing what they believed to be their ancestral land at the end of the current conflict!

White army warms up to retake Malakal in February (Photo: supplied)

White army warms up to retake Malakal in February (Photo: supplied)

April 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) protection site in Jonglei State capital Bor plunged in bloodiest attack on 17th of April, 2014. The carnage has been carrying on Internally Displaced Nuer Persons (IDPs) by Salva Kiir’s desperate soldiers alleged to be Dinka-Bor youth. In particular, the attackers were soldiers in uniforms who were deserted from north-eastern Bor town of Gadiang   after bringing up the rear to the rebel in battle fields.

Thousand of blameless Nuer women and children, elderly and state government officials who were in the hunt for harbor at the UN base in Bor since December have been molest. Hundreds of the Nuer IDPs mercilessly massacre when thousand of heavy armed Dinka soldiers forced their way into the site and started sprayed on IDPs.

Notwithstanding what are purportedly details by Salva’s government, including baseless allegation that, the thugs who assaulted UNMISS protection site and killed hundreds of IDPS are an armed Dinka-Bor youth said to be fuming of the nation-wide gala by IDPs after rebel victory on oil producing Unity state’s capital Bentiu. If Dinka-Bor is serious, why don’t they face the mighty white Army that occupied 80% of the Dinka-Bor land with only Bor town untied? Where were they when population of Dinka-Bor dispersed from their land?

This current conflict will end up defectively to some of the greater Upper Nile communities. There are likelihood that, after war, Upper Nile region’ll be free of Dinka as issue of Dinka-Bor and Dinka-Padang.

Unity State is one of the major oil rich states in South Sudan which is predominantly inhabited by Nuer tribe and, it is to be found in the heart of the Nuer land.  The victory on Bentiu appeared to be turning point in liberation struggle due to (1) the oil installation and, its shortest doorway into Warrap, the home land of the dictator Salva Kiir ( 2) Salva Kiir and Museveni had installed with all the effort an enough armed soldiers from JEM, UPDF, the SPLA nonconformists soldiers and others  mercenaries. The combined forces by the two were added up to over ten thousand set up.

And, enough   armaments lifted to Bentiu for all the time of ground works by the rebel. Hence! in spite of such built-up, the revolutionary force under overall command of Maj. Gen. Koang Chuol Ranley, one of a venerated commanderhave managed to have power over not only the town and almost all the State counties with exception of Pariang, but also, hundreds of thousand assorted military hardware left behind by deserted government soldiers within only hours mêlée. The Unity State military governor have assured civil population to remains doing their business including harvest because, the revolution army secured their security after his mighty force liberate the town from looters.

The sufferers of Kiir’s genocidal government have realized that, nothing impossible to be bringing about by the revolutionary force, especially during the last kick if peace in Addis produce no fruits. Salva Kiir is livid because, the next target after Unity state is Warrap.  Knowing his people’ defenselessness, there is no doubt that, the evolutionary force will overran Warrap and,  all the Nuer properties which had been looted in Juba, Bentiu, Malakal and others greater Upper Nile settlements; and, the destruction made on the Nuer residents in Juba and others places are to be claim by the owners when rebel wins victory on Kiir’s home town. These and many others logic paining Salva and make him resort to killing Nuer civilians and screening his emotional gloom.

UPDF was there and reportedly daunting UN peace keepers flanking the Dinka attackers. UPDF said to be for preventing genocide in South Sudan as their president poorly urging internationally, instead, during incident in Bor, Ugandan Army were escorting The mob and suppliers them with bullets and transport mean from west-bank of the Nile into Bor to kill Nuer IDPs. What prompted UPDF to assist in killing innocent Nuer women and children under UN protection?   Lou-Nuer community have so far learned that, amongst the thousand pledges offered to Museveni by Salva Kiir, about 35% of Bentiu oil-wells given to him in exchanges for UPDF mercenaries to fight war along site Dinka government against the Nuer-lead revolution. Therefore, to lose personal assortments by Museveni, he resorted to demonstrate his livid by killing Nuer un-armed civilians and leave the country in Rwanda-like 1994 genocide.

If the assails really happened to be the alleged Bor youth, are they geared up to protect their civil population when white Army retakes Bor? And, if the so-called Bor youth already knew that they are not coming back to Bor due to ongoing conflict, do they thinks Nimuli, Awek-rial, Juba and Kakuma camp where their civil population deserted to, are an islands in ocean not to be reach  by the mighty white Army?

