45 days of IGAD are strategies to waste the rainy season.

By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,


President Uhuru Kenyatta, Salva Kiir and Museveni in a parallel meeting on Friday, August 23, 2014(photo: Uhuru)

President Uhuru Kenyatta, Salva Kiir and Museveni in a parallel meeting on Friday, August 23, 2014(photo: Uhuru)

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I am strongly raising my little voice to the SPLM-IO and the entire command of the freedom fighters the resistance movement to keenly look at the game which the IGAD peace mediators are playing, IGADs who are becoming richer in every day’s round of talk are not worry to prolong these crisis which course us more souls to perish within 8 months alone. In actual sense IGADs are not willing to hit the nail on the head meaning to tell Salva Kiir to step down and gave peace and reconciliation a chance in the young nation which is very wrong.

I am so worried that IGAD is working in the darkness with SPLM-Juba Faction. And my words will one day come to the light. There is nothing absolutely nothing that can stop the IGADS from forcing him to accept his criminal act against human cleansing.

However I am sending a signal of tactical planning to the leadership of the SPLM in opposition to immediately think of not wasting this fruitful season where everywhere is fully covered with water that will make their Tanks inactive to move faster. Hence it will result to certain victory and capture of more territories by our forces.

I know we are fighting with nations/countries whose interest is to grabs our natural resources. But the gods of the lands will not turn their backs on us they will not leave us get finish by those shameless warmongers they will surely come for our aid and challenge the foes whose dreams is to fulfill their promise to wipe the Nuer out of south Sudan which will not happen. South Sudan is our ancestors’ land, it’s the land of our forefathers and we have all the right to depend it from invaders.

President Yoweri Kanguta Museveni, Uhuru Kenyatta, Paul Kagame, SPLM-N, Toboros, Egyptian tanks drivers and sharp shooters and many other units who are involved in this conflict fighting indirectly are all Foreigners, they were not born here and they don’t have a grandfather whom they could claim to guard his tomb here in south Sudan. They should park and go! How long will they safeguards president Kiir government? They are obstructers of peace and reconciliation, they are standing on the path of change and on the routes of development.

South Sudanese will never enjoy any peace with President Salva Kiir on the throne never! South Sudanese will never ever enjoy any peace with Dinka occupying all the sensitive government position no way! And southerners will always complain that Dinka do this and that and yet it’s them that allow the dictator to install its dictatorial roots firmly to the ground.

I am aware that Dinka are dreaming that they had succeeded in chasing out Nuer in most parts of south Sudan, ahahahahaha!!! No way, my comrades are strong to face you! They are very well equip with pangas, machetes and spears. This time around if you dare touch my people, they will retaliate badly, they will strike badly, they will crush you seriously and they finish anyone of you…..

I ought the freedom fighters under full command of C-in-C Dr. Riek Machar Teny Durgon to make good use of these months in front of us they are good months, they are blessed, and we can do something important to us. Make our crocodiles eat their dirty asses during this rainy season, make the mighty Hyenas eat the Egyptians during this seasons and force the Ugandans army to drown in the Nile River during this season.

May God poured his blessing to freedom fighters and their commanders

The author is a student of political science living in Egypt; you can reach Him through: sirirgabrielyiei3@gmail.com

Peter Gatdet Yaka: A Fearless General

Season one: An introduction to appreciates General Gatdet’s struggle

By Elbow Chuol,


Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In one end of the country close to the edging of Sudan respite a cosmic territory occupied by the people whose stillness is the voice of humanity. Across the shrubs of what delineate the green pastures in the country, Unity State situated down on the northern part of the country with a necessitate of love that made everything in it moves in beauty and in the aptness of her panorama. There, is the bunch land of rub down moving beyond the power of imagination that control human version and passion.

Resting in the plain of the former province of the kingdom of Nubian previously enclosed in the rich empire of Greece kingdom. Troy would be much mentioned here than this land which for centuries haul in several myths of its own kind, power, military strength and economic alliances that distinguished it from the empire of Kush kingdom. Unity State was long inhabited by the people whom their existence is very questionable. These people don’t have Kings or Queens. They exist in fundamental believed of federal over centuries not offending their neighbors but retaliated in case they are affronted.

