BY Peter Kleto,

Dr. Riek Machar's SPLM-IO delegation, posting for a picture during consultation with Kenyan president in Nairobi Kenya(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Dr. Riek Machar’s SPLM-IO delegation, posting for a picture during consultation with Kenyan president in Nairobi Kenya(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

October 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — As noted in the meeting by the Chairman of SPLM in opposition, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, during his consultation with the Kenyan president, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, on October 18, 2014, the peace talks have made significant progress.

Though slow, the Leader of SPLM in opposition, Dr. Machar narrates that the unresolved issues which are considered to be contentious in the talks are the system of governance, federalism and leadership structure.

It is worth mentioning that the SPLM in Opposition leader, Dr. Riek Machar, has made it clear to IGAD that he is fine with not taking part in the upcoming transitional government and waits to take part in the election once the interim period subsides. In this respect, if Salva Kiir leads the transitional government during the interim period, Dr. Machar warns he should not participate in the upcoming election or else if he wish to do so, he must step down and gives someone else a chance to reconcile the populations and prepares the country for the election.

The first proposal was for the rebel side to choose their candidate for the post of Prime Minister’s, however, the opposition argue that the Prime Minister should be the head of Government and Security like in any other federal states in the world. The government delegation objects the proposal and instead demands that Salva Kiir should head the government and security.

Despite that the federal system of governance has been agreed upon on paper by the parties, the content and when it should be implemented remains controversial. In addition, leadership structure is another sticking point, however, some suggest the composition should be based on the percentage of popularity of each party in the country.

It is also recommended by the IGAD and agreed by the stakeholders that the civil society organizations should appoint their representatives to take part in the interim government, which would last for 30 months.

The interim government will prepare a transitional constitution based on federal system of governance, review the existing bills and change them to reflect the documents agreed by the parties in Addis ababa and Bahir Dar; and finally prepare the country for the election.

For genuine peace to be achieved, the followings remain to be decided:

  1. The government should decide whether president Salva Kiir will participate in the government of National Unity and not participate in the election at the end of the interim period, or;
  2. The two leaders must agree to step aside for peace to return and wait for the elections.

After Machar made his decision, the ball remains on the government’s court. Participation of both leaders in the interim government prove difficult as the two leaders want the executive powers to lead the government and security.

Hoping that the invitation by the Tanzanians’ ruling party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi, the SPLM leaders may possibly find solutions to reunify the party. The latest testimonies from the first group are promising and hopes remain high that sharing of party experiences will motivate and encourage Salva Kiir to compromise in order to end this conflict.

Dr. Machar has arrived in Arusha to attend the session that begins Monday and Salva Kiir is expected to join the talks.

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UNMISS Malakal State Coordinator and Security Officer involved In the “Kidnapping” of UN WFP Worker!

By Lual Magok,


Mark Diang, who works for World Food Programme, kidnapped by militants in Malakal(Photo: Mark's)

Mark Diang, who works for World Food Programme, kidnapped by militants in Malakal(Photo: Mark’s)

Oct 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I am taking this opportunity to bring to the UN Nation Representative of Secretary General, International Community and all concern bodies that , UNMISS Malakal State Coordinator and UNMISS Security Officer were fully involved in the plot which led into kidnapping of the WFP humanitarian aid worker, Mr. Mark Diang, on the 18/10/2014. The writer of this column has managed to access the secret leaked document, which led into the kidnapping of the aid worker in front of the UNMISS Protection forces at Malakal Airport on 16/10/2014.

The UNMISS State coordinator and Security officer in Malakal were part of group who accused Mr. Mark Diang of supporting the rebel movement led by Dr, Riek Machar, ago two months and according to the leaked document, UNMISS recommended termination of his contract with World Food Programme. Mark was recall while on official humanitarian mission to Akoba County, a rebel held territory, however, there was no evidence to prove the termination of his contract. The management of WFP failed to end his contract and instead asked him(Mark) to resume his job in line with United Nation policy.

There are reports that Mark was not in good terms with the State Coordinator after he discovered that the coordinator had fabricated false allegations against him and exposed him to the government security forces in Malakal and Juba . The accusations yielded no immediate results from the government agencies and the state government officials due to good working relationship with the exposed victim.

