South Sudan government should not mismanage our fund to Ugandan army

By Yoal Manyang, Juba.


UPDF sweeping Juba hospital in February (Photo: Kennedy Oryema)

UPDF sweeping Juba hospital in February (Photo: Kennedy Oryema)

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan government of Juba Should ‪‎tell the world whether they are interested to put the country under the trustee of Uganda government or UN like what happen around sixties in others African countries who was put under the trustee of UN, if they fail in the management and the affairs of the country, but before we go direct to the argument the simple question many people is asking is that “should South Sudan be footing the bill for the Ugandan army’s operational costs in the country?” This week on 20 of August UPDF has put the demand of the 13 billion shilling to continue the mission of UPDF in South Sudan, the demand which can threaten the deployment of the Ugandan troop to the country.

Some people in South Sudan are demanding the withdrawal of UPDF for peace to come in this country, but the authority are so rigid and want the present of the UPDF in South Sudan for peace to come and to make the security for the regime, but the reality is that South Sudanese need to solve their own problem without the present of others foreign forces.

On Thursday the Uganda Media Centre at the Office of the President of Uganda was released a statement It announces a meeting with the rebel group loyal to Riek Machar, the first such high-level meeting since Ugandan troops intervened in South Sudan’s civil war. Considering the current undesirable security and humanitarian situation in South Sudan, pursuant to the ongoing IGAD mediated peace process in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; aware that the solution of the conflict will not come from the military option but through a political settlement;

The SPLM/A-IO delegation led by its Vice-Chairman Gen Alfred Lado Gore met with a Uganda Government Peace Support Team led by the Senior Presidential Advisor on Security and Defence, Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho Salim Saleh in Kampala from 18th -21st Aug 2014. The talks were opened by Gen J J Odong, State Minister for Defence.

The two delegations discussed the security situation in South Sudan and how it can be resolved through peaceful means. The deliberations took place in cordial environment and agreed to explore all possible ways that can facilitate and quicken the ongoing peace process in Addis Ababa. It was also agreed that the two sides will continue to have regular interactions to fast track the peace process so that South Sudan can return to normalcy.

People still worried about the returning of normalcy in this country and whether the talk between Uganda and the SPLM/A-IO will produce any fruit that can help South Sudanese community, and that will make the SPLM in Juba feel unhappy about the development.

The statement said by the UPDF on the 13 billion shilling payment will make South Sudan government worried and think of what will happen if they fail to pay the requested fund, but in the other hand they are mismanage the country resources putting some fund and without proper planning in the budget, the question I always ask myself where are they getting this money which are not in the budget and are not approve by the country parliament? This is lack of accountability and if there is accountability some people can face corruption charges, because this is serious corruption crime committing by the regime in Juba now.

In conclusion proper way of handling country resources need to be captivated by the South Sudan leadership. But the government should agree on one thing, last time vice president was deny the support and in other hand the president and defense minister admit the billing of UPDF. The leaders of this country need to be very careful about the management of the resources and make the proper planning when dealing with public fund.

The writer is the South Sudan Journalist and can be reached at

Pro-Demokirracy: If your final choice is war, then define your exit route

By Chuol Chot Puoch,


Government trucks destoyed at Jameza, on Bor-Juba road in January(Photo: file)

Government trucks destoyed at Jameza, on Bor-Juba road in January(Photo: file)

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — While the moment (SPLM/A-IO) is growing, developing and getting stronger on daily basis, it is very crucial to write this piece of words as a cordial and patriotic advice to the fellows serving under the dictatorial regime a.k.a demokirratic goverment.

SPLM/A – IO is succeeding beyond anyone’s expectation; many were thinking that it would end up submitting itself to the government of Salva Kirr at the end of the day while others were thinking that it’s merely an evil plan of Dr.Riek Machar to kill South Sudanese, probably because he always like to kill people as they claims. Others were lying that it’s a Nuer rebellion which would be destroyed in 4 days or 30 days. Then, if I can ask; does/will any of the above perceptions be holding the ground of reality? Absolutely NO!

What exactly is happening now within the government of Salva Kirr is that, no body cares about the whole system but their exclusive multiple segregated personal benefits out of the system – their financial continuity and stability. There is no true and realistic flow of information to and fro among their various leadership units. What exactly is happening among themselves (pro-government) should either be call “political seduction for financial gains” or “intentional state destruction and corruption with impunity”. There is no official communication even within the cabinets to the presidency. People like Michael Makuei Lueth the information minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin the foreign affairs minister never gave the correct status of their government to the presidency as they are the people getting how their government is rated nationally and internationally.

The minister of interior, Aleu Ayieny Aleu has been doing illegal business by releasing the police personals for robbery in and outside Juba; they have been looting the properties of innocent civilians in Juba, killing innocent people, and destroying houses of people at night. They have set up hundredth checkpoints only between Nimule-Juba highway. The ministry of defense is divided into three: the ministry of Kuol Manyang Juuk, reporting to the president their nonsense, the ministry of Paul Malong Awan reporting as well to the president and the ministry of Buay Malek and other special persons among the army with their report going directly to the president who is also their C-in-C. All those people among others never reported the reality to their highest office.