Far away in that land a space is reserved for the beauties that echo the life and the activities of it populace.  It’s believed underneath the land that supported the entire being of this accumulation serene of its kind is black gold.

Unity State is different from the rest of south Sudan.  It rest on the plain of terra firma that is beyond power of find irresistible and influence. It’s the original homeland to the four clans of the Nilotic Nuer tribe of south Sudan coalesce it with their cousins Dinka. And so the story has just begun.

There is one man in particular that south Sudanese government fear the most and when his name heard it caused some funny kind of butterflies running their stomachs and that mean disaster. Among the warlords the world has ever seen, powerful experienced general and tactical military genius, Peter Gatdet Yaka was born here. He is fearless and nationalist who doesn’t sell himself over fake claims over injustices. He defected more than 10 times in due caused of Sudanese struggles history and nobody knows what Peter is always after but impartiality and justice.

He commands a vast supports from his clan men and women. He is one man who doesn’t joke with his feeling and never surrender but people always goes for him. General Peter Gatdet Yaka is one man that always stood beyond the map of suggestion and myths. He fears nobody and his military experience is beyond any general in south Sudan history, even Bashir trepidation him the most.  He is a conservative man of his kind who spoke broken English and powerful Arabic version. Though outgoing, Peter trust nobody included his bodyguards. He is a good man when merely a sleep. Otherwise, if you constantly been in Gatdet encampment you can tell the difference how he carry out his duty. His men don’t rest they are always busy borrowing such military characteristic of Napoleon’s military strategy from him.


Since then, Peter Gatdet fought over 40 worse battles and still more seems to be coming up. As I help you beat the drums of his battles only few will be mention along this story line. Among the said mentioned is the battle he fiercely fought in the plain of Dura, Iraq during the first Gulf-war in early in 1970s.  For those who have had the chance to hear about how he outstandingly won the admiration of Arabs league and western world, Peter was the only man who could overtakes commanders’ duties when the war get tough and only tough keep going. He was one man on that cloudy day in early summer of 1978 stood beyond the odd of myths and beliefs. Many called him Jundi Iraq. They says he was just a simply soldier with no rank when leading Sudanese army into the battle of Persian War. Peter Gatdet is the only renowned general who can execute government duty with military success.

The Gulf War

In the midst of historical intake, early 1990s sees the communistic ideological on eastern blocks spreading in darkness like a bush fire across the shrubs of Islam world. And the oil interest took effect excessively. Therefore, the calls for friend in need arose among the nations and it was sarcastically invented and formed against Saddam Hussein. As they struggle to establish a good relationship with the outside world and who to trust on amnesty of good will work for futures development. The people of Prophet Mohamad, the Muslim world of Middle East fondle to choose between a beautiful woman with an anglesite face and such kind with a wonderful heart but pretty uglier outside.

The war was on. United state claimed to rescue Kuwait from Iraq invasion and to establish the rules of law for future economical development. Operation Desert Storm blazed the desert of Iraq and the Gulf or the famous Persian war came into being. United States’ influences horizontally move far above the expectation. More than 34 countries allied with US fighting against famous 20th century dictator, Saddam Hussein the then presumed king of kings of Iraq. Sudan was then a minor contributor through Egypt.

Though he did not participate in the second war of 28th, 1991 the game already kicked out early in 2st August 1990. More than 950, 000 soldiers chip in Fighting against Iraq making it the largest alliances the world has ever seen since WW II.  The war took 6 months, 3 weeks and 4 days and US and her allies liberated the entire Persian Gulf from Saddam Hussein. Peter was a dispatch rider. He was the only south Sudanese outstanding each battle the mass destruction weapon was fired against Saddam Hussein in 1978.