The State coordinator resorted to mobilizing the Shilluk – UNMISS workers to threaten Mr. Mark so that he could abandon his duty station. The coordinator allowed some UNMISS employees to enter the compound with two guns and some fangas to threaten or eliminate Mark. When the plot was discover, she advised Mark to move out of Malakal because his life will be at risk from Shilluk UNMISS aid workers. The state coordinator did not take any administrative measures against the staff who were found with harmful material in the UNMISS compound because she was behind the plot.

When Mark saw the threats he accepted the offer to relocate to Juba, temporarily,  until the situation improves. When Mark returned to Malakal, the State coordinator and security officers started again to mobilize Shilluk staff against Mark. But due to resistance from Mark, the Shilluk UNMISS staffs who were used by the State Coordinator to threaten Mark conspired with the Shilluck militia under Gen. Johnson Olony. Olony militias established links and worked closely with the UNMISS staff to leak them information from within UNMISS about the movements of Mark. The conspiracy was to eliminate him through the Shilluk militias with Gen. Johnson Olony the State Coordinator and one of Security Officer in UNMISS in the loop.

When the State Coordinator and Security Officer completed the plot with UNMISS staff in collaboration with Johnson Olony militias to eliminate Mark or force him to abandon his job, the Militias recruited some focal persons within UNMISS staff with knowledge of State Coordinator and one International Security Officer to track the movement of Mark and inform the militia .

The first incident was when Mark was planning for field Mission to Manyo County and when Mark went to the Airport the informers within UNMISS called the Johnson Olony militias and informed them that Mark went to the Airport and the militias quickly came to the airport, looking for Mark,but because they don’t know Mark, it took them time until Mark return to UNMISS compound and later on was informed by some friends within Shilluk that the militia were looking for him at the airport. So they advised him to better stay in doors.

When the militia were informed again by the UNMISS staff, they rushed to the airport, looking for Mark. Because they were in doubt, they arrested three UN officials at the airport and took them to their barrack for interrogation. In the process, a Nuer man by the name Thakchar Teny was summarily executed and the two guys from Shilluk and Dinka were release the following day.

When the UNMISS state Coordinator and Security officer discovered that, Mark survive the plot. They wrote letter indicating that Mark is member of rebel movement of Dr, Riek Machar and later on stated that if he will not be lucky to survive next time in the hand of militias who are hunting for him .

The two senior management team also mad fabrication that the family of the UN IC killed by militia in search of Mark is planning to undertake revenge killing which were completely lies and just to coordinate the total elimination of Mark at all cost.

The State Coordinator and Security Officer stated that, staffs with in UNMISS are planning to kill mark in UNMISS compound and the management could not do anything to deter that threat in line with UNMISS mandate.

The State Coordinator and Security Officer clearly stated that , Mark was lucky because he was not identified by the militia in the airport but he will not survive the next time and they claimed that unless Mark is killed by militia the security of UNMISS staff will not be ok.

The State coordinator and Security officer on the 16/10/2014 coordinate the kidnapping of Mark with UNMISS National staff who are recruited by militia forces as focal person within UNMISS compound. When Mark was heading to airport , the UNMISS focal person alert the militia forces to be ready for Mark on his way to Juba and the militia men came immediately to the airport and took Mark before Rwandese army and UNMISS Force could not do anything to protect Mark in line with UNMISS mandate because it was organized crime which involve senior UNMISS Official.

The UNMISS was not ready to undertake quick rescue mission till Mark was taken to Lello at the west bank by the militia. The UNMISS staff from Nuer tribe in Malakal are today become vulnerable to elimination by the government forces because UNMISS is unable to provide minimal protection as required.

The Johnson Olony Militia forces on 18/10/2014 around 9 :00 pm surrounded the UNMISS protection facilities and distributed white weapons such Fangas , Axes , Spears and pistols to the Shilluk IDPS in order to attack the Nuer IDPs at night and the militia should reinforce them to make genocide like the Bor killing and the UNMISS State Coordinator and Security Officer did not take strong measures to deter that threat against civilian population in the UNMISS.