Rebel is now progressing rapidly and, it is likely that, most of the Dinka territories will soon be in charge of the revolutionary fighters whilst rains start from this month.  And if that is the case, what do they (Dinka-Bor) assume will ensue onto their kinfolk? Bor community knew better that, unless peaceful mean to the current conflict found or, they will never return to where they alleged to be their ancestral land.

Lou-Nuer youth strongly warned the so-called Dinka Bor youth who have massacred hundred and still threatening lives of innocent civilians   who seek place of safety in the UNMISS base in Bor.

Lou-Nuer youth and the community as a whole have learned that, this terrorist coordinated attack by the UPDF and SPLA on the Nuer IDPs, was for the most part planned to target Lou-Nuer community members amongst more than five thousand Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the hunt for shelter at the UNMISS compound in Bor.

Amongst these innocent women and children slaughtered in the base, 90% of the dead and wounded where from the Lou and Gawaar Nuer community of Uror, AKobo and Nyirol Counties.

Mak Banguot Gok is a concerned South Sudanese who lives in Malakal, in Upper Nile State. He can be reached at

South Sudan Officials Blame UN for Deadly Attack in Bor

Charlton Doki,

"In other words, anybody who celebrates successful operations being conducted by the rebels against the government... is a rebel, and we cannot continue to accommodate rebels inside UNMISS compounds and allow them to celebrate or do whatever they want," Makuei,(Photo: Waakhe Simon Wudu|Nyamilepedia)

“In other words, anybody who celebrates successful operations being conducted by the rebels against the government… is a rebel, and we cannot continue to accommodate rebels inside UNMISS compounds and allow them to celebrate or do whatever they want,” Makuei,(Photo: Waakhe Simon Wudu|Nyamilepedia)

April 18, 2014 (JUBA) — Senior South Sudan government officials on Friday blamed United Nations peacekeepers for provoking a deadly attack on a U.N. compound in Bor by firing warning shots into the air to disperse a large group of armed civilians who had gathered outside the base.

“You don’t stop a moving mob with gunshots if you know that they are armed,” government spokesman Michael Makuei said.

“In fact, it is this gunshot which provoked the situation,” he said.

A precise casualty toll from the attack on the Bor base was not available as of Friday, but the U.N. said dozens of civilians are thought to have been killed and scores wounded in the violence.
Makuei said UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan) should have stopped displaced people in the Bor compound from celebrating news of the capture of Unity state capital Bentiu early this week by rebel forces. Witnesses, including a health worker who lives inside the U.N. compound and one of the organizers of the protest outside the base, said the celebration was a trigger for the attack.

“UNMISS failed to control these internally displaced people so that they abide by and respect the ground rules of the camp. Not only that but they should also avoid provocative actions that may provoke others,” Makuei said.

“In other words, anybody who celebrates successful operations being conducted by the rebels against the government… is a rebel, and we cannot continue to accommodate rebels inside UNMISS compounds and allow them to celebrate or do whatever they want,” Makuei, South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei.

Interior Minister Aleu Ayieny Aleu faulted what he said was the peacekeepers’ lack of training, saying that by firing shots into the air, they lit the fuse under the attack in which one U.N. official said at least 40 people died.

“Trained soldiers or trained peacekeepers or trained law enforcement agencies — once you know that fellow is armed, you don’t control by shooting in the air,” Aleu said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin was more contrite, saying he regretted that civilians died in the attack. He also tried to assure the international community that the incident will be thoroughly investigated.

“The government of the Republic of South Sudan strongly condemns the incident that happened in the UNMISS camp. You must know that the citizens, whether they are the youth, whether they are IDPs — these are citizens of the Republic of South Sudan and we would not encourage them to kill themselves,” he said.

UNMISS says attack ‘unprovoked’

UNMISS has said Thursday’s events were an unprovoked assault launched by a large group of armed civilians who showed up at the gates of the compound in Bor “under the guise of peaceful demonstrators intending to present a petition to UNMISS.”

When the group was refused entry to the compound, “the armed mob forced entry into the site and opened fire on the internally displaced persons sheltering inside the base,” UNMISS said.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said in a statement released late Thursday the attackers used rocket-propelled grenades to breach the compound.

Once inside, they opened fire on the nearly 5,000 displaced persons living in the compound under U.N. protection, Power said. She condemned the attack as brazen, inhuman and an “outrage against the people of South Sudan.”

UN peacekeepers sought help from SPLA

UNMISS spokesman Joseph Contreras said that around half an hour into the attack, the peacekeepers fired another round of shots into the air, and the armed mob dispersed.

UNMISS then sought help from a South Sudan army battalion stationed in the town, Contreras said.

“The commanding officer of the Indian battalion of the Mission in Jonglei met with the senior commander of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Bor, and that commander deployed SPLA troops to help secure our compound and cordon off the site from any further protests or attacks,” he said.

International anti-poverty NGO Oxfam is re-assessing its security protocol following the attack on the camp, where the eight Oxfam staff are working on a water and sanitation project, Oxfam country director Jose Barahona said.

“Until yesterday, we thought we were relatively safe by staying and operating inside the UNMISS base and UNMISS bases in general. Since the incident yesterday, we cannot take that for granted,” he said.

In a statement released Thursday, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said any attack that targets U.N. peacekeepers is unacceptable and “constitutes a war crime,” and called on the government of South Sudan to take steps to ensure the safety of all UNMISS bases that are sheltering civilians.

A recent spate of violence in South Sudan has pushed up the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the country from around 800,000 to more than 900,000, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a report released Friday.

Around 80,000 of the IDPs are sheltering at U.N. bases around the country. Another 278,000 people have fled South Sudan for neighboring countries.

The majority of the displaced are women and children.



“Dead bodies covered in plastic lie in front of a burnt out marketplace in Bor, South Sudan”. Photo: AFP

April 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Nuer students’ Union in Kenya conveys their condolences to the families of the deceased persons, who were killed in a cold blood by the SPLA officers in Bor on 17th April, 2014. We as an institution that represents the Nuer intellectuals currently studying in Kenya share with you the pains, sorrows and heart-breaking incident that occurred on the morning of Thursday 17th April, 2014. You were in UNMISS camp under the protection of the UN security council agent (UNMISS), because you are unarmed civilians so vulnerable who cause no harm or threats to anybody in Bor town.

On that particular Day your loved ones were shoot to death and some were badly wounded by the government that you overwhelmingly voted for in 2010 general election. At this juncture, we are together in mourning for the untimely death of our dear ones, they were good, loving, caring and had a brighter future for our country South Sudan, it is unfortunate that they died in such circumstances. They are our heroes and heroines. MAY GOD REST THEIR SOULS IN ETERNAL PEACE

The incident occurred in the present of the SPLA forces in Bor, the government of jonglei state was there, Why would such barbaric inhumane act happened in the present of all these dignified individuals/ institutions and those vulnerable people were not rescued?, this is an indication that the war is taking a different dimension which at this juncture we as an institution would want to name it ‘’ GENOCIDE IN SOUTH SUDAN’’. The killings of innocent children and women in Bor yesterday is an indication that the government of South Sudan has failed in its obligations to protect its citizens in the country, therefore, we conclude that there is no government in South Sudan for the simple reasons that if GOVERNMENT IS BY THE PEOPLE AND IS FOR THE PEOPLE, South Sudanese has no government that look after them, what we have in Juba is a group of dictators that manipulate the interest of the general public into their personal interest. These people only invested in impunity, corruption and dictatorial tendencies and only protect their families not South Sudanese at such.

We the Nuer Students’ Union in Kenya, condemned the cowardice act perpetuated by the SPLA forces in Bor yesterday the 17th April, 2014 by killing innocent children women and people with disabilities in the UNMISS camp. Those youth were not ordinary youth as purported by the government spoken person and Minister for information Makuey Lueth, if they were ordinary youth and the government did not planned to massacred those civilians why didn’t they rescued those vulnerable civilians under the UN protection?, it is clear that they sense the defeat from the freedom fighters as the greater Uppernile region is to be liberated soon. The SPLA soldiers were also frustrated by the fact that Unity State was recaptured and the civilians in all 8 UNMISS camps around the country stood up with joys and celebrations, they knew the consequences of their celebration though but they were not controlled by fear. You can imagine in the present of Kiir in Juba people stood up with jubilation. The SPLA soldiers are not nationalist and do not know their obligations.

We appeal to the UN Security Council that given the incident of yesterday, it is now so crystal that the government of South Sudan under the leadership of Kiir Mayardit is incapable of not only uniting South Sudanese but also protecting them. This is the government that ignites the enormity of the South Sudanese people and until and unless this government is out of office South Sudanese will kill themselves base on their ethnicity as revenge will always be the agenda of the fight. We raise our concern to the international community, UN,TROIKA, EUROPEAN union, IGAD, AU and all other interested parties to expeditiously and amicably bring to an end this war, you all know the genesis of this crisis hence you also know the solution. This is an international crime against humanity and international court of justice must open cases against this government and individual perpetuators to answer crimes they have committed against the people of South Sudan Nuer in particular.

We appeal to the freedom fighters that you are NOT fighting for revenge but for a free South Sudan, where opinions are express, valued and are judge base on the objectivity of their contents. A South Sudan where diversity is a blessing and a good to nation building, a country where its economic activities are not granted to foreigners but to nationals, a country where a jobs are given to competence citizens for service delivery but not on the basis of my origin. We have no doubt whatsoever the circumstances are, that your conscious are clear that every South Sudanese matters for us to move together, we appeal to you that the propagandas aired out by Makuey Lueth that Bor youth kills innocent children and women this is a propaganda that is intended to divert your objective and might tempt you to revenge in the near future, that is not the objective of the struggle, your objective is the second liberation of South Sudan where all pillars of the SPLM/A slogans are realized i.e. EQUALITY, LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. This is not a war between Dinka and Nuer but a war between Dictators and Democrats.

At this juncture, we again send our condolences to the aggrieved families. These killings strengthen our quest for a free South Sudan from hostages.



1-    Bona Kueth Machar chairperson

2-    Madow Johnson vice chairperson

3-    Gatmai Nelson Secretary general

4-    Gatdel Riek Treasury

5-    Gatwech Kutei Information and publicity


Dear Nueri


By Elbow Chuol,



Nuer men conversing about the affairs of the state in 1930, while holding spears (Photo: Nyalieny|Nyamilepedia)

 April 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Last night I didn’t sleep for the reason that each day I hear, receives bad news about my blameless south Sudanese civilians living in UNMISS across the country.

I have been staying in my uncle place for weeks and the things some people talks here make me angry a lot. I am leaving now for UNMISS. I want to go and halt with my friends. I want to go and share the rains with them. I want to sleep with them with cartons in the grasses

I want to go and drink with them the water they drink and the small food they eat. I want to get sick together with them. I want to feel the shame together with them. I want south Sudanese to mock us together. I want to go and worship our mighty father with them. I want to stays and cry with them.

By the end of the day I will still be abuse, mock, harassed and kills if I stay outside. By the end of the day I will have no job just like them. By the end of the day I don’t have a home to stays. And by the end of the day I will still remind as Nuer.

How can you preach peace to me when you are there going to kill my twin brother. When you go there and kill my cousins in Bor? How can you preach peace to me when you are there going to kills my grandma in the villages. How can you preach to me and you vow to kills my dad and brothers in the bush.

I say you are hypocrite, you are liar. You are brutal. You are inhumane.

I will go now to my people and live there with them. Anyway I will not be a hero but what they can give me you cannot give it to me. They will bury me while you will be watching TV or just flicking someone. They will cover me with white cloths and deep me down.

That is the honor I want. That is the pride I want. That is the name I want. And that is better than being slave. And that is better than being coward who just sold himself because of food.

I refused to be bought or sold. I refused to sell or buy my people. I refused to betray the last kind of my people.

With respect, dignity and tolerance and in the name of historical evidences that, no matter how few you are, you can still withstand the storms of thousands wind. What didn’t kill you it makes you strongest.

To the last of our kind that are now clouds with darkness in UNMISS bases before that morning dawn that will sprout forth with hope of winning this storms. There is always hope beyond the tunnel. History has told us that.

Few can still stand strong against many and good people always suffer.

Spectacle with only 300 men won the battle of more than 10, 000 men. It frees the slaves in the kingdom of Rome. It’s not about the numbers but the quality of tolerance that distinguish you from the other.

The small kingdom of Troy fought against the kingdom of Greece and it won. It wasn’t about the numbers but the power of decision that made them withstand against many for the right cause of their people.

Jewish in the middle of their enemies are the shining light. It’s not about the numbers but the tactical of blocking the storms.

Historically, few are always right. Then we are right. We are right to protect the last kind of our species. We should not negotiations for the last kind of our remnant. That will be a disrespect to our dead and a shame to the living as well. We are the last hope for our people. We are the light of this illusion.

Today we owe this truth to our kind and the world that we are fighting not to revenge but to oust out the worse blind dictatorial regime in the 21st century.

I am a Nuer tribe just like any other tribes in south Sudan. I deserve to lives a normal life.