Battling against David Yau Yau

The State of Jonglie came into chaotic immediately the former high school graduate and pastor in Kakume Camp and military intelligent agent David Yau Yau became a real pain in the ass of the government. There was no one in particular to fight the man and president Kiir’s attempt to arrest him bore no fruits. And so, Peter Gatdet was sent to encounter Yau Yau. He did this successfully. Though his commandos were finished by the Murle youth at least one man knew that tonight I am going to sleep well because Peter has been deployed to resist the advancement of Yau Yau armed force. The truth remain, he didn’t substance the Murle until the white army were involved in the practice. Peter Gatdet fought the David’s force from 2012- 2013. It was one of memorable war against the private army of David. He also fought Gen. Tangginya in 2008 a battle he could only managed than anybody else.

This seems to produce the fact that, among the warlords south Sudanese has ever brought into a book of record, Gatdet is the best of all. Gen. Gatdet fought furiously the Arabs on the attempt to take away the oil rich county of northern Bar el gazel, Abyei. He was the only one who could counter the well trained army of Bashir and we all know what has happened until president Kiir sold the land.


Just like his late cousin Paulino Matip Nhail, Gatdet is an unforgettable warrior in history of south Sudan. As young boy he grew up in Tooy payam of Mayom county where his late cousin powerful Gen. Paulino Matip Nhail was born. The boy grew up in the hand of mother to Matip until he know how to kick around with the goats and cows before he join the liberation movement in early 1983. His name Peter was given to him by a small local church in Khartoum more than 60 years ago. Though nobody knew when Peter was exactly born, his name Peter means the solid rock according to the Bible and Gatdet in original dialect of Nuer mean, shepherd. When Gen. Matip Nhail died, he left message of care to him asking Gatdet to take care of the children. He took the responsibility against those practicing injustice in upon his shoulder and he never hesitated to defense his people.

Early 2000 in Khartoum, Peter and his cousin Paulino had a little misunderstanding between their armies. They both went on each other resulting to death of more than one thousands Bull Nuer in city of Khartoum. Their differences where later sorted out and things becomes normal as usual. The story remained unstoppable. Bulls Nuer are known to be appealingly brave among the Nuer of West. Arabs trained them of how to shoot guns and war has been on their door steps for half a century in the history of previous Sudan.

Peter has several wives and children. He is a rich man whose wealth is invested in cattle and children in schools across the globe. He fears nothing but nothing. He dedicated his life to serving his country rather himself.

In the next episode we shall go into details of each battle and reveals more about this historical general, Peter Gatdet Yaka.

……….. To be continues.

meet me on facebook by Elbow Chuol or mail me on elbow.chuol@gmail.com

President Salva Kiir Mayardit was Graduated from the University of Killing Innocents Nuer in Juba

President Salva Kiir Mayardit was Graduated  from the University of Killing Innocents Nuer in Juba and awarded PhD in murdering innocent people also his major specialization is Corruption, bringing foreign  fighters in the country. Moreover, some government officials are also taking the same courses in the same University which was founded on 15/12/2013
By Bayak Chuol Puoch,
Salva Kiir Mayardiit and a counterpart in the struggle, President Yoweri Museveni(Photo: supplied)

Salva Kiir Mayardiit and a counterpart in the struggle, President Yoweri Museveni(Photo: supplied)

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — President SalvaKiir is thinking that ethnic cleansing of Nuer tribe will keep him in power for life but I think he deceived himself because Nuer are equal to other citizens and they will never give up and decline their guns. Many people from Nuer Community were killed by the government forces that were trained privately byKiir and his current Chief of General Staff PaulMalongAwan who was graduated at the same University in Juba. These two evil guys will never escape away from the crimes they committed in the country so they will obligatory answer ICC.President Salva Kiir stops drinking natural water!  He is now drinking Nuer blood as the death of Dr John Garang becomes a chronic uncured cancer that ruined the country. The government of South Sudan asked Nuer to be in Juba while the killing is going on at night and we are asking ourselves what involved Nuer civilians in politics?  When we fought in Panthou/Heglig many Nuer soldiers were infronline and we thought that Nuers were defending the nation from the enemy.

Death of Dr John Garang becomes a blessing to President Salva Kiir and that is why he intentionally killed more than 25 000 innocent Nuer in Juba. Also, he is still killing them like unwanted flies. This is the first time to happen in Nuer history though we fought in British colonist war but such offenses had never occurred at all.