The National staff from Nuer who feel insecure due increase of security threat by their fellow UNMISS staff who are recruited by Militia forces as informer requested for temporary transfer to Juba because the militia become very hostile and UNMISS is unable to protect them but State Coordinator rejected the staff request and instead threaten them for contract terminations or risk elimination like Mark.

Based on the above mentioned facts on the current situation in Malakal UNMISS office, it become clearer that UNMISS State coordinator and Security Officer has took side with militia forces of Johnson Olony and not any longer neutral as expected by the UNMISS Staff, Other UN agencies staff, INGOS staff and even the Internal displaced persons in Upper Nile State.

The writer is appealing to UNMISS Head of mission to urgently form an investigation committee to look at the deteriorating security situation in UNMISS Upper Nile Office before situation get out of control.

I urged the Secretary General to relocated the UNMISS Malakal State Coordinator and Security Officer with immediate effect otherwise the life of both UNMISS staff and IDPs at UNMISS protection facilities will be great risk soon.

I urged the UNMISS head of mission in Juba to form investigation committee for UNMISS national staff who were planning to kill  their fellow colleagues with in UNMISS compound as stated by the secret report by UNMISS security focal person in Malakal.

I urge The UNMISS Head of Mission to form an orientation committee to do orientation work at UNMISS compound in Malakal to rebuild the confident among the UNMISS national staff in line with UN policy.

I am urging UNMISS Headquarter in Juba to form high level delegation to Malakal to negotiate the immediate release of the kidnapped UN WFP staff that still remain under Militia custody.

The UNMISS should approach Dr . Lam Akol , the Chairman of the SPLM –DC and influential leader in the political and military leadership of Shilluk Kingdom to facilitate the release of UNWFP staff and improve relationship between UN and Shilluk militia forces under Johnson Olony.

For more detail the attached is the secret leaked letter from UNMISS security Officer and State Coordinator three days before the kidnapping of Mr. Mark Diang

READ: Intelleak:  Alleged Conspiracy Within UNMISS And Disappearance of UN Workers!

Lual Magok , The writer is concern South Sudanese and can be reach via

SPLM National Coordination office in United States condemns government of Salva Kiir Mayardit for the execution of 53 government Nuer soldiers and abduction of UN worker in Upper Nile

Press Statement

Washington-USA-SecretariateOctober 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The SPLM Coordination Office in the United States of America condemns in strongest term possible the execution of staunch Nuer government soldiers in Upper Nile State. Under the authorization and directives of President General Salva Kiir, the Chief of Staff General Paul Maloung Awan and General James Ajongo coercively ordered the lethal execution of 53 Nuer Soldiers in concealed separate locations around Malakal.

Likewise, the Nuer and Shilluk government wounded soldiers in Doliep who were denied of medical treatment also died in big number in Malakal after their wounded colleagues from other tribes were flown to Juba military Hospital. Early this year in April, some wounded Nuer government soldiers in Bentiu who were transported by army helicopter didn’t reach Juba hospital and were reported to disappear between Bentiu and Juba.

Another serious crime committed this week by Salva kiir’s SPLA soldiers is the abduction of a United Nation worker, Mr. Mark Diang at Malakal airport and ongoing murdering of Nuer civilians in Malakal town. The incessant evil actions of Salva Kiir and his soldiers will not only stain a permanent abhorrence between South Sudanese tribes, but also accelerates polarization and xenophobia among all 64 tribes. For the future miniature hope of reunification of South Sudanese, the US- SPLM Coordination office is gravely asking General Salva Kiir for an immediate release of Mr. Mark Diang to his family.

Consequently, it becomes crystal clear that Salva kiir Mayardit’s government is no longer a legitimate government of people, but a brutal totalitarian tribal regime which is addicted to the killing of Nuer tribes regardless of being loyal soldiers or civilians. It’s a matter of time when Juba will be a city of ghosts in the hand of Internal Security Director Mr. Akol Koor. Recently passed security bill will slaughter people basis on their ethnicity as it happened in Juba 2013.

The US SPLM Coordination is appealing to the international community to condemn President Salva Kiir Mayardit for carrying out a ruthless hateful ethnic execution of 53 Nuer soldiers and call for a swift full investigation. It’s crime against humanity for the president to killed soldiers who fought for him for the last ten (10) months without any committing violations. The illegal execution of Nuer soldiers in Upper Nile carried out by General Paul Maloung Awan and James Ajongo is another terrible event compared to the genocide of more than 20, 000 Nuer civilians in Juba in 2013. The government in Juba becomes more dangerous like the Ebola in West Africa and it need a bold decision to treat it.