It’s worth mentioning that their only objective is to remain where they are so long as they enjoy the state services through corruption with impunity. The illegitimates governors and commissioners of the three states of greater Upper Nile are badly running dirty deals with the resources of their various constituencies. They falsely believe that they are protected under the leadership of Salva kirr and they will remains safe for as long as Kirr is going to be there for them. Is that true? Will Kirr remain with them for long time from now? Absolutely NO! Kirr as a person who has been a president before his madness will be recognize and given a political asylum if at all ICC will forgive him. How about the other DEMOKIRRATES? Have you defined your exit route(s)?

If you were people with political maturity and plans, you would have, at this time, realize that you are going to hell; you have chosen to be war mongers instead of searching for peace and stability of the Country, your end is so dark to be seen clearly but you choose to remain the way you are. You should’ve changed your mind and join the SPLM/A – IO, and any of you will be accepted before it’s too late. If you were to be looking for peace, your darkening future would gradually be getting bright as you may be integrated into the moment. But, should the SPLM/A – IO succeed militarily as you want, many of you will not even be accepted to wash the plates and houses in diasporas, leave alone thinking for political asylum.

Your communities have already disowned all of you and they will not accept your settlement in their villages because you have almost ruined their future and deprived their prides and dignity, for your bad representation of their image. They can even curse you to death if you will try to settle in them.  I am happy that your end is not too far from now, get ready!

Chuol C. Puoch is a South Sudanese living in South Sudan; he can be added/follow on Facebook with his name mentioned above, on twitter @Chuolchot and via email: . You can also access his words on

Why Madman President Kiir resist to the establishment of Federal form of government

By Gatkek Kuajien Chuol,


Salva Kiir wearing traditional attires in Budi county(photo: via SSCCIA)

Salva Kiir wearing traditional attires in Budi county(photo: via SSCCIA)

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) – It has been experience of many countries that have undergone the same turmoil as the one that rocked our young nation Republic of South Sudan that federal form of government could really be an antidote to health the poise that affected them. We can cites many countries as we wished in which the prominent is Federal State of Somalia which its feature is taken from the nearer state of Ethiopia and it turned out now as bless than curse as many critic who oppose to it establishment claimed to be. When the ideas of introducing federal form of government was proposed and revealed to peoples of the republic of South Sudan, it has met a lot of acceptance from almost the majority of the country’s populous with the exception to only the home states of the then president who resisted to its introduction due to fear of losing its omnipotence power that led to the cause of this crisis. It been a passion for the pro government since the December massacre to legitimize their acts by citing the name of the Constitution which is something I seen as the Constitution itself is one cause or among many causes for the current crises. Many people who object for the establishment of federal system argues by raising the ideas in which federal system is bad example to South Sudan because it will drag as a part and loose our coexistent in unity. But I see it in the opposite by the fact that if the status-quo is not changed or something is not done to it, our grip that is holding us together will keep growing apart.

When we have a glimpse on the history book, how the Constitution which is the major law of the land, the voice of the peoples or sovereignty of the people as always been dubbed, this saying could sound legal than moral. If we see how Constitution turned out as the main cause to the country’s destruction, you can take Germany as an example in which its the constitution that led to the killing of millions Jews and others minorities in Germany, the 1955 constitution of the Empire of Ethiopia that led to revolution that led to the down fall of the Emperor Haile Selasie from power who monopolise the country’s power and wealthy to his relatives and others elites in his government, the Egyptian Constitution framed by the Muslim brotherhood under the guidance of the president Muhammad Mursi after the revolt that led to the down fall of the then president Hosni Mubrak and many more. These are all bad example of the Constitutions that only served the interest of only some but not all. St. Aquistine said, an unjust law is no law at all. Which mean everyone have a right to resist to a laws that does not goes in line with the essence or ideas of equality and human dignity by whatever mean. The idea of majority rule cannot be used as a mean to swipe and eradicate the minority because it’s not the majority that led to legitimization of laws and ideas but our consciences which identified what is morally wrong and right. This is the trick that is existing in the realm of many legal system in which it’s essential to use the law to give legitimacy to the state action and erode the power of groups reverse to it.

South Sudan is multi-ethnic Country which deserves to be treated in fair and equal manner through the inclusive federal system of administration. This ideology of Monyjangism propagated by our president should not serve any purpose. There is nowhere in the world where there exist 64 ethnics in the country in which the country’s president can try to swallow all the rest of 63rd of the ethnics and only acknowledge one which is the ethnic he belong. “One nation one people” which is the main theme of Mr. President can do no good to our Country. Its said that multi-ethnic societies can survive only if all respective groups within the polity feel themselves as winners.

One may not cite properly what was the cause of the current crisis. Some may contend that the cause is political which in fact is not. They can try to hide the main cause but no matter what they do, it can still re-emerge. Some may say the cause is national oppression, others contend that the conflict is merely political, not ethnic, as the bone of contention is state power. But all have a bit contribution to it in which the major cause as I see it is the notional oppression. We can denied it no matter how disgusting it is, still the reality can be seen because it is pragmatic not ideals.