Nuer people have the right to defend themselves from garbage government in Juba and if any government that brings and allows foreign military troops to fight on its behalf definitely it fail the government. It is well known that you cannot bring other people to kill your people if you are a legitimate President. It is now the time for South Sudanese people to say No in a loud voice for dictatorship government and yes for democracy in the country as we are tired from unnecessary daily Presidential Decrees.

President Sava Kiir said that he will not step down because he was elected by people so why he killed his own people if he knows that he was elected by the same people? We are telling him that we elected him to lead us in a good direction not in the wrong one he did and continues to do it. President Salva Kiir has no right to lead the coming transitional government because he gave orders to his forces to kill any Nuer.

I don’t know why IGAD countries are keeping this dangerous virus in the country which we condemned unanimously. I think having stolen or looting some money illegally from oil money has become a way of life and that is why Kiir is killing any South Sudanese because all pipelines are flowing into his mouth and his government workers who lost their seats in the respective constituencies. They are getting money from monthly payment and they don’t care about their people. South Sudan will become a united country in the future but many people will never forget their traitors from Nuer Community. Many such people from Nuer community are very dangerous because they love money more than their children, wives, fathers and mothers. They showed up sadism in killing their own people in cold blood and cheerfulness but make sure their good days will last within short coming days.

God Bless South Sudan!

Bayak Chuol Puoch is the Former Chairperson of Nuer Community and Executive Director of Naath Community Development in Cairo, Egypt. He can be reached at bpyarkhor121@yahoo.com.


By David Shang,


UN IDPs protection sites in Bentiu Unity state

UN IDPs protection sites in Bentiu Unity state

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — To Salva Kiir, your domestic, regional, and international lobbying or conspiracy against the Nuer Society won’t rescues your genocidal regime from demising. Whether you import those mercenaries from Ugandan Army (UPDF), Egypt, China, Russia, African Union Peacekeepers Forces and four groups of Sudan’s rebels ( JEM,SLM,SRF & SPLA-N ) to shield your cowards tribe/ brutal regime against mighty Nuer warriors in pretext to prevented their retaliatory revenges won’t prevent our causes of fighting for freedoms ( expression/speech/worship/movement),democratic federal system, good governance, equality, human rights and to bring responsible/transferable/accountable Government in South Sudan.

Hence, IGAD member’s countries must refrain from being dogmatic rather than being mediators for resolution of 8 months conflicts. The IGAD members are not neutral so far because their boss bossy Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had already interfered or meddled in our own affairs by sided with brutal government of his mentor/puppet Salva Kiir Mayardit. Moreover, IGAD members went so far by imposed Salva Kiir’s painful leadership against the wills of entire South Sudanese people minus blind supporters of rude regime.

I am appealing to globe peace lovers, friends of South Sudan TROIKA, EU, USA, Norway, UNSC, African Union plus our international community to strongly condemn and denounce such regional lobbying against one ethnic group the Nuer by South Sudan President Salva Kiir, his stooge cabinet and opportunist IGAD bloc and to view the IGAD’s imposed document dominated by Museveni of Uganda ideas.

Therefore, I think, IGAD member’s countries should facilitate the peace negotiation between SPLM in Opposition and SPLM pro government but not to decide on behalf of two warring parties if they want to resolve peacefully the feudal war in South Sudan.

Therefore, comrades in struggles, Salva Kiir’s government is illegitimate for the following reasons:

First, Salva Kiir is illegal President who came to power by accident when our hero Dr John Garang de Mabior died in helicopter crashed on 30 July 2005. Hence, Kiir Mayardit had lost his legitimacy as the President after he had ministered a genocide against his own citizens the Nuer whom elected him into incumbent Office. Thereby, Kiir massacred 20,000 Nuer civilians due to political struggles within the ruling party SPLM with Dr Machar who hails from Nuer ethnic group.