We strongly condemn the denial and intentional misleading of a media by Deputy Governor Awer Dau and recently lured bribed Minister of Information who was in early January a member of the freedom fighter in America, Peter Hoth Tuach. There is no reason by anybody to be blackmailing the media while the families are mourning the death execution of their relatives back home in Upper Nile and America.

We are calling on all the remaining SPLA soldiers to escape Salva kiir’s executions in cool blood and just join freedom fighters in the bush in order to end the tyranny. You had better died in the frontline fighting for your freedom rather than being continuously executed by African Hitler call Salva kiir Mayardit in his graveyard. The more you abandoned Juba criminal, the more you safe South Sudan from shredding into pieces.

Finally, the SPLM Coordination Office in the United States of America has join the relatives of the executed soldiers in mourning their death and call on all SPLA soldiers, youths and South Sudanese people to repudiate Salva Kiir’s tribal government and fight for a just peaceful peoples’ government. We also are calling for an immediate release of a United Nation worker, Mr. Mark Diang, and the international community to condemn a warlord genocidal president Salva Kiir for ordering the execution of 53 Nuer loyal government soldiers in Upper Nile.

SPLM Chapters Interim National Coordination Office-USA

  1. . Banak Mading Kueth-Interim SPLM National Coordinator
  2. Jane Abucha -Interim Deputy National Coordinator.
  3. Gatluak Puoch Kornyot-Interim National Secretary General
  4. Mariano Mayuen – Interim Nation Information Office
  5. Lam Mayang Hoth – Interim Advisor for Strategic Planning
  6. Othow Kur Awang – Interim Advisor for Peace and unity
  7. Thabor Deng – Interim Advisor for Public Relations.
  8. Bol Deng Dei-Chairperson, Arizona State Chapter.
  9. Gideon Abram-Chairperson, Colorado State Chapter.
  10. Makuel Wie-Acting Chairperson, Nebraska State Chapter.
  11. John Paulino – Chairperson, Texas State Chapter.
  12. Peter Dokuoth Gak- Chairperson, California State Chapter.
  13. Simon Puok Dak-Chairperson, Iowa State Chapter.
  14. Simon Tonyik Nguoth Del-Chairperson, Tennessee State Chapter.
  15. Kak Banguot -Chairperson, Alaska State Chapter.
  16. Thok Timothy Tutlam-Chairperson, Minnesota State Chapter.
  17. Gatluak Nyang Bidiit –Chairperson of Utah state chapter.
  18. Julius Rombe Dima- Chairperson Missouri Chapter (Kansas City) state chapter
  19. Achor Achor Dhel- Chairperson, South Dakota
  20. Ruot Yut- Chairperson, North Dakota

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact: Thabor Ding @ 515-771-8054,,

SPLM-Juba a system that needs a total overhaul

By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,


SirirOct 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan, a country who lost its way toward development from the hands of hungry politicians whose intention is to have luxurious life and expensive cars is now crying helplessly for somebody to help her fixes herself to its roots………..

Mega-salaries and perks of chief executives and top management in quasi-governmental institutions are nothing other than the symptoms of a corrupt

These salaries do not just expose the greed purportedly inherent in the exposed individuals as some top officials would want us to believe, they show us a system of governance that is rotten to the core.

The fact that shocking salaries being exposed are found within parastatals shows that it is the national system of governance that has gone to the dogs. Parastatals are governed through Acts of Parliament and they fall under the purview of government ministries.

We should not be fooled into believing that what we are seeing is the exposure of greedy individuals whose subsequent punishment would deal a major blow to corruption.

This is not about the border money and the Beer companies; this is about a whole system whose culture is hinged on corruption and patronage.

The borders and the taxes are small fry in a sea of corruption and they can be culled. But who is more culpable, the one who proposed the salaries or the one who approved them?

It is fact that in such a rotten system as the one obtaining in this country, crimes such as the misuse of public money are softened to look like technical offences that do not require severe punishment.