Elbow Chuol a concern south Sudanese who lives in Juba, he can be reached at

UNITED NATIONS: South Sudan attack Constitutes a War Crime

UN Condemns Attack on South Sudan Base as ‘War Crime’

VOA2014-03-03 at 7.54.55 PM

war crime 9981734_20

United Nation said Bor attack on civilians constitute a war crime and crimes against humanity. In the picture are unidentified armed youth in South Sudan(Photo: Al Jazeera)

— U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Thursday that an attack on a United Nations compound in South Sudan, where nearly 5,000 South Sudanese have been sheltering since the country plunged into violence in December, was a war crime.

“Any attack on United Nations Peacekeepers is unacceptable and constitutes a war crime,” Ban said in a statement realeased hours after the attack.

Ban also called the attack a “serious escalation” of the four-month-old crisis in South Sudan.

The U.N. Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said in a statement that an armed mob forced entry to the U.N. compound in Bor, the capital of Jonglei state, and “opened fire on the internally displaced persons sheltering inside the base.”

UNMISS said two U.N. peacekeepers were wounded in he attack, and an unconfirmed number of civilians were killed or wounded by the “assailants who came under the guise of peaceful demonstrators intending to present a petition to UNMISS.”

The U.N. will make public the exact casualty figures once it has determined what they are, the statement said.

Toby 01 2014-04-18 at 4.11.04 AMBior Kuer, a health worker at Bor Hospital, said at least two people were killed in the fighting at the compound and 14 others were treated at the hospital in town for wounds sustained during the violence. UNMISS said others were treated at the medical clinic inside the compound.

William Oyual, a health worker who lives inside the UNMISS compound, said scores of internally displaced persons (IDPs) sheltering at the U.N. facility were killed in the fighting.

“Those who are dead are 61 and the wounded are 273,” said Oyual, who has been helping to treat the wounded.
Oyual said the large group that stormed the  base were reportedly angered at hearing that displaced people inside the compound were celebrating the news that Bentiu, in Unity state, was recaptured by rebels at the start of the week.
The assailants “started shooting UNMISS” when the U.N. peacekeepers refused them entry to the compound, Oyual said.

“UNMISS has no mandate to shoot them, so UNMISS ran down to their protection area” and the attackers followed, shooting indiscriminately at people, Oyual said.

Women and children were among the victims, he said.

In its statement, UNMISS confirmed that the attackers “opened fire on the internally displaced persons sheltering inside the base.”

Ayuen Deng Ror, one of the organizers of the protest outside the UNMISS compound, said the first shots were fired by people inside the camp, although he could not tell if U.N. peacekeepers were responsible or if displaced people opened fire.

UNMISS said peacekeepers tried unsuccessfully to stop the attack by firing warning shots and also “returned fire” after the assailants began firing on civilians in the camp.

The U.N. has a strict policy banning civilians from carrying weapons into its compounds or bases. In January, a South Sudanese government minister was barred entry to the UNMISS compound in Bor because his bodyguards were armed.

Ror said the demonstrators wanted UNMISS to expel the people who were celebrating the recapture of Bentiu by forces loyal to former vice president and opposition leader Riek Machar.

Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) director of information Brigadier General Malak Ayuen condemned the “senseless violence” and deaths of South Sudanese during an interview broadcast on national television. The military spokesman called on “members of the civil population and UNMISS… not to take the law into their hands.”

UN frustrated by ‘pointless violence’

U.N. humanitarian coordinator for South Sudan Toby Lanzer said in a statement that he was “deeply saddened and frustrated by the violence that has ravaged Bentiu and Bor in the past 72 hours.”

Toby 02 2014-04-18 at 4.02.53 AM“These events show, yet again, the pointlessness of the violence engulfing South Sudan,” he said. “The current cycle of revenge will get the people of this country nowhere. It wrecks the present and casts a dark shadow over what should have been a very bright future.”

South Sudanese army spokesman Colonel Philip Aguer called the clashes in Bor “unfortunate” and said the military will launch an investigation to find out what happened.

The fresh outbreaks of violence in Bentiu and Bor come nearly three months after the government and opposition signed a cessation of hostilities agreement at peace talks in Addis Ababa.  Violence has also been reported in Upper Nile state.

The United States has warned that it will slap sanctions and travel bans on anyone who blocks South Sudan’s slow-moving peace process or io. Humanitarian leaders from the European Union, the United Nations and United States have warned that South Sudan could face famine if the fighting does not stop soon.