Secondly, Salva Kiir was not legitimate elected President within the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) but within GOSS during interim government, he was elected without strong challenger when two Sudans were one as the means to implement CPA and not to interrupt the South Sudan referendum at the time. Dr Riek Machar Teny whom Salvatore hates to death today was his running mate in 2010 national election but due to his insincerity, incumbency or dishonesty, he had dishonoured their gentleman agreement by stabbed him at his back mercilessly.

Thirdly, Salva Kiir had unconstitutionally dismantled the main organs of ruling Party SPLM without informed the executive members from SPLM Politico- bureau, National Liberation Council (NLC) and SPLM Secretariats at grass roots levels which is the main genesis of this current feudal/tribal/political/economical war in South Sudan fuelled by disarmament of Nuer boys in SPLA by their colleagues from Dinka tribe within Tiger battalion on 15/12/2013.

Fourthly, he lost his legacy as former freedom fighter, liberator and founder of SPLM/A after violated South Sudan Constitution by betrayed SPLA combatants in which his painful regime imported illegally the hired mercenaries from neighbour countries like Uganda, M23 of Congo, Darfur JEM/SLM rebels, and SRF of Nuba Mts and Aghasna SPLA-N of South Blue Nile to defended our national Constitution, territorial integrity, and its sovereignty instead of our gallantry South Sudan National Army SPLA.

Fifthly, Salva Kiir ordered Museveni’s UPDF air forces to use forbidden dangerous weapons against his countrymen/women/children who believed to side with SPLA in Opposition as the way to silent Dr Machar ‘s loyalists- the gallantry SPLA in Opposition and White Army Nuer warriors or meant to eliminated or wipe out Nuer tribe from South Sudan map

Sixth, Salva Kiir regime since day one in office had establish Dinka dominated institutions which badly failed to tackles rampant corruptions, overwhelm widen insecurities across the country for instant wanton killings around cities and cattle rustlings in remote rural areas, growing tribalism, nepotism, clanism,chronic hatreds, imbalance in government where his own clan are dominance. All these factors led level South Sudan as a failed State number 1 globally.

Finally, Salva Kiir because of his incapability, incompetency, flip flop, puppeteers, alcoholic addicted, arrogance, and lack of leadership skills, vision, value, mission and political determination had made him incompetent either politically, militarily and diplomatically.

Warning! My message goes to bribed IGAD member countries dragged by notorious killer Yoweri Museveni of Uganda whom hold meeting in Kampala with President Uruhu Kenyata and their puppet Salva Kiir whereby the three corrupted leaders draft the damn imposed agenda against our freedom fighters. Who will buy that illegal document? None.

I am hereby also giving a strong warning to our cousin Dinka Bahr el Ghazal and others to refrain from importing foreigners whatsoever it may takes to fight Nuer warriors on their behalf. Otherwise it will backfire later when the Nuer got power in the future.

The author is a concern South Sudanese who can be reached for comments at davidshang705@gmail.com

Eric Reeves, you are a Terror to the Nuer people

Jealousy about the Nuer’s richest culture and intellectual capacity promoted some white men in the U.S working around the clock to try to wipeout the entire Nuer community on the face of the Earth. Eric Reeves will failed because Peter Gatdet is a man of Community’s Principles

By Gatluke Reat,


To Eric Reeves

Eric Reeves, (Photo: via a Personal Quest To Save Sudan)

Eric Reeves, (Photo: via a Personal Quest To Save Sudan/Smith College)

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) –  to Eric Reeves, Eric Reeves, you are a Whiteman by heart like those of Podesta groups and KRL International LLC and Terror to the Nuer People by actions, we know that you are a member of the so called South Sudan friends who are nothing but feeding the world with lies based on jealousy. We that you have been rewrite and issued countless statements to your local and international media condemned or explained nonsense about current war in South Sudan. We know that you have been putting all the blames on both the Nuer commanders and the Nuer community but failed miserably to tell the root cause of this conflict. Just blame, blame and blame Peter Gatdet who was only reacted to the wake of Salva Kirr’s own war against the Nuer people.

Please replace your hatred toward the Nuer people with the knowledge that even if you try, you will only fail miserably and so badly in the end. This useless unity of the white men against the Nuer people is no different with that of Mujadin or Islamic State of Iraq’s mission to kills innocents people.