We only hear of equally soft actions such as suspensions and salary cuts, nothing about prosecutions. It is obvious that if action is taken to root out corruption, then the system would be utterly destroyed or rather, it would destroy itself.

The only satisfaction the suffering public and subordinates get out of such scenarios is the exposure of weak individuals in the chain who are used as buffer for the big fish.

The point we are making here is that the problem of corruption is fundamental and institutional.

The borders money and the delayed of salaries only take advantage of a permissive and supportive system to corruptly misuse public funds by awarding themselves unreasonably large perks.

It is a shuddering thought to imagine what the big fish, who give the green light for such corrupt activities, are doing behind the scenes. These people, we can safely imagine, are making a killing for they control access to the nation’s natural resources such as Oil, gold, land, etc.

It would be naïve to assume that while they facilitate corruption among their subordinates their moral compass points them to a clean life. It is a pity that we see instances where the politician is called in instead of the police to solve obvious criminal matters such as the misuse of public funds.
Politicians simply cover up by pretending to take “stern” action.

They can’t do anything else as they know fully well the boomerang effect of such actions as prosecuting the individuals who would have been exposed.

They cannot risk having the whole system exposed. It is our contention that as long as corruption is looked at in individual terms nothing will change. We need a complete overhaul of the system.

Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, is the current acting Chairman of SPLM/L in Egypt; get Him through

BNFA community Executive office, Sudan, Khartoum

Statement No_ (21)


  • IGAD countries of the organization
  • All human rights organizations.
  • The sponsor countries of peace in the war state of south Sudan
  • The masses of the people of the republic of south Sudan
  • African countries all.


Oct 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — With full thanks and appreciation to the IGAD countries in their efforts with stated sponsor of peace in the war in the republic of south Sudan, despite the failure to implement any provision of the peace between the opposing save of the people and the reform of the situation in the republic of south Sudan under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny and wing prime march with his aides Salva kiir due back Yuweri museveni is responsible for the management of the republic of south Sudan. However the cost of salva kiir who habitually always with his militias killed innocents citizens of Nuer children and women, which is the violation of human rights but their understanding of the purges tribe and the ethnicity.

So we are in the society (NUER) with our cooperatives, we demand in the expected negotiations in Ethiopia between the opposition and the government, to address the killings and butchering of the Nuer tribe in the following different forms

  • First, the countries of the organization of IGAD and the countries sponsoring peace circle in the republic of south Sudan put a clause in the negotiations to clarify and confirm the Nuer tribe and not for Dr Riek Machar, but for who causes the death who is murderer Slava Kiir and Yuweri Museveni.
  • Lactating women
  • Pregnant women
  • Children age hours and a day until the age of seven years
  • Older and the senate of 70 years of age
  • Disabled and different diseases (blinds and insane and all disabled) from the Nuer tribe, although the state media that the event occurs is a process failed coup, are these category able to raise their arms in the face of another person against the government?
  • The reasons for the government army to kill the south Sudanese people (Nuer) by cluster weapons that has been banned internationally.
  • To clarify the reasons for the representatives of the Nuer eligibility use panzers to kill the Nuer.
  • To illustrate to the IGAD countries and the state sponsor of the global peace the eligibility of entering the Arab republic of Egypt panzers to strike the Nuer people belong to evangelical community under the management of the Egyptians in the republic of Sudan, to understand that the churches in Sudan, guided by Egyptians who are residents in Sudan be as enemies of the nuer, will not even enjoy the Sudanese lands in the name of Christianity (Evangelical community)


  • The optimal, first and the last solution are to omit the government of Yoweri Museveni under the administration of Salva Kiir mayardit.
  • Formation of the national government control management system , the major states during/at least (10) years as (federation)
  • Conviction of the two countries and to provide them for the international trail.

A/ Uganda bypassed the international laws and the global use of cluster weapons against the Nuer tribe

B/ The state of Egypt in the far north of Africa, by its direct interference of military aircraft and panzers to kill the Nuer tribe.

Despite of the independency of the vast territory in Sudan, on behalf of the churches of the evangelical community, especially Sudan’s capital Khartoum and other leaders because they are trained to the people of the states of greater Upper Nile ( Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei states) originally belonging to the evangelical community who are Nuer.