No matter what Mr. President and its tribe’s men are doing or planning or whatever logic they are trying to play, they have a big hand in what will result to the failure of this nation.

In a nutshell, however, it could be stated that the state failure could be analyzed in terms of failing to build a multicultural state (which touches all spheres of the state, political power, resources, identity and language issues) from all the diversities that the modern state has brought together and the relevance of federalism as an idea for forging unity out of diversity springs from this.

Murle And Anyuak Are Neutral In This Tribal Conflict!

By Kadado Etcho,


Murle Girls -The Murle are a relatively new ethnic group in Sudan, having immigrated into the region from Ethiopia. The language they speak is from the Surmic language family - languages spoken primarily in southwest Ethiopia.(Photo: Triming Down Memory Lane)

Murle Girls -The Murle are a relatively new ethnic group in Sudan, having immigrated into the region from Ethiopia. The language they speak is from the Surmic language family – languages spoken primarily in southwest Ethiopia.(Photo: Triming Down Memory Lane)

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I have so far identified the area of insufficiency among the all S.Sudanese top politicians in the country. 95% of our politicians were illiterates and they happened to be the once serving the nation. If you could look at commencements made by some leaders both in the government and SPLM in opposition, one could think and internalize on bad feelings observation where some of them obtain negative attitudes to reproach the communities problems.

People kept on talking about Murle and Anyuak youths mobilizations to ante- Riek Machar people which is not exist in the minds of GPAA communities. I could see that’s there must be a section of combine leaders from the two dominant power communities comprises of Dinka and Lou Nuer who are not happy to see Murle and Anyuak ethnic groups were observing peace and develop good relationship with the government in their regions. While they were busy in battle ,hurting each other in their tribal war, could have also been rocked GPAA regions as well. To instigate and paralyze Yau Yau demand and held him accountable to continued engage in fighting the government in assisting the Riek Machar rebellion,to enable him get into the power through. Because Yau Yau have got very strong military units. Which Riek Machar could have build robust and strategic relationship with Gen. David Yau Yau in order to absorb Yau Yau forces into his and help join him to expel the government forces during his crucial failed attempted coup we know.

What’s I want to say is that Dinka and Nuer are like. Therefore,the Murle and Anyuak were acted as neutral in this matter,since their tribal war began. If anybody think that the two communities can be used like hand chart by the government to go and fight either Dinka nor Nuer, you’re mind is sick you should be advice to seek for medical attention. Immediately before it’s become critical to you in a departure way. We have known very well that’s there are a blood beneficiaries illiterate politicians, and political vultures who often fueling inter- communal conflicts against a certain Tribe whom they think is overwhelming his/her community could have also be affected to equalize huge lose from the both perished and the victims of war in the previous atrocity committed by their renegade principal’s know as Dr.Riek Machar. We are carefully aware of you planning to spread incitement towards us in the Eastern South Sudan. For this reasons,we are vigilant for any enemy who antagonistically worth to smash or mistreat us along our territorial masses basement. We shall then take an action to pollute on this particular bandits like a dragon thunder destroying on the vegetation during the torrential rain. So that’s these wrong elements of people who were addicted in churning fragile human life in South Sudan, could now know who the witchcraft of war or an Israel army’s among the sixty four Tribes of South Sudan is, in a roar way.

I often have to be ambassador for both country and my community. My philosophy is simplicity and fairness in expressing the fact and trues of the matter. Therefore, I request all S.Sudanese to say something constructive that’s could apparently make potential change for our communities not to lead them into tribal hatred and hostilities. All of us can be good and can be bad at one point,so let’s us discourage communities rivalry not to be blindly go that way of others posted.

The author can be reached at

Response to the so called South Sudan friends in Diaspora


By Gatluke Chuol Reat

Mr. Gatluke Chuol Reat, President of Nuer Community in North America...