I know that you are a white man who is being jealous about the Nuer history “in 1901 The Nuer and Azande wage armed resistance against colonial rule, killing British officers and soldiers and the Governor of Bahr el Ghazal” and its richest culture. I know that you are a white man who has been worked so closely with Dinkas since 1980s and frustrated that your long worked with Dinkas has produced absolutely nothing but poured more hatred to your hearts. Your failure to be a function citizen in the United State make the matter worse and encourage you to try to bring down the whole Nuer society.

The Principles of Community are not about political positions as you are trying to portray Peter Gatdet to be, He is a man who is protecting his Community’s principle. The Community’s Principles require a consciousness of the potential effect of words or deeds on others: a positive intent not to hurt, offend, or denigrate others while expressing a reasoned position, Peter Gatdet has shown not only that he also, proves himself to be a man of the community. Regardless what policies or practices one advocates, as you are advocated to hurt the entire Nuer community, a careful consideration is needed on how to express those opinions. The issue is not whether one thinks an action is satirical or inoffensive; the issue is whether community members will be intentionally or unintentionally hurt or demeaned by that action. The same applies to the way we interact with each other in the U.S and many democratic countries, whether academically, professionally, or socially. President Kirr has presented himself to the whole world that those principles are has no place in his way of live

If we, as a community, do not live with these expectations, then our Principles of Community, which the community authored, are just words on a page. The U.S government, as a pure democratic government urges, but not mandate, a person to behave with civility. U.S citizens can express their disappointment or condemnation when respectfulness is abused. It is the community who must hold each other accountable for behaviors that do not reflect our communal values.

Forbearance and consciousness of how one’s actions may affect others should always be a strong consideration. We, the Nuer society celebrate our culture and the exchange of ideas through the freedoms we share as a society, but intelligent debates has always been our core values based on mutual respect. Freedom of speech is not properly exercised without taking responsibility for its impact. Taking that responsibility does not negate the freedom, it brings an enhanced humanity to it. However, President Kirr who you are protecting has objected the who process of freedom and community core values by killings countless journalists and order a fake and fabricated that has no prove anywhere.


Gatluke  Chuol Reat

Nuer Community of North America

A Prime Minister position was not the cause of Nuer death

By Kuach Tutkuay,


A tank rolling on the street of Juba in December after the president declared a curfew following what the government believed was a military coup(photo: file)

A tank rolling on the street of Juba in December after the president declared a curfew following what the government believed was a military coup(photo: file)

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Having obtained and scan through the IGAD written document to solve the crisis in South Sudan, I felt like they are hard of hearing, if not understanding, the bone of contention in the South Sudan crisis. I suppose it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for IGAD to find an amicable solution to end the crisis. This is based on my experiences with the South Sudan conflict dynamics. I have stayed for four months with the IDPs trying to implement rehabilitation and peace building activities in Juba IDP camps, this gave me an opportunity to jot down as many stories as possible which allowed me to understand the conflict from a different point of view.

The conflict in South Sudan has two dimensions: the political dimension and the ethnic dimension. The political dimension, though was the root cause of the problem, was overwhelmed by the ethnic dimension. Despite the fact that the commanders of the two factions deny this fact about ethnic dimension of the conflict, many fighters in the frontline confessed that the conflict is ethnically motivated. This has recurred several times in South Sudan and, more often than not, people make mistakes of addressing the political differences and overlook the grievances of the affected tribe. This does not only create mistrust, but it also pulls the country apart. By rewarding an individual leader because his people have been killed does not solves the grievances of those who lost their love ones. Perhaps accountability would be the answer. The victims would be happy to see the perpetrators held accountable for their acts.

In the word of Nyadeng, a victim who lost her only child in the conflict, “I came to Juba in 2012. I was exchanging dollars in the black market to support my son at school; neither my son nor I know Riek Machar in person, neither of us knows about SIALEM (as she calls SPLM) or any leader. We are just normal citizens working hard to earn a living. The worst happened on 17th December when my son was pulled out and deliberately killed because he is a Nuer. Now all the happiness I had of having a son is gone, I am an old woman who could not bear any child again and I would soon die. Not anyone will know an old woman named Nyadeng had once exist. All the hardship I faced as a widow in raising my son became an endless sorrow. The leaders will always be happy yet a small person down their feet is crying but no one dare listen. I know these people are powerful and no one can judge them or punish them, but I believe there is someone above us all who can give a poor woman her dues and punish any wrongdoing; that person is only God Almighty”.

Knowing that the woman will soon be forgotten, provoked me to think of the lives our leaders erased completely on earth who committed no sin, I could not help containing my tears. There is, surely, a horrible bitterness in the hearts of people and rewarding only one man without punishing the wrongdoing is not a correct remedy. But since our societies tend to listen only to the voice of guns and not to the voice of the innocents, we are tempted into believing that it is the perfect remedy. How long this solution will last, no one dare question. It might end in more lives of innocents being lost again. Where justice did not prevail, the other option is revenge; and in most cases revenge is more destructive than the initial offend. I wonder why the world is so passive of finding a lasting solution such that no more lives are lost in South Sudan.

I have had the chance to talk to many rebel generals and what I learn is that, immediately Dr. Machar is tempted into accepting a leadership with Kiir, he would be integrated alone and the rebellion will continue. What have we solved here? The problem is never about the positions. Kiir and his government wanted to finish the Nuer, as said by Michael Makuei, the information minister, “we will finish them; they thought they can hoist a democratically elected government”. If that is the root cause, would it not be a folly to return to Juba and pretend that things are okay under the same leadership? Was there a coup or not? Then what is the relationship of the coup and a murdering of an innocent widow’s son? According to Peter Gatdet, “if IGAD could not ask Kiir to resign, my gun will ask him to do so”.

As a concerned citizens of South Sudan who cares about it wellbeing, I have repeated over and over again in all my writings that the two rival leaders should not be part of the transitional arrangement, though Kiir’s side would maintain the presidential post and Machar’s side maintain the Prime Minister post with a 50-50 power sharing and both would be eligible to contest in the upcoming election. When we voted in 2010, the duo was running mates and whatever went wrong between them should not result into the death of our people. By acting this way, IGAD is creating an environment in which the “survival of the fittest” is exercise where powerless are maimed at will. To avoid recurrence of the conflict and continued lost of lives, IGAD need to view this crisis through the victim’s eyes not the perpetrator’s eyes. This will only perpetuate the problem.

IGAD have a choice, anyway, they will either save two men—Kiir and Machar—or save 8 million population of South Sudan. In the words of Ruach, a rebel fighter, “Kiir, throughout his leadership had armed his tribesmen to teeth. He went as far as training 15 thousands all from his tribe just to kill us. This rebellion is an opportunity for us to get weapons to protect ourselves from him. Now that I have the gun, I will hand it over only if Kiir is removed or I die”. As mentioned by James Kopnall in his article that in South Sudan there is only tribal militias, Kiir himself is the architect of the tribal militias. He started by forming the Gelweng, a group of armed cattle-keepers, then Mathiang Anyor, a group of armed community guards, and finally the Kuony-bany, the 15,000 presidential guards. These groups possess all heavy weapons you could ever find in the army and are all from President’s tribe of Warrap and Norther Bahr el Ghazel. These weapons were purchased with national resources. Out of fear, the other tribes like the Murle, the Maban, the Shilluk and the Nuer were forced to create tribal militias with varied names from tribe to tribe, to protect themselves. The president, by acting tribally, destroyed the national army, the social structure of the country and the inter-tribal relationship and trust. With him in power, the gun will never be silence in South Sudan because with his tribal leadership no tribe will dare trust him. It is up to IGAD to either please Kiir or the populace.

Base on my experience in the country as a citizen, if IGAD is going to impose Kiir through military means, they will surely be committing a massive killing which they will regret at the end.

The author is a South Sudanese youth activist, you can reach him on kuachdavid4live@live.com or follow him on twitter @kuach444 or call him on +254735707778+254735707778



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South Sudan Peace Talks Adjourn TO Mid September!

An extraordinary session of the IGAD heads of states meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa (IGAD photo)

An extraordinary session of the IGAD heads of states meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa (IGAD photo)

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Intergovernmental Authority on Development(IGAD), which mediates the South Sudan civil war, has once again adjourned the peace talks to mid September.

The regional bloc decided to adjourn the peace talks this morning in Addis Ababa to “allow the stakeholders to engage in consultations”. The talks were expected to resume tomorrow after a series of adjournments.

The multi-stakeholders roundtable talks have been adjourned, almost every month, however, IGAD has managed to secured a few agreements on the sidelines. The agreements signed recommit the warring parties to end hostilities on the ground but none has been respected so far.

In May, the regional block managed to get the main protagonists, Dr. Riek Machar of SPLM/SPLA(in opposition) and president Salva Kiir of SPLM/SPLA -Juba to sign an agreement, which was expected to end all hostilities and negotiate in peace. However, the warring parties have continued to fight on.

The May agreement was a re-commitment to earlier CoH agreement, signed on the negotiating table on January 23rd. According to these agreements, all the foreign mercenaries that were dragged into internal conflict to save the South Sudanese government from being overthrown, were expected to leave the country. However, the main participants that include Uganda and Sudanese rebels remain at the front lines. The agreements were violated before the ink dries.

In June the leaders of the warring parties recommit to CoH agreement and agreed to negotiate and form a Transitional Government of National Unity(TGNU) within 60 days.  However, the multi-stakeholders roundtable talks were indefinitely adjourned a few days later on June 23rd.

The June postponement came after the mediators failed to find a solution to the SPLM/SPLA-IO demands to refocus the mediation. The Opposition demanded that the direct talks be limited to SPLM-IO and SPLM-Juba, the main warring factions. This expects the Civil Society, Religious Group and Other Political Parties Groups to act only as consultants to expedite the talks.

The IGAD heads, however, reconsidered their decision and heed to Dr. Machar’s demands. The Government also agreed that the talks must be focused on the main warring parties alone, a call that the political parties objects.

When the talks were expected to resume on July 30th, the government delegation boycotted to the attend the peace talks. On July 29th, IGAD postponed the talks because the government delegations lacked funds to travel. The government delegation report stated that the ‘banks were closed’ for the Eid-al-Fitr and Martyrs’ Day holidays.

However, the talks resumed as Salva Kiir was traveling to Washington on 4th August, 2014. The talks hanged on for a few days until Salva Kiir returned.

The parties missed the August 10th dateline and IGAD further adjourned the peace talks to August 28th. Today, the long awaited talks that were expected to resume tomorrow have been further adjourned until 13th September. The regional leaders argued that this is necessary to allow room for more consultations.

“The multi-stakeholder talks will adjourn from 28 August 2014 to allow the stakeholders to engage in consultations. Talks will resume on 13 September 2014″. Read the reports.

The long report, seen by Nyamilepedia, appreciates the warring parties for recommitting to CoH matrix, signed on 25th August, 2014, and urges the International community, the TROIKA, EU, AU and other concern partners to help impose the new agreement.

The regional bloc has also made attempts on the sidelines to get the South Sudanese leaders to agree on a draft constitution on the formation of Transitional Government. However, the sidelines agreements, which are not negotiated by the South Sudanese stakeholders, are decried by the South Sudanese leaders.

In May, president Salva Kiir alleged that the two principals were threatened by the Ethiopian Prime Minister to sign a document they were presented with by the mediators. Although the two leaders signed the document, the leaders denounced the use of threats and demands that they will not accept “decisions imposed” on them.

Dr. Machar has declined to sign the recent agreement on power sharing and formation of Transitional Government of National Unity. The IGAD leaders and Salva Kiir have signed the protocol.

IGAD urges the SPLM/SPLA in opposition to sign the document as the mediators and the international community threatens to sanction and impose “punitive” actions to any party that delays peaceful process.

Following the two days summit, the parties are given 45 days to reach an agreement on formation of Transitional Government of National Unity.

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