IGAD states and state sponsors of world peace, pay attention to what we ask for clarification itemize estimate of peace.

1/ Republic of south Sudan

2/ Neighboring countries to south Sudan

3/ Peace to the whole world

In conclusion:

We and not others (Nuer) in the republic of south Sudan in the state of greater Upper Nile Region will continue.

Long live for the masses of the nuer people and their aides!!

Long live our militants and our fighters white army!!!

Glory and immortality to the martyrs and the righteous of women, children and all the martyrs of the nuer,

Shame on the obligated client Salva Kiir with his boss cut throat traitor Yuweri Museveni.

Shame and mortification of the Egyptian an Arab army who does not deserve the name of the Egyptian army today, but very far in the greater Upper Nile will return them soon, God willing.

Note that the strength and unity of the nuer ,

Nuer victory unite, Unite Nuer success in every place and at every time, where the evangelical churches In Greater Upper Nile in south Sudan will remain Nuer forever, God willing, the owner of the right and power, justice and equality.

Signed by:

John Gatloth Madeng Kier

General Secretary for BENTIU, NASIR, FANGAK and AKOBO (BNFA) Nuer Community

Tel: +249918057715

South Sudan: SPLM Leaders, Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar Invited to Arusha, Tanzania.

While Salva Kiir wants the elections postponed for 2 to 3 years, the IGAD and other political parties demand that Kiir does not have the capacity to decide when the next election should be(Photo: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times)

While Salva Kiir wants the elections postponed for 2 to 3 years, the IGAD and other political parties demand that Kiir does not have the capacity to decide when the next election should be(Photo: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times)

Oct 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The initial phase of the Intra-SPLM Dialogue has come to an end on 18th October, 2014. In his adjourning statement, the Secretary General of Chama Cha Mapinduzi(CMM), Abdulrahman Kinana, endorsed the “frank, honest and cordial manner” of the SPLM stakeholders during the initial phase.

The Chama Cha Mapinduzi, looking forwards to the unification spirit shown in phase one, invites the SPLM leaders, Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny, to the next round of dialogue.

“The initial phase of this Dialogue was held in a frank, honest and cordial manner. Having concluded the initial phase of the Intra-SPLM Dialogue, the Chairman of CCM, Cde. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, has invited the principal leaders of the SPLM, namely Cde. Salva Kiir, President of the Republic of South Sudan and Cde. Riek Macharfor the official launching of the process due to take place on Monday October 20th 2014 in Arusha, Tanzania”  SG Kinana said.

According to CCM’s Secretary General, the SPLM leaders, which comprise mostly of Politburo members, have agreed on framework for SPLM Dialogue, the objectives and agenda for negotiations in the next rounds.

“They have reached progress on establishing a framework for the SPLM Dialogue, including shared principles, objectives and agenda for engaging in Dialogue.” Kinana said.

Chama Cha Mapinduzi recognizes that the South Sudan conflict emerged from Intra-party ideological differences between the SPLM leaders, and therefore, the CCM is honored to host and facilitates the reunification process.

“It is worth mentioning that the crisis facing the Republic of South Sudan came as a result of differences within the SPLM Leadership, as acknowledged by the participants of this Dialogue.” Reads the statement

“Chama Cha Mapinduzi is honored to host and facilitate this Intra-SPLM Dialogue, aimed at reunifying our sisterly party.” Kinana said.

Three factions of SPLM: SPLM-Juba, SPLM-IO and SPLM-G10, convened in Rusha from October 12 -18th through an invitation from the CCM’s chairman, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, at the request of the SPLM leadership to reunite the SPLM and the people of South Sudan.

The Arusha Reunification Process, which runs parallel to IGAD led peace process, will resume on Monday, 20th October, 2014.

While Dr. Machar is in Nairobi, Kenya, for consultation with the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, the IGAD peace process in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, was adjourned this week to be resumed towards the end of the month.

IGAD mediators, TROIKA partners and African Union are reportedly in consultation to condense their frameworks in attempt to resolve the deadlocks between the warring parties.