Mr. Gatluke Chuol Reat, President of Nuer Community in North America…

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) Without wasting time to explain what is the so called “FRIENDS AND DIASPORA OF SOUTH SUDAN’s intentions are, in their Press Release dated on August 18, 2014, history had already has answer their political motivated behind their Press Release. Having understanding what was the so called Friend of South Sudan’s intentions are, one can just go on and ask the following questions: Such as, what is it that make the entire world to united against the small tribe (the Nuer) in the heartland of South Sudan? What circumstances triggered the minds of both Chinese government, the Russia and the government of the United States of America who are known to disagree to any political arena to unite against the small tribe (the Nuer) of South Sudan in such a manner?
Whereas the United State of America is carrying its warmongering against the Nuer people through both diplomacies and military indirectly since the beginning of this senseless unity by the world’s superpower by using force. By doing so, U.S is using the IGAD, the African Union and the so call friends of South Sudan and the Uganda military with the chemical weapon purring against the Nuer people daily. While the Chinese are fueling the war with moderns machinery some of whom did not even reach the international markets yet. Therefore, one could not waste time to burn his brain about such a Release Statement as it sound from the “Friends of South Sudan”. Who are the agents of the U. S. A
However, to make the matter worse, the British thugs in the Press Release seems to secretly revenge their badly defeated of 1800s to 1900s by the famous Nuer army resistance against British Empire of 18th to 19th centuries. History tells us that “in 1901 The Nuer and Azande wage armed resistance against colonial rule, killing British officers and soldiers and the Governor of Bahr el Ghazal” these thugs signing the Press Release from British are nothing but revenges against the Nuer people
Brothers and sisters of the world, what is it that the history tells us about these kinds of unities by the Religious, Rulers and the Governments?
Well, history tells us that the religious leaders in Jerusalem were uneasy about the commotion that had been aroused among the people by the arrival of this teacher from Galilee for the Paschal feast. The Roman rulers were also uneasy, since at that time there were constant stirrings of rebellion against the Roman occupation, headed by local leaders who appealed to the Jewish sense of identity. The news that had reached them about this new teacher who spoke of preparing for the “kingdom of God” was disturbing, according observers in the history of Philosophy of Religion.
The book of Mark tells us that both Religious and Authorities at the time were asking Jesus that “By what authority are you doing these things?” (Mark 11:27-28). With this and similar questions the gospels relentlessly portray Jesus’ opponents—the chief priests, scribes, elders, Pharisees, and Sadducees—as bad guys who resisted Jesus at almost every turn and conspired to have him killed.
What is it also did the history tells us about this kinds of the unity by the governments?
In reference to the killing of one of the best minded Philosopher or teacher as they call him, Socrates, The decision of sentencing Socrates to death was made by the majority votes of those 501 jurors.
In 399 BC Meletus, a poet brought a formal accusation against Socrates. He stated that Socrates was “guilty of not paying respect to the gods whom the state respects, of introducing new divinities, and of corrupting the young.”
 “Socrates is guilty of crime in refusing to recognise the gods acknowledged by the state, and importing strange divinities of his own; he is further guilty of corrupting the young.” And “Socrates causes [d] his associates to despise the established laws when he dwelt on the folly of appointing state officers by ballot? A principle which, he said, no one would care to apply in selecting a pilot or a flute- player or in any similar case, where a mistake would be far less disastrous than in matters political. Words like these, according to the accuser, tended to incite the young to contemn the established constitution, rendering them violent and headstrong. “Punishment…or reward for Socrates! The prosecution proposed the death penalty
What else also did the history tells us about this kinds of the unity by the governments?
Again, in 1910-45, history tells us that the war against Jews according Adolf Hitler, many believe that his argument stand as follow: Argument 1: “You say that religion is a private matter. But you fight against the Jewish religion!” Adolf Hitler’s counterargument: is “Actually, the Jewish religion is nothing other than a doctrine to preserve the Jewish race.” (Adolf Hitler). “In resisting all government attempts to nationalize them, the Jews build a state within the state (Count Helmuth von Moltke). “To call this state a ‘religion’ was one of the cleverest tricks ever invented.” (Adolf Hitler). “From this first lie that Jewry is a religion, not a race, further lies inevitably follow.” (Adolf Hitler).
Adolf Hitler continues his argument by saying “But even if a few hundred Jewish families in Germany really did have to go hungry, what is that against the many millions of German families that the Jew murdered over the course of centuries through wars, revolutions, and civil strife, not to mention those ruined through usury and fraud. “In the battle between the races, there is no truce. If you are determined finally to defend yourself, German people, then be pitiless!” (Adolf Hitler).
To the So called Friends of South Sudan or agents of U.S government and its allies!
Instead of wasting your time begging for recognitions from the U.K and the U.S government, profiting on behave of the people of South Sudan and most importantly fueling the war, we careless for what you are saying at the world stage. Provide it is 21st century, it is too late for you to fooled some international audiences to hide what was your intentions are. Our eyes are too far opens, our people are at any country in the whole world, our tribesmen and women are born with what Israelite have born with and that is chosen people and people of God.
Therefore, s you claimed to be the Friends of South Sudan, what you should be doing is to advocate for peace and not to inciting violence. Your writing here proven otherwise that you have a infidelities that has nothing to do with the current war.
Signed by
Gatluke Chuol Reat
President of Nuer Community of North America

Youth unemployment needs concerted efforts in South Sudan.

By Ter Manyang Gatwech.


A group of unemployed youth during a recent meeting in Juba. [Photo: Via Gurtong]

A group of unemployed youth during a recent meeting in Juba. [Photo: Via Gurtong]

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The potential of South Sudan’s youthful population can be productively harnessed through good education (creative skill development), vocational training and job creation orientation thus making Uganda’s youth become great resources for boosting the country’s economy.  In other words, the youths are problem—solvers as opposed to problems to-be-solved!
August 22th, 2014 ( Nyamilepedia) Let me defined the unemployment o (r joblessness) occurs when people are without work and actively seeking work.

The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployment and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force. During periods of recession, an economy usually experiences a relatively high unemployment rate. According to International Labour Organization report, more than 197 million people globally are out of work or 6% of the world’s workforce was without a job in 2012.
There are points that we need to note as we determine the understanding and consequently address youth problems pertaining to unemployment in South Sudan. A cross-section of the youth faces unemployment problems in various sectors. Some of the worth noting points and key questions include:

There is a huge challenge with youth participation especially in youth volunteerism; where it’s either not valued by many institutions or the volunteers are not facilitated to do the work.How do we make the topic of agriculture interesting for the generation that will require producing food in the next decade? Encourage more experiential learning on agriculture (backbone of the economy) and food production making learning more exciting and practical?

What’s the role of parents in helping their children and youth develop interest in self-employment?
At what point do we need an attitude change? Is it from lower level school or at college level? Who needs to change the attitude? The parents or the youth? (it has been observed that what makes the youth develop a negative attitude is mainly due to a parental influence when they were young and thus changing this requires efforts at all levels of their development ).

Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) faces challenges thus most famers are illiterate; through Agricultural Schools they are trained in sustainable agriculture. The skills acquired could help to improve on the output from the farms. This can also be replicated for the benefit of other farmers.  The question remains: are they well packaged to attract youth?  Documentation of lessons learnt from entrepreneurs who are already engaging in agriculture and rural development will be one to motive other youth across Africa to get involved. Who is going to grow all the food that the country needs if we are still pushing the children and youth out of the farm? Know that our ‘illiterate’ parents are getting older? Is there money in faming? Are youth patient enough to wait for this money?

It is against this background that we need to shore up the youth. The idea is to enable youth in South Sudan and elsewhere turn their synergies and idea into business opportunities by increasing income earning capacity and creating decent work for themselves and others.

We have seen immeasurable examples of people taking control of their destiny, and making change from the bottom up. So can our youth!  Unemployment has become a worldwide phenomenon for both educated and uneducated  there are long term solutions to youth unemployment, for one, the importance of the relationship between the business community and government working together to address the problem of unemployment among the youth critical. The government has the scale to reach the young and unemployed, and the government can make the long-term commitment needed to educate children.

On the other hand, the business community knows which skills it needs and what takes it to make someone employed. Business community ought to work with government to adapt the school curriculum, so that young people leave school ready for work. Training programs must be tailored to demand. The result: an increase in the percentage of graduates who found jobs.

We also need to build in incentives for business to address the social-capital deficit in poor communities. We must find ways to get Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) like public administrators and on the school boards of underperforming schools, young professionals into the churches. We also need to get the youth with talents but some have no money to put into internships currently reserved for the elite. We need to make it easier and cheaper to apply for work by providing incentives for business to reach out to applicants. When the business community and government work together to leverage their comparative advantages then can we bring to address the problem of youth unemployment.  Business needs to get its head in the game. Businesspeople, must remember that youth unemployment is not just a problem for government; it is a problem for everyone in the country. It is also not a problem that one group can solve alone. The solutions are not simple, but we
have common interest, and together we can make a start.

More so, the challenge of youth employment in Africa, therefore, is not just to create more wage and salary jobs. Important as this may be, but to increase the productively, and hence earning, of the majority of young people who will be employed in the informal sector and household enterprise. Productively can be increased by better infrastructure and business climate that lower the costs of production and thus increase the demand for labor; and measures that improve the skills of workers. This will result in higher income but lower demand for labor in agriculture. There appears to be greater scope for supply-side measures. People with primary education or less are disproportionately concentrated in the informal sector. By increasing the skills of who’s who leave school, we can increase the skills of those who leave school, we can increase their productively in farm and nonfarm household enterprise.

With higher skills, new entrants can increase their earnings by moving out of the farm and eventually the household- enterprise sector. Such an investment will not be lost if the worker moves out of the informal sector:  they can take their human capital with themselves.  We cannot only look at the growing concerns of today. Government must ensure that students are being taught in schools and also that teachers have the right atmosphere. Thus, increasing informal workers’ productively by strengthening their skills requires reforms in basic education and making teachers more accountable to students, and politicians accountable for delivery on education outcomes.

Conclusively, if you are able to make a product, sell the product for about 10-20% more than price of production. Money ads up so don’t focus so hard on big-ticket projects that you miss out on all the little ways of making money. For example, even if you only make 10  a day, that’s  70  a week a month,   2100  and a year 25200 South Sudanese Pound (SSP). Try to dress sensibly. This will help youth look responsible and dedicated.

May Almighty bless South Sudan?
The Author is a finalist students and pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in Public Administration and Management. Live in Kampala, Uganda and he reach through email address: +256774755763+ 256755555394. A chairman of Gawaar Community in Uganda.

South Sudan: Force Recruitment Of Children To Fight Rebellion Spark Unity State

South Sudan government recruit children to fight rebellion(Photo/

South Sudan government recruit children to fight rebellion(Photo/

August 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from Unity state’s capital, Bentiu, allege that South Sudan government is currently recruiting under age teens to fight rebellion in the state.

According to Gideon Thor, who narrowly escaped to UNMISS compound in Bentiu, hundred of children are currently detained by the government troops in the capital, Bentiu.

“Three soldiers saw us coming out from the UNMISS and told us to stop. We wanted to go home but they follow us. We ran back to UN compound crying, they did not shoot us. We are very scared”.Thor told Nyamilepedia’s correspondent in the camp.

Thor said that three of his friends of age 13, who left the camp a day earlier did not return and concludes that they are among the children gathered by the government soldiers to fight rebels.

“They are very very many of them. I don’t know how many. but many of them. My friends Gatdor, Gattuak and Tharjiath disappeared one day a go. Maybe the government soldier caught them” Thor said.

Nyamilepedia’s correspondent in Bentiu confirms that the recruited teens are denied food by the soldiers until they “clear the rebels”, whom they accuse of raiding food and cattle in the state.

“The children we have seen here are not given food because the soldiers want them to get their food from the rebels. They tell them the rebels took all their food and cattle. They are told to fight to defend themselves or the rebels will kill them and their parents” Joseph Nuor corresponds from Bentiu.

Sources from South Sudan capital confirms that the force recruitment campaign started in Juba and now over 200 youths from Nuer tribe are held up in various parts of the capital.

“As from yesterday night, 20th August 2014, until this afternoon, security agents in Juba had round up over 215 youth particularly Nuer speaking group mostly youth who were lured out of UNIMISS couples of months ago.” Said Steve, who spoke to one of the victims from Juba.

“They are now holed up in various security premises in the capital waiting to be flown to Bentiu and Malakal respectively. One of the boys (victim) who managed to sneak out from the hands of those operators narrated this unacceptable scenario to the author” Steve continued.

Reliable sources have confirmed that the mobilization is spearheaded by the appointed Unity State caretaker Governor, Joseph Nguen Monytwel.

Governor Nguen, who spends most of his time in Juba due to insecurity in Bentiu, has ordered the SSLA militias to recruit anyone who can carry a gun to push the rebels away from the oil fields in the state.

According to Human Rights Watch report, the government used children during the mid August heavy fighting in Bentiu and Rubkhona.

“The government used child soldiers in renewed fighting in mid-August 2014 in Bentiu, the capital of Unity State, and in the neighboring town of Rubkona”, Human Rights Watch found.

“Ten people who fled the fighting told Human Rights Watch in Bentiu that they saw dozens of children in military uniform, armed with assault rifles, deployed with government soldiers and firing on opposition positions.”Human Rights Watch reports

On August 12, Human Rights Watch saw 15 soldiers who appeared to be children around the government’s Rubkona military base and airstrip.

“South Sudan’s army has returned to a terrible practice, once again throwing children into the battlefields,” said Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Civilian and military leaders should immediately remove all children from their ranks and return them to their families.” Human Right Watch.

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Civil Society Response to the Withdrawal of the some of its members to IGAD-Led Peace Process for South Sudan

Press Release

Government Delegation abandoned peace mediation ...

Government Delegation abandoned peace mediation …

August 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — After South Sudan government delegation boycotted the peace talk in Addis Ababa on the second day, members of Civil Society held a press conference to state their withdrawal from the plenary session.

However, the delegates of Civil Society who attended the session want to clarify to IGAD mediators and South Sudanese that they [delegates] do not recognize the press  statement released by their colleagues on 20th August, 2014.

” Although we do recognize the democratic right of each individual member of the civil Society to express his/her views, they would like to state categorically here that the press statement dated 20th August , 2014, does not reflect the views of the entire Civil Society attending the ongoing IGAD-Led Peace talk” the delegates said.

The delegates believes that the members of civil society that boycotted the peace talk are affiliated with SPLM, Juba faction.

“The press release is a statement belonging to the Alliance Group affiliated to the government in Juba” the report reads.

The delegates affirm that they have no intention to boycott the peace talk and therefore they will continue to participate in the plenary Session.

They further reiterates that the reasons that were presented by their colleagues are “vague and ambiguous” and should not have necessitated members of civil society to withdrawal from the session.

“The reasons given by our colleagues are vague and ambiguous and we do not feel it could amount to stakeholder’s withdrawal from the plenary season.” the report reads.

The delegates reiterates their commitment to the roundtable mediation, however, they believe that limiting the direct talks to the warring parties will expedite the peace process.

“Therefore, we the other civil society delegates to the IGAD Peace Talks are committed to the multi-stakeholders roundtable format while at the same time recognizing the bilateral talks between the two warring parties to speed up the peace process.”

The delegates urge their colleagues to commit to peace mediation in order to restore peace in the country.

“We urge all the stakeholders to commit themselves to the IGAD Peace Talks and work tirelessly to reach a just, sustainable, lasting and permanent peace for all our people of South Sudan.”

Government Boycotts Peace Talks:

South Sudan government delegation boycotts the multi-stakeholders peace talks while demanding that the talk must address the following preconditions:

  • Transitional Security
  • Economic, Finance and Resource Management and
  • Transitional Governance Arrangements

SPLM-Juba calls on the regional mediators to focus on secession of hostilities matrix to stop the SPLA [in opposition] from attacking their forces before moving on to discuss Transitional Government of National UNity.

IGAD, however, urges the  warring parties to start negotiating the transitional government in spite of ceasefire violations that continue in many parts of Greater Upper Nile.

The opposition blames the government for escalating the war in the country while boycotting the peace talks in Addis Ababa.

“Government’s boycott of peace talks has led to escalation of the war on the ground as manifested by small arms fire which erupted in Juba on the night of 18th by soldiers deserting for Greater Bahr El Ghazal region and todays clashes among government soldiers deployed at Tore Military Barracks north of Yei town in Central Equatoria State.” Brig. Lul Ruai Koang said.

The SPLM/SPLA further accused the government of lacking political will to resolve the conflict through peaceful means.

“Kiir’s delegation failure to show up reaffirms SPLM/SPLA‘s long held views that the government is unfaithful and lacks political will.” Lul said.


Press release NO: 03

Date: August 20, 2014

Place: A. R. Egypt


 August 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In every struggle, there are a certain aspects that will always pave a way toward success or victory. South Sudan has been drag back to war due to poor leadership and chronic greed from public cadre who are members of SPLM in Juba. The regime is interested very much in wasting and looting the resources of the country as if they were foreigners in this very country south Sudan.

As the war escalates, many soldiers defected; many politicians ran away and leave behind their assignment, civilians got killed and millions were displaced forcing the rest to be refugees in their own land. These were the results of a weak leadership in the young nation south Sudan.

In another hand, some other South Sudanese generals and politicians decided to fold their eyes and block their heart for the sake and worship of money, while others recalled a personal issue with Dr. Machar as an excuse to silent their conscious.

The NYSA in Egypt would firmly likes to inform all the generals and the politicians that the incident of December 15 is not Dr. Machar problem in fact its affect every single South Sudanese family particularly the Nuer’s. We would also like to remain you of a very famous quote which said “If you find your brother fighting enemies don’t hesitate to join the fighting in defense of him and later you can ask of the root cause of the problem”.

We remember one day Cde. Mabior Garang de Mabior once said; “When it comes to national call, I ain’t got biff for no one”.
For those who are still supporting the cripple regime of Kiir Mayardit just because of their personal issues with Dr. Machar or anyone else in the People Resistance Movement, we send you this effective message to meditate and go through your conscious before we decides to expose your ego and the issue you think could prevent you from answering a national call.

Defected generals & politicians must announce their defection

Today Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa becomes a room for checking in for politicians who doesn’t want to announce their defection and direct contribution to the frontline. We are giving pressure to these individual in Addis Ababa wasting time lobbying for positions instead to announce their defection to SPLM in opposition this is a strategic point for them to shake President Salva Kiir’s Regime, the more defection the more credit to the SPLM in opposition.

The December 15 is not a Nuer’s problem but South Sudanese’s

It’s always in the mind of a dictator to murder everybody that want to correct him, our country become a burial yards full of human corps skeletons everywhere, our houses destroyed and properties looted. What does this entail to every citizen? How does the citizens of south Sudan view and analyze it? That this is Nuer problem and let them deal with it to the very last day? My friends if you think this problem of killing the Nuer is ours alone you are wrong.

This conflict that has quickly sent more souls into perishing for less than a year will be a contagious kind of conflict that will accompany every one of us. We term it a “war for supremacy” after cleansing the Nuer, the next group will be Equatorians and rest will follow to the very last and a minor tribe Lulubo.

We want all tribes in south Sudan to shine their eyes and choose the correct choice without being force to because south Sudan will not enjoy peace without the Nuer inside it.

We the Nuer youths and student association in Arab Republic of Egypt ought every citizen who know that this current crisis in our young nation was destined by President Salva Kiir and his entourages in Juba to get rid of his only contender Dr. Riek Machar and his associate last year by deceiving the world that they plotted a coup which was abjured immediately by Dr. Machar.

We ought each of you to carry out a mobilization process wherever you are. We want to carryout mobilization to every south Sudanese who was misinformed by Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cabinets. Let’s preach to them the genesis of this conflict in case they forget it. Let’s make them understand that this problem is not and will not be for Nuer alone. We need all faces to uproot the dictator out of Kush/the land of the black people according to Isaiah chapter 18.

As Pastor Martin Niemoller quotes said; “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.” We want to be wise to act and denounce this fail government before they get rid of us.

The NYSAE Divided the process of mobilization in three Main Categories.

Movement mobilization: We demanded the chairman of the resistance movement and his comrades in the struggle to form a mobilization team that will be headed by the chairman of mobilization committee to carryout diplomatic tours and missions to African countries and to America, Europeans countries and Asian countries. This section will deal with making relations with different countries and convinced the world that the aims of the movement are of good and not for bad. They will continue to lecture how the conflict come about and what they intend to do in case they get a chance to lead the country. This group will put first the country’s interest, the people’s interest apart from their own interest as its being done in Juba.

The Diasporas Supporters of the SPLM-IO would be highly motivated by the movement mobilization team visit which can lead to creation of more activities that can influence more people to join the struggle.

However, diasporas Nuer & South Sudanese communities should meet all the South Sudanese politicians who are still hanging with Kiir’s regime to encourage them to join the struggle & educate them on how serious could be the future consequences for those who work to satisfy themselves. It should be an obligation for all the South Sudanese to mobilize & tell people about the genesis of South Sudan upraising.

Community mobilization: This is one of the strategic point to win the heart of the citizens who were taught to hate each other just because someone want to maintain and secure his seat for years without providing the citizens with their essential needs and giving them maximum security in the country. South Sudanese are wise enough to see clearly by themselves what had took place and what is continuing taking place in the country. President Kiir failed us and He terribly failed our young nation. So for us to end this ego to finish us one after the other, we will unite ourselves and mobilize our communities to force him goes to the exit route by either joining the rebel forces in the frontlines or called for international community to deal with him by conducting demonstrations.

Individual mobilization: Here we mean that everybody who is born a south Sudanese has the right to preach to those traitors and money addict who obstruct and block all routes for federalism and democracy installation in our country. It’s our liability to force them to understand that money isn’t everything in life. We can preach to them socially, in schools, media outlets, gathering and many others places.

“We are living in an age where the last thing we need is a division. South Sudan belongs to unify Lado-Kadi, Gatkuoth-Nyakuoth, Obach-Mejouk and Mabior-Achol. I have a deep conviction that if the Nuer & Dinka could live in harmony without political fear mongering and destructions, South Sudan would be a peaceful country.” By Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Hopefully one fine day in the tile of the night peace will prevail.

Long live Republic of South Sudan

Long live Citizens & nationals of South Sudan.



Phone number: +20 11-1004-6012 / +20 11-4887-9177 / +20 11-1198-3942 / +20 11-1513-3229

Zechariah Gatnog Machar



Michael Gatguat Tap

Secretary General



South Sudan will be better off without President Kiir’s Relatives.

By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,


Photo credits:

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August 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — When one flies back into south Sudan, it is like going back in time It is depressing and difficult not to be angered on how President Salva Kiir Mayardit has over the years destroyed opportunity and development of our beautiful country The sad part is that most poor south Sudanese have gotten used to this poverty and those who continue to support a Salva Kiir dynasty clearly demonstrate that they cannot even imagine a better south Sudan that some of us want.

I am amazed, intrigued and certainly disappointed that we are letting Salva Kiir treat south Sudan like his backyard. Now we have the very likely possibility that south Sudan will belong to Salva Kiir while we stand aside and look.The exuberant support of the pending appointment of General chief of staff certainly demonstrates that constitutions and competence do not matter anymore and poses a huge risk to democracy in south Sudan.

Having said that, I guess members of SPLM -Juba faction, like any other political party, have the choice who becomes their leader. I am still to understand their thinking and motives, but poor masses hardly make informed decisions. However, we who are outside SPLM -Juba faction can only anticipate the impending self-manufactured leadership disaster which, unfortunately, will have a negative impact on our country.

Our only responsibility can therefore be to ensure that SPLM -Juba ceases to be a majority political party in south Sudan; in fact it would be preferable with them completely out of the political picture because this organization has destroyed livelihoods and continues to pursue policies that are arresting our potential as a country.

In order to achieve that, we must only have fresh new round of fight after fight then reforms which will paved our way forward to the peaceful election. These reforms must take away sole control of the voters’ roll from Reconstitute the south Sudan Electoral Commission (SSEC) and, as far as I am concerned, (SSEC) chairperson Justice Chan Reech Madut should go. We also cannot have a partisan police force which means that Police Inspector Lt. Pieng Deng Majiok must go.

We must also see a totally free media. These are the tools of oppression that SPLM-Juba Faction continues to use and as long as they control them, we are wasting our time and building unachievable expectations for those south Sudanese who want change.
No dictatorship has ever been negotiated out of power. What is critical is for a broad base of democratic forces to emerge and force for political change.

I expect that a convention of democratic movements and civic bodies will happen soon. We must ensure that such a body achieves its objectives and that it is led by credible people with no vested interest in achieving personal political ambitions. That will remain our challenge.

I continue to point out to many south Sudanese that unless we each take the responsibility to change our country, nobody else will. What we will get instead is the entrenchment of the Kiir’s relatives that is utterly disheartening because they have nothing good to offer to this country.

As the economy collapses, we have seen that Salva Kiir does not really care nor does he have the capability to turn around our economy. We must also realise that ex-Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny does not have a concrete plan to destroyed this nation instead to entrench himself as the president of the south Sudan as soon as possible so that we may experiences changes.

The renewal team is certainly promising, but again, in my opinion, they cannot have the sole responsibility for the task ahead. Opposition parties have no resources to speak of and most do not have a vibrant membership base and can only fight through Press conferences. Those in the Diaspora are ready and willing to make things happen, but are waiting. We cannot fight a dictatorship through Press conferences, what we need is decisive action on the ground.

We can only build a sustainable inclusive democracy in south Sudan through a fundamental change in our political institutions; this will then lead to the emergence of an inclusive economy in the future. Unfortunately those who created these exclusive political institutions are not about to go away.

Personally I do not accept that Salva Kiir represents my future anymore, I also do not accept that First Lady Ayen Mayardit represents the future and can lead progressive women in so. In fact the south Sudan I do not accept that SPLM –Juba in its totality and anyone associated with it for that matter can create the south Sudan we all want.

I know many of you out there agree with this, but without unity, action, purpose and courage to save our country, we will not prevail. There is really nothing stopping us except our imagined fear and the pursuit of selfish ambition by most of our political party’s leaders.

South Sudan can prosper, but only without President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his relatives at the top.

The Author is a Student of political science living in Cairo-Egypt; you can easily reach Him through his email address: or +201115133229.