South Sudan: Civilians Working For IGAD Arrested At Malakal Airport

By George W. Mut, corresponent, Bentiu

Updated at 8:25PM, July 27, 2014(PST).

Malakal Town before the current conflict. The town is  located in Upper Nile State in northern South Sudan, 521 Kilometres from Juba(Photo: Fortune of Africa)

Malakal Town before the current conflict. The town is located in Upper Nile State in northern South Sudan, 521 Kilometers from Juba, the national capital(Photo: Fortune of Africa)

July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Reports obtained by Nyamilepedia’s Editorial Team in Malakal confirm that upto Six civilians, who were hired to offload the Intergovernmental Authority on Development [IGAD] luggage at Malakal airport, were arrested on Friday afternoon.

According to the IGAD representative, interviewed by Nyamilepedia’s correspondent, the civilians were arrested to be interrogated because they were identified as members of Nuer ethnic group. The government soldiers accused them of spying on their operations in Malakal.

In an interview with Hatim Hassen Abdalla, the team leader of the IGAD monitoring and verification team who is currently in Malakal to observe the violators of the secession of hostility agreement, the correspondent has learn that the young people were hired by the IGAD team to offload a plane to a nearby truck.

“I was telephoned that there is a problem between the soldiers of the government of South Sudan and the people we hired in the airport to take baggage and luggage from the plane to the car” reported the IGAD team representative at the airport that time.

Mr. Abdala said he went immediately  to meet the commander in charge of Malakal to intervene and present him his account, however, the commander hesitated claiming that the men are spies.

Mr. Abdala believes that the laborers ran when the rain start to shelter at the airport terminals where they coincidentally met the soldiers, who were waiting a flight to Nasir.

“They found the SPLA Soldiers sitting at the airport terminals drinking tea and asked them why are you coming here?” Abdala recalls.

“because it is raining and when the rain stop we will return to our work” answered the terrified Nuer civilians. “No no you are espies” added the soldiers who immediately arrest them.

The six civilians were later released after IGAD intervention. They are taken to the UNMISS camp in Malakal, alll safe and sound.

In a separate interview with the people at Malakal airport they say they were arrested mainly because of the re-enforcement that was being airlifted to Nassir at the time.

Puok Gatluak one of the laborer who was arrested said the soldiers described him as a person “bearing death marks” referring to the Nuer forehead traditional marks before the IGAD secured their release.He said that he will never accept to do anything beyond the UN gate again until the end of the crisis.

Fighting erupted in Juba in mid December after forceful disarmament of members of presidential guards, who were alleged to be body guards of Dr. Riek Machar, the former vice president. Machar denied any connection with the guards saying that the presidential guard unit is under one command of Salva Kiir, the president.

The conflict later spread to 8 out of ten states, affecting mostly the three states of the oil rich Greater Upper Nile region.

The conflict runs along ethnic dimension with majority of the Nuer supporting the former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, and the majority of dinka tribe supporting president Salva Kiir. Others tribes, majority of which are either neutral or support either side.

Regional and international community have put pressure to both parties to stop the civil war and commit to the IGAD mediated peace talks but very little has been achieved.

The stalled peace talks will reopen at the end of this month, however, the objective of forming an interim government of national unity within 60 days seems unlikely to be achieved within the intended time frame.

South Sudan: Government Delegation Arrived In Washington!

James Kok Ruea and Gordon Buay Malek traveling to Washington(Photo: Buay)

James Kok Ruea and Gordon Buay Malek traveling to Washington(Photo: Buay)

July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — An advanced team dispatched from Juba to prepare ways for Salva Kiir, the president of the war-torn Republic of South Sudan, has successfully arrived in Washingtom, DC.

The advance delegation is expected to meet the South Sudanese communities and friends to brief them on the ongoing conflict in the country and how the government plans to resolve it.

The advanced delegation is led by the president minister, Awan Guok Riak, with the former minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management, James Kok Ruea, John Khor Diew and Gordon Buay Malek, the member of the other armed groups integration committee.

The president is expected to arrive in Washington in the next few days with a huge delegation that include the Foreign Affairs Minister, Marial Benjamin, the Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Rachel Nyadak Paul among others.

“Kiir’s advance team arrived Washington, DC headed by Minister Awan Guok Riak with James Kok Ruae, John Khor Diew, Gordon Buay Malek and others. Kiir will be arriving with Marial Benjamin, Nyadak Paul and two Nuers Security Officers plus his own team and security officers, a total of 32 people” reads the report.

According to the insider, president Salva Kiir may only attend a White House Dinner that invites 45 African presidents. The report alleges that the South Sudanese leader may not meet president Barack Obama in a separate private meeting.

“He will only attend White House Dinner with all the 45 Presidents of African Countries. No meeting with President Obama.” said the insider reports

The source believes that president Salva Kiir will meet the Congress but the official schedules are yet to be confirmed.

“Salva Kiir and a few members of his delegation will have a few meetings with Congress. The official dates and times are are being arranged and we will update the South Sudanese communities once they are out” the report continues.

According to the report, the heavily tasked delegation is expected to mobilize South Sudanese in Diaspora to curb the growing support of revolution against Salva Kiir government on the ground. Many law makers, armies and Diasporas have switched allegiance in the last 7 months, leaving Salva Kiir with a skewed balance of powers.

“The trip seems to be to mobilize the South Sudanese in Diaspora. Kiir’s supporters has mobilized 400 South Sudanese to receive him but many South Sudanese-Americans are preparing to demonstrate against their activities in the States.” The report said.

Local Populations Protest the Coming of Salva Kiir To America

South Sudanese demonstrating at the United Nations Headquaters in Washington(Photo: Shared by Peter Kuel)

South Sudanese demonstrating at the United Nations Headquarters in Washington on 8th July 2014(Photo: Shared by Peter Kuel)

For the last few weeks, local South Sudanese communities demonstrated in Washington and other parts of US to protest the coming of Salva Kiir and governor Simon Kun Puoc of Upper Nile state to America. Others have submitted reports to congress as others prepare to demonstrate when Salva Kiir arrives.

Local South Sudanese populations have rallied across America, Canada, Europe and Australia demanding that Salva Kiir “must go” for peace to be realized in the world’s youngest and most fragile nation.

The ongoing conflict broke out among the president guards in December when a unit of presidential guards from Salva Kiir’s tribe allegedly attempted to disarm their fellows guards from Nuer ethnic group. The government believes it was a coup, however, the report has been widely denied due to lack of substantial evidence.

The presidential guards with  “Gelweng” or “dotkubeny”, a militia group recruited by the newly appointed Chief of Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan from Salva Kiir’s home town to protect the president, two months prior to the incident, have been accused of conducting a house to house raids that targeted the Nuer Ethnic group.

Over 250 civilians, according to the UN reports, were allegedly confined and killed in one room in December, 2013. The commander in charge of presidential guard, Gen. Marial Chanoung, is sanctioned by the United States in connection with the incidents.

More targeted revenge killings across the country have followed suit, and two other generals have been sanctioned by the United States and European Union. 10 of thousands have been killed and more than a million people displaced from their homes.

According to the United Nation, more than 4 million, a third of the population, could be affected and over 50, 000 children may die of starvation for what started as a political crisis within the ruling party, SPLM.
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Letter: A response To Mandak G. Rundiaal By Luk Jiath Riek!

Decision Making in Communities: Why Groups of Smart People Sometimes Make Bad Decisions

From: Luk Jiath Riek

To: My dear Lt Col. Madak .G. Rundiaal,


Othnyang Luka …

July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This is my small portion of a letter my names have been indicated on since two weeks ago, to whole readers, popular wisdom and an old intellectual tell me that two heads are better than one, and leads us to think that when more than one person contributes to the process, together they make a better decision. Does that imply that the more people involved, the better the decision? That seems to be the popular perception. Consider, for instance, the mutual fund raising for purpose to help young revolutionary in our country it so call resistance army groups that emphasize in their fight against the government of fail regime in South Sudan,

We do have people in some community associations also share the perception that group decision making is superior. For instance, one condominium community association board was determined that all decisions not one community to control others to put their wrong ideas into active power to dictate some people in community to pursue their right blaming and kicking on air looking for money thru or begging ideas as a supporters the regime, but they’re fail supporters and they goes behind the point even those regarding the most minor issues, be ratified by the entire seven person board or more than people on board doing nothing. They refused to call the board president a president, or even a chair, adamantly insisting on “point-person,” as the acceptable term. They specified that this person would be a mere conduit for communicating with the community leaders, because they accuse community leaders for be paid by failed government and would have absolutely no leeway for individual decision making even in the most trivial matters.

But if groups make better decisions than individuals, why is individual decision-making a highly valued social function? For instance, why is it that the more decision-making power associated with a given job to be a leader, the better the compensation?

How Do Groups Influence Decision Making?

Let’s just assume for now that groups do make any better decisions. What is better? To answer that, let’s also assume that “better decisions” are those limiting risk and increasing caution. To find out if groups actually make decisions that are cautious and relatively risk free, social psychologists have conducted experiments and found that interestingly groups make decisions that both limit risk and increase risk, and that both effects are valid and are to be expected as outcomes of group decisions. To contusing like that is to make more destruction rather than step downs

Lt Col. Madak G Rundiaal, indicated that some people have been promise to maintain their rank or position in government, yeah south Sudan belong to and son of south to get his/her job accordingly his qualification, some when Machar will control the government every person have right to work.

Once again, decision-making within the group setting had risk taking outcomes. Most of us are familiar with this people indeed we talk about it every day. We say we’re “throwing good money after bad,” when we have too much money we pretend as a supporter? Or we “get out while the getting’s good.” And, if the getting out isn’t good; we “cut our some people” It’s likely we’ve all experienced it at one time or another as private citizens, professionals, or members of a Nuer community association board. For instance, a condominium association board had hired a superintendent, who, after his first eight months of war in our county, no peace settles yet now,

However, Mr Rundial some leaders they receive their money from James Oth Mai it is not true, I knew Mr Rundial in community very wall is a money beggar he when to Hoth Mai for help to bought a car, but the answered he got from James was no money that why he took action to accuse some relatives Oth give them some money, from that development Nuer Community in Australia two years back James Hoth and Simon Kun Puoch give them $200,000 in cash in witness that development, the entire community had a complain where those money goes?

Mr Rundial and his groups, they accused Oth relatives of supporting his brother and it is a negligence and the power struggle began with them. I think this is probably true because I was struck in my conversations with the some people with in community

What Causes Group within community?

We have established that group as so called Nuer Community and Crisis management committee is a real what happening in South Sudan and part of our life in a community, but what makes group Nuer community a reality? Simply stated two things information and a desire to be accepted one another; Social psychologists refer to these two influences as informational and normative. Informational influence “results from accepting evidence about reality,” while normative influence is “based on a person’s desire to be accepted or admired by others not to crisis some vital members whom are participate in community activities. The argue that “informational influence implies that people could make their judgments, whether before or after discussion, are based on information about the issue. If judgments shift, it is because one has incorporated new information that was provided during discussion. This information can be provided forcefully, through persuasive arguments, or passively, via information sharing.” Because two of family members talk to two or three discussing their private issues, from that time no body listen to them what happen but unfortunately Rundiaal mention this communication he “She has personally made some phone calls (threats) to those who opposed Hoth Mai visit to Australia” this called is private between three people It follows that processing information is a very relevant part of the group decision-making processes. However, groups may not process all information equally.

First, as group discussion ensues, it “elicits a pooling of ideas, most of which favour the dominant viewpoint. Ideas that were common knowledge to group members will often be brought up in discussion or, even if unmentioned, will jointly influence their discussion.” It’s easy to understand why the dominant viewpoint will attract more ideas to rest of the world and their groups unconsciously strive towards harmony; and, once a position dominates, it becomes an easy reference point that frames and colours the view of the group members. So what can a community association do those not relevant things creating fails document and same as a leaders, because their leadership is not function any more.

If a person relies on the power of the informational influence, and provides information to the group, he or she can shift the group position away from the dominant viewpoint. However, how one goes about providing relevant information is very important. Because they work as Kiir’s government agent there is no doubt about that,

Mr Rundiaal indicated that Luk Jiath Riek pretended that he is supporting SPLM/Ain Opposition by writing some negative comments about Kiir’s failed regime in Juba, before the creation of SPLA/M since 1983 when John Garang have a meeting with some leaders on 27/05/1983 in Marol (Marɔl) I never support this such movement, I was Anya nya two supporter till SPLA/M loose power in Nasir area after Anya Nya two control all territory on 29/04/1986 SPLA/M lose their headquarter in Bukteng (Bukte̱e̱ŋ)

How to Understand Why People Do Bad Things

Sometimes people might do bad things and it can be confusing by others why. For some people these acts seem incomprehensible and hard to believe that the acts were in fact committed however if you’re willing to go the distance and investigate on each individual, then let this article is your guide. I will help you understand more about these vicious behaviours.

On my belief some people have no family knowledge about culture since we’re in South Sudan before we catch up different cultural and their diversities, some people grow in western and eastern and around African city changing language follow non south Sudanese culture, when two or three culture emerge should bring war between them for misunderstood who is the best. On other hand relative is belong forever never change, James Oth Mai is relative it never change me politically, he has his opinion I do my attitude to look things far of my view.

Who is James Oth Mai. Oth he was born in Mancɔm at Ulang county with his family of Mai Nguth together are very respectfully family, and his mother Nyakhor Deng Reath is grew up in wech rang in Nyangore Payam, Ulang county.

I am Luk Jiath Nyathuol Reath Jong, “ Luk Jiath Nyɛthuɔɔl Rɛth Joŋ.” with Nyakhor Deng Reath Jong “Nyɛköör Dɛŋ Rɛth Jong.” This is a blood relationship not a simple be divided by politic, Mr Rundial it is good comment very best challenge ever, politic cannot differ from family affair, well The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed like what you did today and hence clamorous to be led to safety by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. Kept informed public with fails ideas and nonsense information carried out to mention people names and family affair this is a non political awareness, I am a man of a conservative who two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward, you mention all James Hoth Mai families, yes we’re family in blood I cannot denied that ever and forever as you got relatives and friend rather with rebel or in government. I know that I’m not the easiest person to live with. The challenge I put on myself is so great that the person I live with feels himself challenged. I bring a lot to bear, and I don’t know how not to. I went before you brother you in different parson name to be know Madak G Rundiaal, yes I asked your best friend and give your full name including where you live and your address, but I don’t mine keep post challenges what you like, but next time put your really name because you’re in politic not to fear for.

It’s kind of like a challenge to me to be able to hear somebody else’s hooked and kind of interpret the words. Because my own hooks, I already know what I mean when I write them. I pretended now but in future you will see me what really can do.

Luk Jiath Riek pretended that he is supporting SPLM/Ain Opposition by writing some negative comments about Kiir’s failed regime in Juba. These are all lies because this guy never supported SPLM/A in Opposition. And he was paid $60,000-70,000 and ongoing paying in which we don’t know how much and how long. Also he is James Hoth Mail associates as well as a brother-in law of Simon Kun Pouch where he was promised lucrative deals. He provided Simon Kun and James Hoth Mai with lot information and he was one of those who provided intelligence to enemy to captured Ulang and Nasir. Also he and Gatkuoth Majiok, Wal Gatluak Rangdiit with alias Wal Gatluak Thong, Paul Bak Puot Mut, John Paleak Puot Mut, Nhial Puok Leek, Dordeng Puoch Mar and others personally bought some Satellite Phones (Thurayas) to some traditional chiefs in both Ulang and Nasir. Luk Jiath Riek,Nyoat Mut and Wal Gatluak Rangdit or Wal Gatluak Thong were in the community meeting to record the entire meeting in which they did and played the recordings at James Hoth resident where they talked through who said what about James and all of those recordings were sent to security services in Juba.

It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.

Know your current mood and their situation

Before I prejudices it helps that you those responsible for writing that letter you know what they are experiencing currently for their situation is very too tall what they are knowing they’re hanging up in Noble Park doing politic crises has so called Nuer Community and supporting rebel, it better to go to the frontline and then talk, it helps me to ask: what mood are they currently in? What could have caused them to act this way? It need for money or not it helps me if I can inquire about his situation through a little chat. If I talk to them about it, however I will be carefully to kow the point at which they are am willing to share with them this situation should be in two accounts

Their current mood can be signs of their mood at the time he did it and more importantly it shows what emotions the persons is currently feeling after doing “bad things”. Guilt can be signs that the action was unintentional or forced. Any emotions could be clues linking his personality and the events.

Take into account their situation. Ask yourself what would you do if you were in his situation? Would you repeat his mistakes or would you consider different. Take into account the pressure he could have been through. Maybe his actions were unavoidable; take into account every variable and every factor available

Know their personality.

Mr Rundiaal and his groups are they usually like this? Do they show concern for what they have done? Are there signs of hem having a “cold blooded attitude”? Does he have a personality disorder? You must take into account all the sides of his personality

One things everybody should remember that people are fighting government of south Sudan have a relatives in government side, this current situation it circling around me and you, Mr Rundiaal whom responsible wrote this letter are groups 2 people from Maiwut county a knew by name, 3 from Nasir county, 3 from Ulang county, 1 from Lou Nuer, 2 from Pangak, 3 from Bentiu. Those people I know them by name as my one of best friend give me their names.

They do have right because they have deepest situation in danger looking after money to buy house her in Victoria, but some of have no job.

Remember to have an open mind in your judgment. Remember that nowadays nothing is impossible, people are more than capable of committing unforgivable acts, however you should also take into account that not all people are evil, we should take into account our own human nature, our survival instinct, everything is a factor.

Remember that it is in our human nature to do bad things every now and then. However always remember that there are limits in life where bad things are not just your everyday bad things.

Remember that attempting to understand people is very hard, if you have experience in psychology (even if you don’t) you know that even with years of experience and training nothing can quite prepare you for each individual.

Remember that when doing an inquiry or accusing them for nothing about money, respect their privacy, sometimes it’s best to leave some people alone. It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”

Once again sorry for Mr Rundiaal saying about money I have receive from James Oth Mai, but apologetic for that. I didn’t receive any kind of this amount, maybe has been transferee unto his account via net bank or by cheque, now am not pretending to pass my people’s information to my enemy, am stood firm writing some articles against failed regime, and killer government. This politic or war not between Nuer and Dinka it is between groups of people whom tried to be in powered for their life, everyone should understood that, Kiir’s regime must go, not all Dinkas are bad is some of them, therefore, not all Nuer are good accept Riek Machar is fighting for right of his people.

Yours in faithfully

Luk Jiath Riek

South Sudanese Ambassador Lying To Students To Please Rotten Government in Juba!

By Gai James Kai,


South Sudanese ambassador to Uganda Samuel Luate Lominsuk addresses the press in Kampala(Photo: Eddie Ssejjoba)

South Sudanese ambassador to Uganda Samuel Luate Lominsuk addresses the press in Kampala(Photo: Eddie Ssejjoba)

July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Following the late dramatic commemoration of the third anniversary of the Republic of South Sudan by the South Sudanese Students` Union in Uganda on July 26 2014, It was extraordinary useful for us because it was an evidence to show to the entire South Sudanese students in Kampala and common people that Samuel Luate, the South Sudanese Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda position on this conflict is not rational.

Double standard from the start, complaining about criticizing the illegal president Salva Kiir and then disrespecting our legal rights of freedom of speech and expression, the undiplomatic Diplomat just seem like bad manners to me. I wish all the potential and the actual readers of this article were there at the function; we could have had so much fun with his remark quoted “Anyone in Kampala who talks bad about the government shall be look critically and observe with care, Furthermore, he also went ahead saying “what happened in Juba was a coup planned by Dr. Riek Machar and the people who called themselves political detainees or the third block!. They are killers and not peace-makers in the new nation!” He shouts, screams and hurls, dragging the audients into a matter that is wholly irrelevant to the students.

No diplomat of his/her normal senses makes these sorts of comments without having first considered his position. It seems obvious to me that he wishes be “replaced” as the ambassador to the Republic of Uganda. I suggest Samuel Laute returns under the cloak of diplomatic immunity because there is no record on the internet that he is “officially” an ambassador, so he is at real risk of being taken in for questioning – especially if he has had any earlier dealings potential or actual terrorists in Juba.

He was trying to provoke, not especially bright trying to match his undiplomatic history he posed for the last few years. It is true that he is pretty prattish. But it has been for many years now that the ambassador says those stupid threats. We are used to them. Every so often they get us given a smart kick on the balls to remind us those sides we are supposed to be on. If that failed, we get posted to somewhere dangerous. Where the critics can get kills but we can still express our dissatisfactions without fear or favors.

Am very much aware that the South Sudan government is trying to use him and make political hay out of him. When another of the mad president`s schemes failed, he look to intimidate or even murders those who criticize them on their horrible failures. In a normal country, any ambassador who publicly intimidate, threatens, or plan of murdering those who exercises their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and expression in the country he/she is working in would be recalled. But South Sudan is not a normal country. Does he honestly believe that intimidating us will succeed where empty threats have failed?

Luate is a diplomatic disaster, though it plays well to the stupid South Sudanese public who have exactly the politicians and economic cataclysm they deserve. He, think he is funny and clever yet the world sees him as stupid spoiled old man. I don’t think every South Sudanese in Kampala and Uganda at large of importance is ignoring him. Day in and day out he falls further and further out the real world.

Personally, I think the South Sudanese in the republic of Uganda and Kampala in particular have totally given up on this so-called South Sudanese Embassy in Kampala. They realized that they stand a snowball chance in hell of every getting what we fought for, and like a sullen old ambassador, they now cover their faces, crouching in the corners hurtling insults and trying to strip up troubles. It is pathetic. It manifests itself in the actions of their horrible ambassador, their manacle President, failed foreign minister and even the trolls on here – a load of sullen useless ambassador spitting bile.

As far as ambassador Luate is concerned, he should be clear to us; the South Sudanese citizens living in the Republic of Uganda. I wonder how Ugandans would react in the event the Uganda Ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan was to behave in a similar way. There would be loud and threatening crowds outside the Embassy building. Surely, he and his serviced dogs were trying to provoke emotionally wounded Nuer into an angry disproportionate reaction. Otherwise, it just lacks sense!

Every citizen is entitled to his/her opinion and as I, as a private citizen do consider myself to have knowledge enough criticize government of South Sudan on its failures to delivers services to the populaces. One amassing thing is that Ambassador Luete seems completely unaware that South Sudan and Uganda are democratic nations where governments are subjected to criticisms and citizens` participation in public debates.

This is so embarrassing! Doesn’t South Sudan posses diplomatic service? It also inaccurate that Ambassador, Samuel Luate did insults Dr. Riek and the entire Nuer ethnicity. That`s ridiculous and must be treated unacceptable.

What happened when he met South Sudanese Students` Union in Uganda in February at the very Embassy? He said nothing, absolutely nothing about students suffering, nothing about establishing the link between the Embassy the Universities. He gave no support to many students who are stranded over tuitions. He merely obsessed about the false “attempted Coup” which he even failed to sell in and outside Uganda.

He is such a disgusting diplomat with odd comments. Students can hardly be held responsible if the South Sudan appoint an incompetent, rude and ill educated witch to represent them. What support and influence has he provided to the refuges, business people, students and artists living here in Uganda?

I guess on a positive note, if South Sudanese doesn’t kick him out of that turned “home Embassy”, he will keep making diplomatic mistake after mistake, so no real threat, in fact, an asset to Uganda.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese living in Uganda. He is also an independent writer who has written numerous articles on democracy, human rights, Law and order. He can be reached through,


Nuer Community-Egypt
July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The executives and the entire members of Nuer community in Arab republic of Egypt have expressed their delight over the appointment of comrade Thomas Jal Thomas as new south Sudan Ambassador to Arab republic of Egypt by the leadership of SPLM in opposition.

We have no doubt over the ability of Ambassador Thomas Jal Thomas to effectively represent his country in the Arabs state.
And to justify the confidence repose to him by Dr.Riek Machar the leader of the Resistance movement, (SPLM/A in opposition).
We are also convened that the new Ambassador will do everything possible to rebuild south sudan image in Egypt, which has been damaged by the former Ambassadors. And that Ambassador Thomas Jal will bring proud to the south Sudanese citizens residing in the Arabs state Egypt.

We want to use the press release to publicly comment Ambassador Thomas Jal Thomas for the excellent position offer to him by the leaders in opposition. We thank you for the right person in the right place.

The Nuer community in Egypt are very proud as south Sudanese when they first heard that Thomas Jal Thomas the going to be representing them in Arab country of Egypt.

Considering the great importance of the excellent relations between our two countries and our institutions, we are convinced that by the time you will sign in for your new mandate, these will continue to deepen further.

Your career has been nothing short of inspirational. Your work ethics have been nothing short of motivational. Your demeanor at work has been nothing short of professional. We are sure that at your new job, your performance will be sensational.


These are the names of the executives.

  1. Micheal Medan Toang- Chairman.
  2. Elizabeth Nyakong- Vice Chaiman.
  3. William peter Pal- Secretary General.
  4. Gatkuoth Maloah- Finance
  5. Philip Wal Mark- In formation Secretary.

We wish you every success in your new duties and Please be aware that you have our full support with you.

Chairman of Nuer community in Arab Republic of Egypt-Cairo
Mr.Micheal Medan Toan

Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership Supports Creation Of New Federal States

(photo: file)

Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership declares support for more federal states, a proposal that is being widely scrutinized for the betterment of the country (photo: file)

July 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership today have fully declared supports, commends and congratulates the leadership of SPLA/M in Opposition for creation of new federal states in Democratic Republic of South Sudan, as one of the principal and remarkable ideal towards implementation of historical political dreams of people of South Sudan.

With an utmost gratitude, we foresee these administrative new arrangements as an important factor to accelerate speedy development, and act as effective tool in rendering more balance resource, power, and service distribution in consistency with vision of taking towns to people of South Sudan in their respective rural areas.

The GEYL, therefore encourage all sections of our population, from within or outside to promote and support the leadership of the opposition in order to realize people’s driven agenda, and element of participatory governance as proposed by the leadership of the opposition under overall command of Dr. Riek Machar.

It’s a known fact now that the people of South Sudan should not waste their time anymore in trusting the current regime that has caused pain and agony to the citizens of this country just in pursue of power greed and resource control, in breached to all existing laws the governs the state.

It’s our assurance that the Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership (GEYL),in support of opposition, will continue to work tirelessly to sensitize the population of region to embrace the system of federal state, and equally accept the proposal of new federal states arrangement for their betterment and effectively get involve inclusive governance process.

The GEYL is confident that, the opposition is a clear driving force for better change, and decent livelihood of all the citizens of South Sudan, and essential drive that will offer services to all diverse population of our country, and instill democratic practices as well.

This is the first ever initiative proposal offered by democratic oriented leadership to all the citizens of South Sudan, as constitutional gesture of inclusive participation in the governance process, in the affair of their own state, as well as decision making process

Joint Declaration on Memorandum of Understanding

South Sudanese Jonglei youth declare their support for federalism(photo: file)

South Sudanese National youth and The Greater Equatorian Youth Leadership declare a joint memorandum of understanding(photo: file)

July 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The National Youth Union, and Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership (GEYL), would like to declare today to all South Sudanese Youth, freedom fighters, federalists, leadership of the SPLM/SPLA-Resistant Movement and the entire mass of South Sudan that, we have formally and trustworthily entered into Memorandum of Understanding of mutual interest to strengthen and work towards achievement of final liberty in South Sudan.

It’s apparently clear all sections of people in South Sudan have suffered and continue to suffer from the brutality of genocidal regime of Salvatocratic and his cohorts who continue to kill our people in cold blood across Juba, Yambio, Torit, Rumbek, Wau, Malakal, Bor, Aweil and Bentiu.

In background “Having realized that South Sudan is gearing towards full establishment of dictatorial regime, failure service delivery to the citizens of this country, brutal killing of innocent civilians, the need for democratization and federal system in South Sudan we the parties to this MOU engaged fully to undertake to MOU with commitment and sacrifice”

As of now, on we are declaring this in this join statement of purpose to coordinate efforts and work tirelessly to bring the rotten regime of salva Kiir down, until we rest assured that our people achieve peace, freedom and an overhaul reforms in the country’s genocidal system which have destroyed and turn our country into mass graves and slaughter house.

“The Purpose under designs this (MOU), will work towards accomplishment and achievements of all intended defined aims and objectives and above goals will be accomplished by undertaking programs, plans and activities as dim to the interest of the two parties in this MOU”

It’s our common responsibility to side and ideals of the liberators as well as leaderships who respect constitution, rights of the citizens, and adhere to democratic principles in the country to demonstrate signs of political maturity among regional and international communities of which we are part of.

We encourage our entire youth population and congratulate them ongoing massive underground political movement and military resistance directly or indirectly until the aspiration of the people of South Sudan is realized.

That the two parties will accept to struggle to foster realize aims and objectives of this mutual interest of the two parties, for the benefits of the people of South Sudan, and their subjects with ever immense sense of responsibility, diligences and commitment

That the two Parties to this MOU have to timely organize and set out first hand strategies, Plans and activities in line with accomplishment and the established of objectives, outlined under this MOU .

Signed by:

  1. The National Youth Union (NYU)
  2. Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership (GEYL)

SPLM/SPLA Sioux Falls Chapters Switch Allegiance to SPLM/A in Opposition, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny!

We, the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan, currently residing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, declared our support to the SPLM/A in Opposition, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Press Release

SPLM:SPLA-Sioux FallsIn the name of our Almighty God and our blessed country South Sudan, Amen

Saturday July 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudanese people of South Dakota declared their support to the SPLM/A in Opposition as a result of failure of Salva Kiir Mayardit’s regime. Salva Kiir has totally destroyed our country because of his leadership ego than providing the services for the young nation. He has been a leader for almost ten years at this point and has never lived up to the promise to make South Sudan a land for freedom, democracy, human right protecting and a prosperous nation on earth.

Instead, Salva Kiir failed miserably and inflicted gross human right abused on his people, exterminating over 22,000 innocent lives in South Sudan, which engulf the whole country in unstoppable civil war. Under Salva Kiir’s leadership, the country has witnessed the worst human catastrophic similar to what had occurred in Rwanda in 1994. Mr. President, you do not love this county as a land, nor do you love habitants of that land; therefore, we switched our support from your regime to the SPLM/A in Opposition that has shown clear ideological differences from what you have been demonstrating to the people of South Sudan for almost ten years now.

In this heinous catastrophic situation you have created in our country, almost 4 million people are already experiencing severe food insecurity in the country, while nearly 1.4 million people have been forced out of their homes. The South Sudanese people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota have condemned the government of Uganda, in strongest term possible, for its participation in helping Salva Kiir’s government in massacring civilians in South Sudan. Again, the people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota have condemned the regime of Salva Kiir for targeting Equatorian people because of voicing their support to the federal system, introduced by the SPLM/A in Opposition.

Mr. Salva Kiir, people of South have just got out of more than 50 years civil war under oppressive regime in the north, and therefore, cannot afford to live under another dictatorship, worse than the previous one. We are tired of war; therefore, Salva Kiir must go. South Sudanese people know better than this and cannot live under this worthless regime anymore. Salva Kiir has been leading the country using the dividing rules policy, nepotism, tribalism, and corruption, which negatively contributed in landed this country where it’s today.

Now, Salva Kiir has concluded his master plan in wiping out Nuer people on the face of earth. This regime has not done a thing, given the poor physical infrastructure, health care, education, roads and security that were in today. We, the people of the State of South Dakota, are sending this message out to all South Sudanese people worldwide that what had happened in South Sudan is not between Dinka and Nuer. Salva Kiir created this war to make it look like it’s between the two brotherly tribes. We must unite forces to get rid of Salva Kiir. We need each other’s in South Sudan, but we do not need a dividing power thirst liability individual to lead us in that country we all love very much.

Finally, we are inviting all South Sudanese to stand united and join the SPLM in Opposition, under the leadership of our brave and visionary leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny. Dr. Machar has been tirelessly thinking about how to reverse this ridiculous war to democratic solution through federal system. Dr. Machar is a leader who will restore hope and bring a lasting democracy through federalism. A direct quote from Dr. Machar says “South Sudan will be the tiger of Africa; therefore, its citizens will wake up every morning smiling.” This is what we, the citizens of South Sudan want to see happening to us. Our duty is to get rid of this dictator before we realize this dream.

Last, but not least, we would like to congratulate Hon. Reath Muoch Tang for his hard work in reaching out to all the US states, enlightening the South Sudanese community about the genesis of the problem and the way forward. South Sudan Television has not been educating the public about what had happened, instead spreading lies trying to convince the world to believe there was a coup happened. Now that the world has learned it was a fabricated coup, he is educating his like-minded folks that he is still a legitimate president after massacring thousands of his own civilians in the country. We say “NO.”

Thanks you all for reading the declaration of the people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s SPLM Chapter.



Signed by:

  1. Cde..Achor Achor Dhel
  2. Cde. Luak Chuol.
  3. Cde. Nyatilingokic
  4. Cde. Jenin Gatnoor.

And many more national and international media outlets

South Sudan Musician (Dina Maruach) Went to Africa To Visit Dr. Riek Machar on June 30 – July 06, 2014

By Dina Maruach,



South Sudan Musician (Dina Maruach) visits Dr. Machar on July 30, 2014 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia ...

South Sudan Musician (Dina Maruach) visits Dr. Machar on July 30, 2014 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia …

July 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan Musician (Dina Maruach) was visiting Dr. Machar on July 30, 2014 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia for healthy reason and peace negotiation process.

South Sudanese Musician went to Addis Ababa and visited Dr. Machar for health reason and also discussed how the peace process should end the seven month conflict peacefully.

Dina Maruach went to Addis Ababa for a short period of time period and returned back to United State on July 07. He had a safe and a successful mission.

Dina Maruach was frustrated by the six month crisis, especially over the health and safety of the founding father of independent South Sudan and the champion of self-determination, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. Fortunately and I’m glad to inform you all that your charismatic leader, Dr. Riek Machar is well and sound. He is energized than ever to bring you peace and a federalism system of govenance in a golden plate. The change is in his right hand, be assured.

Dina Maruach met all Generals of SPLA–IO and also discussed with them the peace process that would end the conflict. We hope Salva Kiir may accept the principles of IGAD Agreement.

Maruach blames the ongoing conflict in south Sudan on Dictator Salva Kiir. Powered by his meeting with Dr. Machar, it is true that no body ever plan any coup to overthrown the regime. Why would Dr. Riek do such a thing when he knew the whole nation support him to become the next president?

Maruach asked Dr. Machar if there is anyone he suspects, like Pagan Amum, on his side to have plotted a coup, but Dr. Machar responded nicely to the musician, and said nobody planned any coup at all.

Dina Maruach Denounces alleged defamatory Coup.

During the meeting between the former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and South Sudan Musician, Dina Maruach, Maruach asked Dr. Machar many other questions. Among them was what initiated the conflict and why innocent civilians were targeted. Dr. Machar explains the series of events that led to the conflict honestly, and the musician was satisfied with the philosophical and genius remarks on the conflict.

The musician, therefores, blames the President of south Sudan for massacring over 10,000 innocent populations from one single tribe (Nuer) in Juba. Salva Kiir must be held accountable for using innocent blood as a means to an end. Kiir was misled by Museveni to kill the Nuer people to terrify the 63 tribes so that his tribe and the sell out from minor tribes can continue stealing the national resources.

The musician condemns Salva Kiir for using false propagandas to defame the well-learned doctor of philosophy. The coup was meant to tarnish the name of Dr. Riek Machar and make him the scapegoat althought Salva Kiir is the real devil. Machar condemns and call on Salva Kiir to resign. Time of aristocratic rules has expired and forgone. It is time for democracy, and only learned politicians can lead a democratic nation, not the likes of illiterate Salva Kiir.

I used to believe that Salva Kiir could run the government fairly and unite all citizens of south Sudan but he went on to consolidate powers and attempts to silence or assassinate the desidents. Now time has catch up with our dictator.

The Musician believe that the last decades’ civil war had traumatized enough the citizens of south Sudan and, therefore, we don’t need another war amongst ourselves to destroy lives and our properties.

I believe President of South Sudan has been fighting only for “one man leadership interest” and to build personal wealth that could remain there for several years without any change at all.

The South Sudanese musician calls on all citizens to continue demanding good governance because it is the right they fought the Khartoum regimes for but we must do it peacefully. He said, if this unity will fail completely to do so, then the country would be a fail state like Somalia.

We need to unite our communities, especially in diaspora. He believes the man-made Salva Kiir catastrophes have brought the country to its knees but the genocide on one single tribe (innocent Nuer) for what was suppose to be political rivalry has divided and planted hatred in all the citizens. The patriotic citizens need a peace loving scholar like Dr. Machar who can unite our people, not incompetence Kiiruption to disrupt peace and divide our people. Kiir is kokora. He divided his internal fronts and expelled the Nuer from the national capital city and bought mercenaries to drive the Nuer out of their God-given land of rich Greater Upper Nile.

South Sudan Musician Call all citizens of south Sudan to Support Federalism System Government for Upcoming Change.

south Sudan Muscian (Dina Maruach) and General Chuol Gaka are calling citizens of south Sudan peacefully to support federalism system for upcoming change.

The South Sudan Musician has been calling on all citizens of south Sudan to support upcoming change, and also calling on all citizens of South Sudanese to back up Dr. Machar to achieve federal system that we all love. The Musician also congratulates Dr. Machar for proposing the establishment of 21 states in the upcoming federal system.

Dina Maruach also urges all stakeholders, contributing agents, political parties, and all other committees to invest their time in ending the conflict and bringing a lasting peace to our nation. We need to do our own assessments to avoid conflicts and to establish cessation of hostilities to bring peace in the country.

Dina Machar believes that Dr. Machar is the first Philosopher, like Aristotle, who believes in democratic process and has the will to free everyone from tyranny and aristocracy. Today, Dr. Riek Machar is still calling on all States in south Sudan to support federal system to achieve the upcoming change under his command. We all need liberty, justice and equality to free everyone from this aggressive tyrannical rules under the leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit.

We need to support our first Philosopher (Dr. Machar) who has been working for change and bringing good governance to all nations. Machar is fighting for change, rights and feedomes of everyone including the children of Salva Kiir who lives in foreign countries due to insecurity in the country their father leads. Dr. Machar has been ethnicly painted as someone who fights for power or for his tribe but that is never true. It is propaganda to defame him. Dr. Machar has been calling on all citizens to never delay in supporting the upcoming change that he and his comrades will lead. He said, we need everyone to be free in his or her state to benefit from our independent and develop our talents to be what we want to be.

Machar is on a mission to build a country that would be full of potentials and opportunities for everyone. Machar wants to build a country where no child shall ever live in fear or as captive and refugees on their own soil. We must support change and leave Salva Kiir and his supporters to be changed by changed like in the past. The change changed all of us to vote for independent in 2011 although those of Salva Kiir worked day and night to erase it.


Dina Maruach

A Patriotic federalist

South Sudan new Unification

South Sudan Old Unification