South Sudan Peace Process, according to IGAD mediators, made significant progress in the fifth round that was facilitated mostly by the South Sudanese stakeholders, however, the Government and SPLM/SPLA delegations failed to agree, mostly, on power sharing.

The government delegation also decried and accused IGAD, Amb. Seyoum Mesfin and TROIKA for facilitating what the government delegation sees as a regime change through mediation. Michael Makuei Lueth, the Government Spokesman, calls for change of venue and IGAD leadership.

In other reports, the leaders of the warring parties, Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar, are expected to meet after consultations and before the expiry of 45 days period in earlier November, 2014 in Ethiopia.

Uganda to Supply South Sudan Weapons

By Nicholas Bariyo,

Ugandan forces fighting along side Salva Kiir government in Greater Upper Nile, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Ugandan forces fighting along side Salva Kiir government in Greater Upper Nile, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Oct 18, 2014(KAMPALA, Uganda)—Uganda will start buying weapons and other military hardware for South Sudan’s government under an agreement signed this week, sparking fears of an escalation in the nearly yearlong fighting between government forces and rebels.

The joint military accord comes at a time of faltering peace talks between the two warring sides of South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and ex-vice president Riek Machar, who was sacked and accused of plotting a coup, amid fears the world’s youngest nation is on the verge of famine.

South Sudan Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk said that the country would use the arms to “bolster security” and not violate the present cease-fire with the rebel army.

But James Gatdet Dak, the rebel spokesman, described the deal as Uganda’s latest effort to “empower” Mr. Kiir “to wage war.”

Neighboring Uganda dispatched troops to South Sudan in December last year to back Mr. Kiir, shortly after Mr. Machar marshaled a rebel army, following a long standing power struggle.

Uganda’s superior firepower quickly tilted the balance of power in the ethnically charged conflict in favor of Mr. Kiir’s forces, capturing several key towns and South Sudan’s rich oil region in a quick offensive. But the rebels still control large swaths of territory, and both sides continue to engage in clashes in a conflict that has displaced 1.5 million people.

“The agreement reinforces our military cooperation” said Lieutenant Colonel Paddy Ankunda, Uganda’s military spokesman. “We have shared security concerns and this [agreement] is in the interests of regional stability.”

Sudan government spokesman Rabie Abdelaty warned that Uganda’s continued presence in South Sudan risks spilling the conflict into the wider region.

Ugandan and South Sudan officials say the deal will help Mr. Kiir to strengthen his weary army. According to South Sudan officials, Beijing, which imports the bulk of South Sudan’s crude, canceled a $38 million arms supply deal in June as part of Beijing’s efforts to pressure warring parties to reach a peace deal.

It isn’t yet immediately clear where Uganda intends to source the weapons, but any escalation in the conflict would have economic and social repercussions. South Sudan has already slashed crude production by a third and plunged the country into a food crisis. More than 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict.

“More weapons flowing into this conflict where both sides are using horrific tactics including targeted killings of civilians, often because of their ethnicity or presumed allegiances…will mean more abuses against civilians.” said Skye Wheeler Human Rights Watch researcher in South Sudan. “Instead we need a U.N. Security Council arms embargo urgently established on South Sudan.”.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has accused Uganda and South Sudanese forces of using cluster bombs, a charge fiercely denied by both countries.

China has been working with diplomats from the U.S. and European Union since the start of the year in a bid to find a lasting peace agreement.

But there has been little to show from the talks in Ethiopia, as both sides continue to ignore pleas from the international community to end the violence. A U.S. brokered cease-fire deal in May broke down almost immediately, and an Aug. 10 deadline set by East African mediators requiring the two sides to agree a power-sharing government expired without a deal.

Last month, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power warned that the warring sides risk the U. N. imposing long threatened sanctions if they fail to agree a deal during the current round of talks in Ethiopia. But the talks broke down last week following a disagreement over the powers to be given to the prime minister and the president in the proposed transition government.

“Nine months of the softly-softly approach to peace negotiations has failed. If the international community really wants to avert a famine then it has to make bold diplomatic efforts to bring both sides to end the fighting,” said Tariq Reibl, the head of nongovernmental organization Oxfam in South Sudan.

Some observers say that both sides have been regrouping ready to resume violence once the rainy season ends this month.

Write to Nicholas Bariyo at

-Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal